Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I'd have tweeted this week if I used Twitter...

f... or used as my Facebook status update if I still used Facebook.

I don't like going to the dentist.

As much as I dislike mopping floors late at night, I love getting up in the morning and finding them clean and shiny (until the kids eat breakfast, anyway).

Germknödel are THE BEST. Nobody should have to go through life without ever trying one.

I never knew how many felt food tutorials there are on the web. Just admiring them all could take me the rest of my life. The only thing standing between that and me is the pesky fact that my family expects to eat real food three times a day. How boring.

(I did NOT make these.)

Silent/nap time is my ticket to sanity. And bed time.

( I feel I need to explain this picture. The kids were pretending that the bed was a volcano, hence the red sheet in the middle of the mouth of the crater, otherwise knows as pillows. Everyone donned fire-proof suits. John wore his inside out to make it all white and thus more authentic. Some of them forgot that bare feet probably were not a good idea near an erupting volcano. :) Yes, they are weird indeed. Something about being homeschooled and not watching TV makes them come up with some strange improvisations.)

Keeping the inner tubes in four kids' bikes in working order is a full-time job. It has taken me two full afternoons to get them all fixed up again now that the weather is cooling down enough to ride a bike.

Help! My oldest child is getting so tall I can hardly kiss him on the top of his head any more when he is standing next to me! :(

Where did my baby go?!? ;(

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  1. The kids are sooo cute! Just amazing what they come up with!


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