Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Okay, I voted

After all the hubbub surrounding my last post on why I don't believe it is right for women to vote, and all the comments I got, I decided to cast my vote after all.

  • I voted when, as the public fool bus was picking up less fortunate children on our street, our own children were enjoying the company of their siblings, joking with each other and furthering the close relationships between each other, over a breakfast of fresh-out-of-the-oven, made-from-scratch ham and cheese croissants, with a side of banana and orange juice.
  • I voted when I decided not to have our children brainwashed in a humanistic school all day today, or any other day of their life, but to rather teach them godly principles at home.
  • I voted when, instead of doing school work, I decided to suspend their studies this week so that we can more wisely spend these last few days with "only" five kids by preparing for the new baby together, enjoying the weather, and making seasonal crafts, as well as Christmas gifts from the children to the grandparents.
  • I voted when I sat down and read the Bible with each of the children.
  • I voted when one of the little children decided they just did not feel like taking their much needed nap today, and I decided that they were going to take one anyway, because I had said so and I'm their authority. I voted again when the same child decided to try this number again at bedtime, again with no success.
  • I voted when, time and again, a child needed my attention, affection, assistance, or guidance, and I gave it to them, rather than being unavailable to them because I wasted my time on the phone, computer, or other meaningless distractions that can seem so much more alluring than the mundane aspects of motherhood.
  • I voted when, instead of popping the kids in front of the TV to further be brainwashed, I sat down and read them a chapter from a wholesome book, even though I started losing my voice halfway through it.
  • I voted when I prayed to the God of the universe, the One who holds the breath of every single human being in His hands, including that of our corrupt politicians.

In fact, now that I think about it, I cast my vote hundreds of times each and every single day, in all different areas of life. No, I am not at all a perfect mother, not even by a long shot, but I can honestly say that I try to give it my best each and every single day, no matter how much I fail and come short.

But did I go down to the polling booth? Nah. I was too busy voting in the areas that matter most.


The hand that rocks the cradle 
is the hand that rules the world.

  Blessings on the hand of women!
Angels guard its strength and grace,
In the palace, cottage, hovel,
Oh, no matter where the place;
Would that never storms assailed it,
Rainbows ever gently curled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.
Infancy's the tender fountain,
Power may with beauty flow,
Mother's first to guide the streamlets,
From them souls unresting grow--
Grow on for the good or evil,
Sunshine streamed or evil hurled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.
Woman, how divine your mission
Here upon our natal sod!
Keep, oh, keep the young heart open
Always to the breath of God!
All true trophies of the ages
Are from mother-love impearled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.
Blessings on the hand of women!
Fathers, sons, and daughters cry,
And the sacred song is mingled
With the worship in the sky--
Mingles where no tempest darkens,
Rainbows evermore are hurled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.
William Ross Wallace (1819-1881)

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”. Abraham Lincoln


  1. Amen!
    Totally agree with everything you said!


  2. Romance- My daughters-in-law have college degrees. Reality- My daughters-in-law(who did not vote) have student loans and one of them plans on being a stay-at-home mother when hers are paid off. Meanwhile, she goes to work sick every morning with her second pregnancy. My second daughter-in-law decided she can't find work with her first degree so she is going back to college and getting more student loans. I watch my granddaughters(2, 18 months and 9 months) and homeschool my youngest(17). I(55) recently started having thyroid problems so I make morning doctor(eyes, throat sonogram, etc.) appointments while my son(after he drives his sister to work so I can have her car) watches the babies then I get home, change diapers and feed them lunch. I am tired and do not feel well but we have the joy of the Lord. It is very hard for my daughters-in-law to leave their babies(I see the tears in their eyes). We have been brainwashed like that early child reading/memorization program that harms babies and is advertised on TV. NBC (The Today Show) did an investigative report on it this week. I have been warning people about it but everyone(including some Christians) thought I was wrong- the ad is so convincing(deceitful and expensive). I like Alexandra Swann's book(No Regrets) about how her mother homeschooled her and her 9 siblings and they all had masters degrees by/at 16. They didn't use TV/computer programs. They used Calvert, American High School,etc. - there were no Christian programs back then- and they read their Bible(KJV).

