Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick Pregnancy Update

 35 weeks and 5 days

Yesterday marked my being 36 weeks pregnant, which is officially the cut-off after which the state of Arizona allows midwife-assisted home birth. I do not feel like birth is imminent, although I also do not think that I will go past my due date, or not by much. Of course, nobody thinks they will! :) All of our babies have been born right around the time they were due, so I am counting on this baby doing likewise.

My list of things left to do is getting shorter, but there's still plenty left. Baby will have to understand that he/she can't come before I get such important matters wrapped up as making a Thanksgiving dinner and decorating for Christmas. :) Besides, my midwife won't be back in town for another week, and I am still trying to get the birth tub issue resolved. Then there are other things, such as precooking food, and switching the kids' closets from summer to winter clothes.

Aah, the weather here in Phoenix is so funny! Last week, we had yet another heat wave (temps in the 90s midday), while this week is more chilly, high 60s to low 70s. My boys are asking me to get their long pants out, but it is a scientific fact that nothing will guarantee another heat wave like putting their summer clothes away. It seems like such a luxury to finally feel cool after such a long, long, long hot summer. I love being able to leave my front door open all day long and let the fresh air in - even just last week, it was still too hot to do so during the hottest part of the day.

Baby is definitely head down, but may be posterior, i.e. facing out toward my belly button, instead of in toward my spine. It makes me be able to feel the baby's movements much more strongly. In fact, sometimes my belly is shifting around so much it almost looks like the baby is trying to just burst out through my skin. It's nice, because it makes it easy for the other kids to feel the movements. If he/she is still in a posterior position at my next prenatal appointment, I think I will need to see my chiropractor, as I usually do around this time in pregnancy. Our first child was born posterior, and it was VERY painful - not something I want to have to go through again.

I have been having lots of contractions, and even though this is our 6th child, I still cannot tell the difference between a "Braxton-Hicks" and a "real" contraction. I think they are the exact same thing, except that the latter hurt. I get a few painful ones at night sometimes, but mostly it's just the kind that knock the wind out of me. Other than tiring easily, I feel great most days. 

Please continue to pray that I will have a healthy rest of my pregnancy and an easy delivery.


  1. I pray you will have a safe delivery. I know it is a relief to get to the point in pregnacny that it is not too unsafe for the baby to come early.
    I was wondering if your husband has an assistant/associate pastor to take over the service if you go into labor early on a Sunday morning?

  2. You look great! I'll be praying for you.
    By the way I love the new blog. It's very cute :)

  3. FYI: Amy at daily pleasures posted about a free nursing cover and free baby sling (you just pay shipping on both) if you are interested.

    Have a great end of pregnancy and cant wait to see pics of your new addition!

  4. Keeping you and baby in my prayers.

  5. Praying you have a quick, joyful birth!!

    I LOVE your blog header! So cute!

  6. You Look AWESOME! :) Can't wait to "meet" the new little one!


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