Thursday, November 18, 2010

A peek into my freezer

Well, not really a peek, as I'm too tired to get up, take an actual photo of the inside of my freezer, and upload it. This is just a list of all the meals that I am working on cooking and freezing to have in stock for after the baby is born. But once I am all done, I will post a picture of it all.

We really have two fridges/freezers. I have emptied one of the freezers completely by moving everything that was in it into the other freezer. That way all the precooked foods will be in one spot and easy to find.

There are two lists of meals - breakfasts and dinners, which are the two meals I cook every day. For lunch, we almost always have leftovers from the previous night's dinner (I make a double batch of everything so there is plenty of food for two meals). It saves me having to cook in the mornings, which are reserved for school work or urgent errands. 

The items in bold are the ones that are already made and frozen. Almost all of them I was able to cook up in the last couple of days, and hope to be done with all the cooking by the end of the week. Solomon has been my kitchen helper - voluntarily, he just really enjoys helping me cook and learning how to do it. Some lucky wife one day will have a husband who knows how to cook!

Obviously, some stuff like eggs, fruit, salads etc. will have to be prepared fresh before eating - I'm just talking about making the parts of the meal that can be prepared ahead of time.


Granola over yogurt with fresh fruit
Cinnamon raisin toast
Toast and eggs, fresh fruit
Oatmeal (pre-mixed and measured) 
Rolls w/ ham and eggs
English muffins w/ ham and eggs

Breakfast burritos
Ham and cheese quiche
Oatmeal cake
Smoothies (banana, blackberry, strawberry),
Cinnamon rolls w/ cream cheese frosting
Peanut butter banana muffins
Chocolate chip banana muffins
Pumpkin spice cake w/ cream cheese frosting
Oatmeal cookies
Oatmeal waffles
Lemon poppy seed muffins


Spaghetti, garlic bread & salad
Sloppy Joes, baby carrots
Battered fish filets w/ mashed potatoes and mixed veggies
Salmon burgers w/ oven-baked potatoes

Vegetable beef soup w/ barley, bread sticks
Chicken soup w/ French bread
Chicken pot pie
Chicken enchiladas
Chicken and dumplings
Beef goulash & spaetzle, tomato salad
Ham and split pea soup, buttered bread
BBQ shredded pork sandwiches, corn
Zuppa Toscana
Mandarin Chicken and Orange Chicken w/ Chow Mein
Lasagna, garlic bread, green beans
Leek and Potato Soup w/ saltines

Nothing too exciting, just our usual everyday fare. If I am not posting as much this week, it is probably because I am in the kitchen. :)


  1. Sounds good. I'll be moving in next week



  2. Someone told me that you don't have to boil lasagna noodles- just place them in a pan with hot water for 20 minutes. I tried it- it worked great.

  3. Your meal list sounds great , makes me hungry , I need to learn to fix some different meals .

  4. Sounds like a great plan! Try not to work too terribly hard. ;)

  5. Alice, will you be bringing any vegemite?

  6. Oh, and nutella--it just doesn't seem to taste the same when I buy it in America!

    I've not commented in a bit and I'm relieved to see you're doing well with your pregnancy. My sister-in-law's first is due in early January and it is wonderful to see their excitement.

    I commented both to wish you a healthy rest of your pregnancy and to show you this link from the UK paper The Daily Mail:

    What is wrong with the world?


  7. I can tell from that list of meals that you are a thoughtful lady and put a lot of love and time into the meals for your family. What a blessing to have all that ready to go to make life a little easier. May God bless on you delivery!

  8. If I am getting an invite to dinner I am definitely bringing vegemite! It's great on toast at breakfast time :D

  9. If you are willing to travel all the way from Australia just to eat my frozen, reheated dinners, you are more than invited! In that case, I'll have to add "vegemite on toast" to the breakfast list! :)

  10. But they sound like such nice yummy dinners. Plus, I wouldn't be cooking either (other than the toast at breakfast time LOL)
    How are your kids coming along with the Australian part of their schooling?


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