  3. I couldn't care less if you don't vote in a voting booth, but don't blame your reasons on the Bible. I Timothy 2:12 has nothing to do with political voting.

  4. Your idea of public education is flawed at best. My son is not less fortunate because I send him to school and you are not a better mother than I am because you choose to teach yours at home.

    My son has autism and receives therapies at school to help him function better in society, for free I might add, as his father and I couldn't dream of being able to afford them privately. We've watched him grow, through the hands of capable educators and our cooperation together, from being almost 4 years old and unable to speak a sentence that wasn't a repeat of what he had already heard to being 6 and able to speak, articulate and read above grade level. His teacher this year is spectacular and even spends extra time with him because she, like us, believes that children shouldn't be medicated.

    Before you make your broad claims about people's situations and your superiority to them based on narrow minded biased assumptions just take a second to crawl out from your IFB bunker and actually look at the world. There are plenty of people who are great parents who do the best they can with what they are dealt. Being a great parent has little to do with what you've described and everything to do with teaching them about Christ-the real one- recognizing what your children need, being honest about their short comings and problems and doing everything humanly possible to let them know that you love them more than life and that you'll be there along the way to help them.

  5. Hexadecimal TerabyteNovember 3, 2010 at 8:15 AM

    Yeah, you better educate your kids well, teach them how to make good french fries, since working at Maccy D's is going to be all your poor brainwashed kids are going to be good for unless they manage to get reprogrammed after leaving home. I hate it when the drive-thru gives me soggy fries.


  6. Thank you for this post! I did vote at the polls yesterday (and will continue to do so) but thank you for the reminder that the vote that really counts is the one at home with my son.

  7. Hexadecimal,

    I'm sorry to hear you still eat at McDonald's. Maybe you should educate yourself about the "food" they serve - I would not even give it to our dog. Don't worry about having to eat soggy fries by the time our children become old enough to work, you may just have died a long, painful death from coronary heart disease and/or cancer by then.

  8. I like your post for today! I did vote at the polls yesterday, although I think your reasoning is valid, I just don't agree with it, although I should as a Christian.

    Pass along a message to your husband, I like the way someone is re-doing the sermons on the church's website. I think that should have been done a long time ago, it makes it easier.

  9. Of course, you have 'voted' in those ways because you are actually afforded those freedoms by our country, which may well retract them it's that's the will of the actually vote-casting majority. by not voting you have not spoken out that you want the freedom to homeschool, and if it's outlawed by the time your children are old enough to have their own which they *want* to homeschool but can't, you will have done nothing about it.

    I know all your theology is incorrect, but at least you can consider the pragmatic ramifications in a logical manner and not frivolously ignore them.

  10. P.S. Apologies for that ridiculously convoluted run-on sentence.

  11. As Christians, we need to get out of our comfort zone and realize that we are the lights of the world and not only our homes. Voting is so important that in the early 1900's women were beaten and thrown into jail on trumped up charges in order to keep them from voting.

    Even though we individually might have a comfortable home, good jobs, fresh food available, good health care, etc., others may not. All these issues and many more are why we have governments. Other people matter even if they are not Christians. Voting is such a small thing to do once every two years in order to give our opinions to our government to help them do a better job.

  12. Hexadecimal TerabyteNovember 3, 2010 at 11:23 AM


    If something's going to take me out, it's not McDonald's. :) I've already survived more illness than you've probably dealt with in your whole life and your kids' lives combined. I've survived TB (coughing up blood is not something I'd wish on anyone, not even my worst enemy), and cholera (which I also wouldn't wish on anyone).

    This time, I'm honestly not trying to be obnoxious (hard to believe, huh?) but I do wonder, since you homeschool- do your kids get adequate mathematics and computing instruction? One of the homeschooling families I know doesn't teach the kids maths, and it's really going to hurt them in the long run.

  13. I've always enjoyed your blog, but I'll say to you what I say to everyone who doesn't vote.

    No matter your reason behind not voting, if you didn't cast your ballot don't complain.

    If you choose to be silent in the decision making process then you need to accept the decisions that are made just as silently.

