Monday, October 4, 2010

The pizza massage

There is a game I play with our younger kids that they absolutely love. We call it "making pizza".

I start out by laying the child (i.e. pizza dough) across my lap, and then "kneading" the dough (their back) for a couple of minutes.

Next comes the sauce - I simply rub their back with my flat palms. It's tricky to strike a balance between being gentle and relaxing without tickling the child.


After the sauce is rubbed nicely all over the dough, I sprinkle on some cheese by tapping my fingertips quickly all over the child's back. This is usually one of the more ticklish parts. 


For the toppings, I ask them what they want on their pizza, and then make up random movements that somehow relate to that topping. For example, for pepperoni slices, I stamp the heel of my fist on their back.

Of course, the pizza needs to be baked. To do that, I quickly and vigorously rub the palms of my hands together for a few seconds, and then place my hot hands on the child's back. This is one of their favorite parts of the whole process. 

Becky is chatting on the phone with her Dad while enjoying a massage from Mom. Rough life!

When the pizza has been sufficiently baked, I use the knuckle on my index finger to cut the pizza into slices. Another very ticklish part, but since the massage is over at this point, getting them going again is not a bad thing. By this time, there are usually several siblings standing around waiting for their turn, who are very eager to playfully start "biting" into the freshly baked pizza.

Just thought I'd share this quick, easy, and fun bedtime activity that others may enjoy with their children.

Photo credits: Isaac. He was very eager, and tried really hard. 

Also, I usually wear a wedding ring, but can't find mine any more since I took it off for sanitary reasons while forming 48 hamburger patties for the church picnic last week. I'm afraid it might have gotten knocked off the counter, and then accidentally swept up and thrown out. I really hope that's not the case. :(


  1. I pray the Lord brings the hidden thing to light. Cathy Burns in her book on Occult Symbols has an interesting chapter on jewelry(the history and meanings). We now use vinyl gloves(by band aids) for things like hamburger etc. For some Christians the wedding ring is the only jewelry they wear.

  2. We have a game called Toast, much like your Pizza. We have sticky, thick peanut butter, sticky jelly, and cinnamon sprinkles, they love it.

  3. Ha! How cute! I remember my mom "tickling" my arms and back (she was either running her fingers very softly or putting light pressure "pinches"- very tiklish if done wrong! But I always had a lot of fun. She used to do that when she was young too :)

  4. If your ring did get knocked off the bench it might have rolled under the fridge or dishwasher or cupboard. I would be getting my husband to move things around to get a good look. I would be devastated if I lost my wedding ring

  5. My dad used to make pretend pizzas with me when we were at the boring symphonies that my mother wanted to go to. i remember sitting and us talking about them and what went on them. But, alas, when the music began we had to stop and be good. :) I did come to appreciate that kind of music when older. Seemed my mother only liked classical and opera, and of course Ghristian music.

  6. Pizza massage is very cute!

    I'll be praying that you find your wedding ring. I am very absent minded, always leaving everything everywhere. One of my fears is losing my wedding ring.

  7. Have you read the book "Pete's a Pizza"? Very similar to what you do, and super cute. :)

  8. My kids request that I tickle the inside of their arm until they fall asleep. But I may try the pizza massage because it sounds so cute.

  9. Oh I Love it and Isaac you did a great job with the photos.
    I used to play jungle on my kids back when they were younger and now i play it on my grandchildren but it's more of a tickle than a massage.
    I draw the river (with my hands) in the middle of their back then they name the animals that go across it. Ants and spiders are firm favourites as they produce the most tickles!
    I will have to try this pizza massage.

    I'm praying that you find your wedding ring. I'd be heartbroken if i lost mine!



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