Friday, October 1, 2010

Another pregnancy update

Not much to report. I had another checkup yesterday, and am supposed to start having them every 2 weeks now for the next month, and weekly thereafter. Eeek! This pregnancy is going by so fast! 

The baby is now in the head-down position, which I had already suspected for the last couple of weeks. My tailbone has been hurting a little, and I can feel lots of little kicks right in my stomach and ribcage. The baby continues to be very active, but not in an overly rambunctious way. (S)he always gets very excited when the kids or my husband are talking to me, kicking and squirming even more.

Because of the baby having its bottom in my stomach, I noticed during the last few weeks that I almost never feel hungry at all. Which is nice in a way, but I also have to make sure not to forget to eat enough for the baby. I could seriously go all the way to dinner without eating and not even feel hungry. 

A lady at our church just had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago. It is amazing how tiny and sweet newborns are! Now I really can't wait to meet our own baby soon, especially after seeing newborn pictures of Becky today. 


  1. The best kind of pregnancy is an uneventful one, I'm glad to hear that's how this pregnancy has been going for you!

  2. You said that you can't wait to see your little baby. :-)

    I'm a firm believer that the more children you have, the more you enjoy them and anticipate their arrival. Although the excitement changes, it never goes away. With our first baby we had to have the pretty nursery (within budget), the baby clothes neat and organized, the gear, the name picked out from day one, etc. As you become more experienced, you really understand what is truly important.

    With our fourth child my mother gave me a hard time because when I was at 37 weeks we had no names picked out, the crib was not put together, and just a handful of baby clothes were ready. She said sort of harshly, "You just must have too many babies because you're not very excited. Why don't you have your baby stuff ready?" I thought for a minute and replied, "Why? Why do I really need all that stuff out cluttering up my house?" When babies are so little, they don't need too much more than mommy. Sometimes it takes a few kids to realize this.

  3. oh, and as Joy said, the best pregnancy is an uneventful one. Glad all is well.


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