    Though this idea is just wishful thinking on my part, as there is always the right to free speech.

  14. I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog before, but one of the previous commenters sparked a question for me. What is your belief on disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome, etc? How do you feel they should be treated? Would you feel that you had to compromise your separation from government/government schools in order to get them treatment? I'm curious. You and I agree in some ways, and disagree vehemently in others, but your faith and emphasis on family are inspiring to me. I hope I can have a similar trust in the Lord one day.

  15. wow, what a great post!
    Hexadecimal, I was home schooled and I only worked at mcdonalds when I was a teenager, I had no problems getting into college as a home schooled person and the only reason I didn't complete law school and pursue my goals to be a district attorney is because I gave up on being a feminazi and became a wife and mother. Far more fulfilling than anything I got out of college :-)

  16. I am confused. There are so many voices with so many different interpretations of the same Bible. And they are all feel that have prayed on it and received guidance form God. How can they all feel this way and yet all differ? How am I to know that the meaning I take is right? How is anyone?

  17. ”the only reason I didn't complete law school and pursue my goals to be a district attorney is because I gave up on being a feminazi and became a wife and mother.”

    How sad that men cannot see that nothing is more fulfilling than being a husband and father. How sad that they think that a career could be fulfilling at all. Or is it. Does God say that He gives us talants and skills that are worth nothing?

    College and learning was never meant to be fulfilling during the learning. Its what we do with it after that is fulfilling. Certainly a parent can use the things they learn to benefit their children and spouse. Jesus came that we might live life abundantly. For some that may mean immersing into parenting. For another that just isn’t enough and they need to use their other gifts to benefit others as well. Some are given one talent. Others are give two or more talents. We should use whatever we have been given to the fullest and not seek to make others like ourselves. We should tend to our own gardens.

  18. Hexadecimal TerabyteNovember 3, 2010 at 4:03 PM


    I have no chance of becoming married. I extremely dislike being touched/touching other people (if I go out in public I wear latex gloves to protect myself). For that reason, I could never have children, and I could not adopt, because my fear of touch extends to little ones as well. It's nothing personal, I just dislike being in close contact with others.

    It's a pity, though, that you didn't get a law degree. My job isn't anything as prestigious as a lawyer- I'm an operating system programmer- but at least I'm making money. I'd hate to be dependent on my relatives or my friends, which I would be if I wasn't working.

    Besides, who said I was a feminazi? I find these womens' groups to be incredibly annoying, and I wish they stop harassing me with phone calls. NOW and Concerned Women for America are the worst- they always call when I'm trying to sleep or eat.

  19. My husband and I have talked about women voting and the fact that the world would probably be better off without this "liberty". A side from the Biblical aspect I believe that women are too often ruled by their emotions rather than logic. All this non-sense about which politican has "good hair" or charisma or big ears comes from women. Men could care less what a candidate looks like and certainly wouldn't be swayed to vote for or against someone based on these features! I know not all women vote based on these things but I do believe alot of them are influenced by appearances. The US is at a point of reaping the consequences of choices made through laws (abortion, sodomy)and the loss of a moral standard. All one has to do is spend some time on the pages of "Christians" on facebook to realize we are witnessing a "great falling away".

  20. None of the verses you provided pertain to women voting. The bible is silent on women voting. Voting for government officials is not the same as women being silent on church matters.

    With that said, help me to understand why you and your husband talk so much about what is wrong with the world, what not to do, what to wear, etc, yet neither of you ever stress the importance of helping the less fortunate. When someone asked you in your Q&A if you did anything besides soul winning, you really didn't do much except for that and hanging out with the people from your church.

    Where is Matt 25 in your life? Why are you not stressing to your children the importance of helping the less fortunate? Why do neither you nor your husband stress this on either of your blogs or anywhere else that you and he frequent on the internet? No mission work, no feeding the hungry, helping the sick, the poor, etc. This does not just pertain to your church members or people with your views. Jesus meant everyone. Where is Luke 10:25 in your life?
    Again, Jesus meant everyone.

    My children have all graduated college and are working. All have jobs that help others in some way. They also do a lot of volunteer work which includes helping the homeless and feeding the hungry. They are all doing God's work.

