Monday, November 8, 2010

Funny things that Miriam said

 (Yes, she dressed herself. Why do you ask?)

(Remembering that I had made fruit punch as a special treat to go with that night's dinner, she asked me this in the early afternoon, hours before dinnertime.)

Miriam: "Mom, maybe your baby is hungry?" (meaning the baby in my tummy). Me: "Maybe it is." Miriam: "Maybe we should have dinner right now?"


Miriam: "Does the Bible say, 'If you love me, keep my commandments?' Me: "Yes, it does." Miriam: "I love you very much!" Me: "I love you, too!" Miriam: "So does that meant that I should keep your commandments?"


(We were about to go somewhere in the car)

Me: "Miriam, did you use the bathroom first?" Miriam: "Yes." Me: "When did you last use it?" Miriam (somewhat exasperated): "Mom, I just used the bathroom two days ago!"

(looking down at her feet)

Miriam: "Mom, my feet are getting really little." (then, somewhat worried) "I am never going to be an indult [her word for adult] like that!"


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