Saturday, October 2, 2010

Solomon's birthday

Poor Solomon woke up at 3 am on his birthday morning. He knew that I would not want him to get up and start opening presents that early, so he waited until 6 am to wake us up. Both my husband and I were still so tired at the time that we kept telling him "just 5 more minutes" until shortly before 7, by which time Isaac had also just woken up.

The space PJ pants were a gift from me. We also gave him his own battery charger, which came with a ton of batteries, as he is always running out of batteries and asking us for some.

Eventually the rest of the kids woke up, too, and after all the presents were opened I started making the big breakfast that Solomon had requested: bacon, eggs (scrambled and sunny-side up), biscuits, and buttermilk pancakes. 

I was so tired after cooking all that food that I just wanted to crawl right back into bed. Instead, I had this waiting for me, which I guess explains the lure of IHOP and Denny's in spite of how their food tastes:

Yes, these are the dishes just from breakfast that day.

The kids had no school work to do that day, and spent the morning playing together nicely and building huge forts in the living room with blankets. I started on lunch shortly after getting the breakfast mess cleaned up - baby-back ribs, oven potatoes, and corn.

We had a late lunch in the early afternoon, at which point I laid the little girls down for a nap while the older ones played some board games and built puzzles.

Someone recently commented (very rudely) that we need to get a dining room table and start eating there instead of at the counter. We do, in fact, have a dining table in our dining/school room, but we rarely use it. The reason for that is simply a practical one: I always have to clean the kitchen and around/under the counter after every single meal anyway, even if we do not eat there, because the kids love to "help" me cook, and snack while watching me. When we eat at the dining room table, I now also have to clean that whole room, wipe down the table and all the chairs, etc. It's just not practical to do for every meal.

The thing the kids were looking forward to all day long was going to an indoor bounce place that evening, which was a special outing in honor of Solomon's birthday. They had a ton of fun, and burned off all their energy. The older boys kept dragging Becky up to the top of the huge slides, and then sent her flying down again and again. She was kind of nervous, but definitely enjoying herself. Miriam was keeping up with them all on her own.

The next night, we had some birthday cake at church after the evening service. Can you tell my kids didn't want to wait that long to taste the cake? ... One of the sheets is missing some pieces.

Today, a good friend of our family who goes to our church went kayaking with Solomon and my husband on the Salt River. I have kayaked that exact part of the river myself before, and it has some pretty rough rapids in some places. Solomon was in his own kayak, so I was a little nervous about the whole idea, but I didn't want to dampen his excitement. Solomon is a very good swimmer, and he was going to be wearing a life-jacket the whole time. The guys stayed out for several hours longer than they had originally planned to, and of course there was no cell phone reception. I was starting to get nervous right around the time that they finally got back to civilization and called to report they were still alive and well.

Solomon is growing up to be such a wonderful young man. Out of all our boys, he is the mellowest. Very analytical, and everything has to be just so with him (typical firstborn). He is very talented with music and foreign languages, and loves to read all day long. His little brain is like a super-computer that retains everything he ever comes across, it is really amazing sometimes. When he plays with his younger siblings, he is always very tender and understanding with the little girls. He often looks at one of his little sisters, smiles, and comments how sweet they are. At age 9, he still comes up and hugs and cuddles me without any thought of that not being cool, and often tells me how pretty and wonderful I am (he learned that from his Dad). When I cook a meal, or do chores like laundry, he always thanks me for working so hard. He really is a sweetheart. I can't believe he's half grown up already!!! I wish I could have him all over again.

The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: and he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him. - Proverbs 23:24


  1. nice pictures. and you have very cute children.....

    not related to this post, but I was wondering if your husband had his testimony anywhere to read. I saw yours on here and just wondered about his?? Did he get saved young or by high school? Did he grow up in a christian home? was it a strong one? of did his desire for God just come on his own?? or did someone witness to him at a certain point? just wondered. enjoy reading and seeing your pictures.


  2. Do you have a dishwasher? I was loading mine this week and put the soap in first like I always do(so we can see that the dishes are dirty not a finished load) and my granddaughter (17 months) ran over and put her fingers in the lemon-scented soap(with bleach) and put it in her mouth. We took water rinsed out her mouth and hand then gave her milk like the bottle said- then called poison control. It appears she is fine. I didn't have a dishwasher when raising our 6 children. I had been concerned that she would grab a dish or utensil.

  3. What a nice story about a child's birthday. I also liked the pizza massage thing that you do. You're a good mom.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! I don't think I would have wanted to see that sink of dishes though!

  5. We also have a kitchen counter and stools....and a kitchen table, AND a dining room table. Guess which one gets used the most? Yup, the counter and stools. You are so right- it's right in the kitchen work area, easy to clean up and most important....we are still all eating together! Judge not, rude commenter!!


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