    You have people who follow what you and your husband say. Use it for good. Help get Jesus' words out there. Make it start at home. Lead by example. Don't let your children see you hating on the President, on our country, welfare recipients, police officers, etc. Let your children see you both with a positive and productive attitude regarding what Jesus wanted His followers to do. Let your kids see you roll up your sleeves and cook at the local soup kitchen. Let them see you give the homeless a bite to eat, a couple of dollars, a warm embrace. Let them see you pray with them.

    And for heaven's sakes, would the both of you stop butchering the bible to smithereens. Take classes if you have to. Learn Hebrew. Learn the history of biblical times. The two of you make a mess out of Scripture.


  21. I love your blog, but heavily disagree with you. And in a future generation, when you and/or your children are no longer allowed to homeschool, because liberal voters have ousted that option, you may think twice about your vote - even if it had simply been a matter of letting your husband choose.

    All of the things of which you spoke are liberties afforded in this great nation; liberties we are constantly having to protect against a liberal and otherwise socialist invasion. What you're failing to realize is that by not speaking now, you may forever be silencing your own posterity. It will be a shame if your daughters cannot homeschool their children, because their mother did not use her vote to protect them.

  22. Anyone who is honest would have to admit that we enjoyed many, many more liberties back before women started voting.

    1. Really? Exactly what liberties are you talking about there?

  23. Hexadecimal,

    everyone, including myself, knows some homeschool family that is failing at educating their children. But for every one of those cases, I can point to 10 public school educated kids who are much more behind academically. Both are wrong, but ultimately it is up the the parents and the individuals to decide to make something of their kids/themselves.

    Our kids, for one, are far ahead of their peers in all subjects, including the ones you mentioned. I have absolutely no doubt that they will succeed in the work force.

  24. Sure, we enjoyed lots of liberties before suffrage or women's lib. The right to be beaten and abused by our husbands, the right to discrimination and meager pay with little to no chance for career advancement solely based on our sex if we happened to be widowed and had a family to support. Sounds like great times!

    Look, I'm actually a stay at home mom who chose to be at home with my kids until they are grown and then I'll go accomplish some of the things I wanted, like going back to school etc. I adore my husband and love letting him lead our house, but that's because he earned my submission and respect. I'm the opposite of most of what feminism stands for simply because I just wasn't made that way, but I'm never going to deny the fact that those women were brave and sacrificed a lot so that I can be an equal with my husband or a man when it matters. Those women endured real abuse and police brutality to fight for that right for me, and I'm never going to take it for granted, and neither should you.

  25. Hexadecimal TerabyteNovember 4, 2010 at 5:41 AM

    In that case, I apologize for being obnoxious. I was in the wrong, and did not conduct myself appropriately.

  26. anon,

    I was talking about civil liberties in general, as in, how many laws (many unconstitutional) we have now vs. then. The bigger the government, the more abusive and out of line it is.

    Were women being abused by their husbands, police, etc? No doubt - but do you actually think that it happens less today, or that "women's lib" has changed anything about that? Quite the opposite is true. Since women are viewed as equal to men, they get treated like men. No thanks.

    By your logic, we might as well just all live in single confinement in white padded cells, with the government caring for our every need. That way nobody would ever get hurt, abused, ripped off, or otherwise mistreated. There are tradeoffs to liberty - people have the liberty to do wrong, and then need to be punished for it, rather than trying to preempt every crime from occurring. That's where personal responsibility and teaching people about right and wrong, based on moral absolutes, comes in.

    No man doesn't abuse his wife because he wants to but the government won't let him. Men like that always still end up abusive and violent, except we have to live with the billions of laws that were put in place supposedly to protect us from people like him.


    don't worry about it. I get much worse comments daily.

