Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting ready for baby

With only about four weeks left until my due date, it dawned on me this week that I really need to get serious about final preparations for the baby.

So far, I have done the following this week:

  • Get all the baby gear out of the shed, and get it all cleaned up again (launder the covers and wash all the metal/plastic parts with soap and hot water). This being our 6th child, we have become somewhat "minimalistic: there is only a swing, a bassinette, and a Bumbo seat.
  • Wash all the upholstery of the rocking chair and ottoman, and wipe down all the wood on them.
  • Launder the cover for my nursing pillow, as well as my baby slings/wraps.
  • Buy a base for the new carseat, and wash the covers.
  • Wash a few sleepers, blankets, hats etc. for the baby to wear the first couple of days. We'll have to get more gender specific stuff once we know if it's a boy or a girl. As of right now, I have practically zero baby clothes after having given them all away, thinking I'd probably not have a third girl in a row. 
  • Make a list of two weeks' worth of breakfasts and dinners, along with the necessary ingredients to make them all, to pre-cook and freeze for after the birth. I had the idea to get together with other ladies from our church on a Saturday this month and spend the day cooking up all the food in a big "Cooking Party". I realize it won't be much of a "party", but I figure it helps to give it a deceptive fun name.

I still need to:
  • Launder the new baby's diapers
  • Reserve a birth tub - I have been working on this for the last week. The lady I usually rent from is all booked up, because I didn't even bother to call her until I'm 8 months pregnant - duh, what was I thinking! She is trying to figure something out, and I am waiting to hear from her.
  • Order my birth kit - I think I need to ask my midwife about this again, she was supposed to be telling me where to order it from.
  • Find a little bouncy seat - our last one finally gave in after Becky because Miriam kept climbing into it until she broke it. 
  • Buy batteries for the swing.
  • Stock up on stuff for the rest of the family so I won't need to go to the store for a week or so after the birth (hahahaha, I am so DREAMING with this one!).
  • Cook all the above-mentioned meals. I am thinking about doing it the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
  • Keep dreaming about getting a triple stroller, and hoping for a killer deal on one (the best I have found is about $150 on craigslist). Miriam will only be 3 when the baby comes, and Becky is barely 2. Even when Miriam turns 4 in February, she is so different than the boys were. She tires really easily, and also gets absentminded and either wanders off or lags behind, which is very unnerving for me. Both her and I prefer for her to ride in a stroller.
Oh, I love lists. Well, not really, but I love how they help me accomplish things more easily. A sharp pencil is better than a sharp mind!

The pregnancy is going well. This is a very active baby, or maybe it just feels that way because s/he is somewhat posterior right now. Not much longer!


  1. Let's say you have 10 kids one day. Imagine that each of these will have 10 children of their own. You will probably end up with 100 grandchildren and 1,000 great-grandchildren. You will NEVER be alone! In contrast to those feminazis who will probably die alone in their single-apartments and no one will even notice until it starts smelling funny in the house.

    Zsuzsanna, you are truly blessed!

  2. Very true, thank you for the reminder. Made me think of Margaret Sanger, that evil woman. She died all alone in a nursing home somewhere here in Arizona. Of her two kids, her son died when he was young, and her daughter was not close with her.

  3. Many people do not realize how evil Margaret Sanger really was. Her motive was to reduce the population of African American children(and probably other minorities) by placing horrible 'clinics' in certain neighborhoods, under the disquise of a health care clinic.

  4. If you can't find a tub to rent, try a rubbermaid black plastic stock tank. Really. That's what my midwife rents but I found you can buy one for just a little more than the rental fee--from $70 - $100 depending on the size. You just need a faucet valve screwed into the drain plug so a hose can be attached to drain it. After the birth, you could sell it on craiglist or let the kids play with it, after cleaning it with bleach, of course.

  5. I like the new look of the blog. Did you do your husband's also?


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