Thursday, October 21, 2010

Becky's 2nd birthday

Becky turned 2 yesterday. It's hard to believe it's already been TWO WHOLE YEARS! Funny thing was, as I was up late the night before (technically, very early on her birthday) finishing making her birthday gifts, she woke up and came out to the office where I was sewing. When I checked the clock, it was just past 1:30 am, almost exactly to the minute the time when she was born. I turned down the only light that was on, and we cuddled for a few minutes as a little "private" birthday party. Her little head smelled so sweet and still so baby-like. I laid her back down and then got ready for bed myself. When I went to lie down she climbed up into my bed and slept nestled in my arm for the rest of the night. She hasn't done that in months, so this was a nice treat for both of us.
Her big brothers were all so excited, they woke up early on her birthday. Well, they wake up early every day, but it seemed especially early because I have not been getting as much sleep as I should. We opened presents, and then Becky got the best birthday treat of all - it started raining! Yes, to us, that is a special and rare treat. It was pouring, yet the sun was shining brightly - it was so weird! The kids went outside to play and got all dirty and muddy, while I fixed buttermilk pancakes and Orange Julius for breakfast. The latter was a first for Becky, who loved it so much she had three full cups of it.

Still in her jammies. The poor baby has been getting eaten up by mosquitoes every night, so now she is wearing her brother's old coverall jammies to keep the bugs away

Thanking her brother for his gifts
A felt sandwich kit!

What is this?
A princess dress!

An ironing board and iron. I was kind of surprised she knew what is was, since I don't use my iron very much! :)

A grocery cart full of felt foods.


grocery bags


After breakfast, the kids (who don't have to do schoolwork on birthdays) played together nicely, both indoors and out. It kept raining off and on, and since my floors were already in bad need of mopping, I didn't mind the constant in-and-out too much. Instead, I just sat on the sofa and did nothing for a while. Imagine that! Right around that time, the mailman dropped off a package and a birthday card for Becky, both from her Grandma in California, so there was more excitement and another toy to play with. 

What is in this box?

Can you tell how much she liked it?

Becky had a special surprise for me, too. After breakfast, she announced that she had to use the bathroom. She sat on her potty really nicely for like 10 minutes, and went both #1 and #2. Interesting, huh? :) It was a huge deal to her. Maybe I can get her potty trained before the next baby, after all?!?

For lunch, I made "tortilla dogs", which is basically a hot dog wrapped in an uncooked flour tortilla, and then fried. I told myself that serving grapes and pears on the side greatly improved the nutritional value of the meal... :) Does ketchup count as a vegetable?

In the afternoon, the girls napped as usual. Once they woke up, instead of a birthday cake, we made a cookie pizza topped with whipped cream cheese, fruit, and shredded coconut for the "cheese". I'm guessing it must have been very good because the kids ate almost two whole pizzas in a matter of minutes.

Sweet girls


Daddy didn't get back from an out-of-town trip until the late afternoon. Becky was thrilled, and kept following him around like a little shadow. She really adores him!

With church and all, the kids got in bed late, as they usually do on Wednesday nights.  It took me until just before midnight to get the dishes, laundry, and other chores done for the night, and then I realized I had never yet eaten dinner. It was well past midnight when I finally got to bed. In spite of the tired start today, we had a very good and productive morning of school work. It's hard to believe we are almost done with the seventh week of school already - time is flowing by!

They always, always, always grow up too fast. 


  1. Happy Birthday Becky. She is so cute and precious.


  2. Happy Birthday Becky!!! That felt food looks really cute! Glad everyone had a fun day.

  3. mmm I wish you had an email, but well if you have any doubt it's not mosquitoes biting her, check for bedbugs. Having bedbugs has nothing to do with being clean or not. They hide very well during the day and only go out when the occupant of the bed is fully asleep... Anyways, I just htought I'd tell, I wish someone had told me about those before it got to the proportions it did. Feel free to erase the comment if you don't feel ok with it. I just wanted to share.

    (btw, among the many ways to get bedbugs are buying at thrift store, buying second hand furniture and particularly beds and mattresses... but it's not exhaustive since you can get them pretty much anywhere)

  4. Looks like you all had a lovely day. I'm mystified by how my daughter knows about ironing too - it's the only job I've made sure I never do when she's around. We have plenty rain here but my daughter loves it because (if it's bad enough) it means Daddy can't go to work.

  5. She is so cute. It looks likeher birthday was wonderful.

    I was surprised to she her pajamas where pants- I thoughtit would be night gowns only for girls.

  6. Where did you find the felt food? Or did you make them? They are so cute!! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY BECKY!!


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