  27. I heard someone say on TV that Obama was going to be President because since TV the tallest candidate of the last two left- win. The other day I received a call from our local high school that there was going to be a heroin forum because there was such a bad heroin problem at the local high school and other schools on Long Island. It is a problem all over the nation. My 17-year-old son homeschools. Don't think it couldn't happen to you. My daughter(20) had a baby and isn't married. Our granddaughter(9m.) is our joy but if I could do it all over-I would homeschool the 5 older children through high school. A friend told me I was the last one she thought would have a daughter(she lives at home and plans on marrying her husband-to-be) have a baby out of wedlock(but my mother was pregnant with me when she was married). We believe marriage is the vows and a covenant; divorce and remarriage are not allowed(KJV Bible). I teach my children that fornication(KJV word) is sin. My oldest son went to a Christian high school and I wouldn't go that route again. I also pray for our country and for abortion to be abolished but do not vote. The men in our family vote. We have 4 sons.

  28. It's amusing to me to see how offended other Christians are by your "judgments" of them, their lifestyles, their choices, and their families....hmmm, that's interesting. Maybe now they know how it feels to be on the receiving end of the judgments THEY MAKE on other peoples lifestyles, choices, and families. Doesn't feel good, does it folks? Kind of just pisses you off more, and makes you probably less likely to seriously consider doing some of the things she is saying. Think about that the next time you "minister" to the "fallen and the wicked" by being heartless and judgmental...not the most effective way, is it?

  29. I do understand your opinion on voting. It does make sense to me and I too am put off my women thinking that they need to be involved in our government. I do feel that God made us to be homemakers and has given us the blessing of taking care of our children. I know this is your blog and your opinions, but I do want to tell you that I do take offense to your words at times. I do send my children to school. That is what my husband and I have determined is best for their education. I know that you have a differing opinion from me, and I respect your opinion. I do however take offense with your words about the children who attend public schools. They are rather crass and in all respects rude and mean. I understand this is your blog, your place, however I do believe that we are called to speak gently by Christ. How are any of those words gentle?

  30. You rock, sister! I voted at the polls, and disagree with you, but you always explain yourself in such an intelligent manner, it is a joy to disagree with you. Thanks for living your life in such an honest fashion.

  31. Love the "fool bus" quote!

  32. Well, the rights and liberties afforded women allowed me to LEAVE my abusive husband. I was not stuck there with no other choice but to let him pound on me.

    I have a college education. I have laws that helped me get out and not have to leave everything to him because he was the breadwinner. I have an education and a job that can pay rent and support myself and my kids in an environment safe from harm and fear. No government hand outs here, but yeah, my youngest does go to day care and the oldest goes to public school. Both of which they did before we left their father. Both kids receive counseling and therapy to help them adjust to their violence free life. I do as well. The law keeps my ex husband away from us so we can sleep at night.

    Fifty years ago my grandmother had neither the legal system nor the education to leave her abusive husband. Her kids all grew up with emotional issues and fears directly connected to the abuse endured their entire lives.

    So, when you even think of suggesting things were better before women voted...you are an insult to women the world over and you deserve no more or better than you give, which as I see it is absolutely nothing.

    How very pathetic and what a waste of US Citizenship. There are many other, more worthy, people wanting to become citizens. They all deserve it more than you.

    1. AMEN!!!

      Oh, trust me...this self-hating lunatic would probably tell you the "godly" thing to do would have been to stay with your abusive husband and that he was just taking his "God-given authority" a bit too far. Nauseating.

  33. If my daughter(who works at a bank and goes to college-without student loans) married an abusive man or a man that became mentally ill etc. her three older brothers and her parents would take her and her children in. We believe in women and children first- remember the Titanic- that wouldn't happen today(it would be the most educated and who has the most money,etc.). We believe in separation without remarriage(my mother remarried after my father died and there's a reality to that when children are in the home). My third son, Jonathan, paid cash to go to college- it took him more than 4 years. Oh and my mother dated and had her own house- there's a reality to that also when there are children in the home. My sons didn't date and are married. I know about violence in the home- my husband used to do drugs(he went to public high school) and he was raised in a large Christian family. May God set the captives free. I will not vote(1 Timothy 2:12 KJV).

  34. Rebecca from GermanyNovember 5, 2010 at 3:37 PM

    I have heard that, too, that women tend to make more emotionally based political decisions than men. Obama was voted by a lot of women because he simply looked better than McCain, studies showed.
    I also do not think for 1 second that the Anderson kids will turn out to be failures in life. On the contrary I am sure they have a big advantage towards every public school child. All the time and love spend on them by their parents, who can compete with that?? Why do so many hate the Andersons? Because the Andersons are different. I can see the tall poppy syndrome here: The Andersons are outstanding and excell at everything they do and you guys are just average. You hate their intelligence, their God-security, their great family life, their fame, their strong convictions (while you are a leaf in the wind, doubleminded and with no convictions). Everyone can see that they are truly blessed by God and you covet these blessings but you are not ready to make the same sacrifices. Haters, just be honest to yourselves, you hate your own meaningsless, dysfunctional, wrong lifes even more than the Andersons.

    Want a change? Well, pick up the bible and start living what is written.

  35. Hier übrigens der Blog einer jüd. Hausfrau. Auch wenn sie kein Christ ist habt ihr doch so manche Überzeugung gemeinsam. Sie hat auch viele leckere Rezepte.


  36. Whatever, Zsuzsanna. I wish you all happiness. Thank you for abstaining from our humanist democracy. I would rather die than have your values imposed upon me.

  37. generationcedar.com has an interesting post about the feminists and she agrees with us about women not voting.

  38. Zsuzsanna, I really enjoy reading your blog. I sit and nod in agreement with all that you have to say. Some of my best friends are Muslims (I am a 100% Bible believing Christian) and really they can teach us a thing or two about equality and gender roles. My friends are fantastic housewives and they are quite simply horrified at the typical liberal western women who does not know her place in society and in marriage. Society always runs better with men in leadership and women in supporting roles (this is not to say that some of the greatest men in history have not been greatly influenced by women). I truly agree that a women's greatest influence can be had at home! As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him - Psalm 18:30

  39. The thing is, Zsuszanna, today women who want to live a life like yours (SAHM, not voting, etc) still have the choice. Before that, they had no choice. My grandmother had a degree in chemistry, but once she was married- that was it! She raised her five children and never got to do anything outside the home. Some women are lucky enough to be completely fulfilled by that- you are- but many need more in their lives. My mother managed to raise a family, be the devoted wife of a pastor, and is also a successful lawyer who fights for the rights of mental health patients. If she had wanted to, she could have just been the first two. Instead, she had it all. Women CAN have it all. You cannot assume that every woman will be okay living the same life you do.

    1. I like to think women can have it all...just not at once. There is nothing wrong with taking some time to raise your kids, then going back into another line of work. I was a teacher for seven years (working mom for two), now I'm staying home, and one day I hope to support my husband in his accounting firm (once the kids are grown). Having it all may come in phases and may take a lifetime, but it will be rewarding.

  40. really wish ppl would stop using the title 'anonymous' on comments left, how is someone who wants to reply to that person supposed to? There could be five different 'anonymous' writers. At least make up a name, you don't have to use your actual name.

  41. I wasn't going to comment on this, but I'm staying up late to bring up these critical points.
    1. Your ascertation that women should fall under men's leadership cannot possibly apply to those who have not lived in privileged luxury. I am the eldest of several daughters. When 9/11 happened, my town lost many firefighters and professionals in the Twin Towers. I vowed never to let another community feel a loss like ours did, but my family has no sons to defend it. I did my duty as a good daughter and American and joined the military. I excelled, and several years later I was chosen over several qualified men to lead a group of 76 men into combat. That's right, lead. Lead a group of all men. It's because God gave me intelligence and leadership skills and it is what I do best. It has been harrowing. In several cases, having a woman leader has benefitted the unit. Not only do the men look at it as a point of pride, but they feel much more comfortable coming to talk to me than with other leaders when they find they are suffering from the disturbing effects of combat. If they believed as you do, our unit would not be able to do what it does. They would not have followed me, literally in some cases, into enemy fire and would have questioned my judgment to lead us safely back out again- for no other reason than that I am a girl. I have sweat and bled for those men, for my family and my country and our God. I am not alone. Thousands of strong women have provided enduring and valuable contributions to this conflict. Albeit innocent, your statement that I am not qualified to lead because of my reproductive function flies in the face of my life's work and the sacrifice of the brave women and men, my brothers and sisters in arms, who have died for our country. It flies in the face of God's gifts, which he gives to both men and women. It is easy to enjoy codified gender roles when life is good. Life is not always good. It is not always easy and people who hate us for no reason have the ability to reach out and kill our loved ones. Not while I am able to breathe will I allow this to happen again to my family and my country. Deigning to infer that I should not use my God given gifts simply because I was born a girl simply does not make sense.
    Blindly placing one gender over another is an insult to His beautiful Creation.

  42. 2. I respectfully believe that you are misinterpreting Timothy. Paul wrote to him to describe rules for the new church that they were establishing in the name of Christ. He recommends that women should remain silent in matters of the church. This does not apply to families, societies nor the government. Again, my humble opinion is that it is not right to publish verses that serve a purpose without the correct context. Especially in light of my third point.

    3. I have witnessed firsthand the absolute tragedies that are inherent with ritualized gender inequality. Your tenuous relationship between women's liberation and the downfall of American society have far less correlation than the sanctioned gender inequality and rampant violence against women in Afghanistan. When the government of Afghanistan officially placed all men in a position of leadership over all women, it quickly got out of hand. We both agree that human nature is flawed. In your argument, human nature has taken women's growing equality and spun it into legalization of abortion and degradation of our morals. In my experience, those who are aware of the tradition (Afghan women are subordinate to Afghan men) but not the laws or the religious reasons have allowed it to blossom into grave violations of God's intent. I have seen young girls abused, shot or executed for attempting to attend school. I have seen mothers forced to beg to feed their children because they are not able to hold a proper job as a woman. I have seen women brought in for medical treatment for wounds of neglect, festering and rotting because they were not allowed to leave the watchful eye of their leader male to get treatment. I have spoken to young (very young) girls who have been raped and left for dead, simply because they were women and the men who did it to them believed they were the girls' natural 'leaders.' You must realize that proclaiming a lifestyle based on a potentially misinterpreted verse is the root cause of some of the gravest violence on the planet. It is a dangerous belief to spread.
    I respect your belief and as a sister American, I will defend your rights, even if you choose not to accept all of them. As a God-fearing woman who hopes to have children someday, I challenge and beg you to be very, very careful when spreading these beliefs, they are only a few misinterpretations away from terrible things. Things that will never allow you to sleep soundly again once you see them. I will pray for you and your family that we can all work together towards a world where these crimes will never happen again.

    Lastly, an observation. If you profess not to vote as a method of preventing your undue womanly influence on the sovereignty of men, you must be aware of your observer expectancy effect. As a scientist cannot truly observe an experiment without affecting it, so your efforts as a blogger are influencing men's opinions and sovereignty- far more than you would as one voter among 315 million. I know what I stand for and I realize the implications of my leadership- have you considered that you are an influential referent leader who has done so much more than remain silent as you profess that women should? You are an intelligent woman, you can choose to abide by the rules that you proclaim. Or, you can use your God-given talents and make the world better, starting by teaching all women (and men) that they are worthy of honor as you said you desire, but also worthy of rights that God bestowed upon all humans. Rights to life, to freedom and to become all that He intended us to be- without mistinterpreted and temporal constraints to limit us.
    I feel better.

  43. This is an interesting opinion on voting for women. I personally don't vote, but that's because I do not like the candidates available. I am, however, thankful to have grown up in a country that values the opinion of women in the public sector. My mother was widowed at the age of 39 and, with four children to care for, would have been up a creek without some of the rights women have earned here in America. My mother was able to continue owning her home and property, conduct business in the court, be a member in her church, own and operate a small business, retain custody of her children and live in the great blessing and reward that was faith in our Lord to provide. When I think of how it could have been for us to be a fatherless family in many nations or different periods of history, I am even more thankful to God for his provision. You, a mother of 8, may find yourself widowed at a young age one day with little ones to care for. I am proud that, as a nation, you would not be cast out, abused, and your children scattered because legally you are considered a child. Something that many women living with Godly, loving husbands often miss is that many Christian women do not live in the same circumstance through no fault of their own. I hope you will consider this point and not have to live it yourself.


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