Friday, September 10, 2010

Two things I'm not

From time to time, people make the following (untrue) observations about me. As much as they flatter me, those who actually know me must get a good laugh out of them. Just to set the record straight:

1. I am NOT creative.

True, I do like crafts, so I like to "create". But there is a big difference between coming up with ideas of your own, and just simply knowing where to go to pilfer other people's creative ideas. I only know how to do the latter, and then maybe come up with some creative add-ons on my own.

For example, I could never in a million years have come up with the ideas for this, nor would I have had the skills to develop the patterns for these. Looking at this makes me feel like a kindergartner.

(click to enlarge picture, then click again to zoom in more)

2. I am NOT patient.

I know, I know. People who know me will laugh at the idea that anyone would think I am.

Some things that make me want to scream:
  • one of the boys rough-housing with one of the girls until she goes flying into the tile floor, getting herself a nosebleed and/or goose-egg
  • dishes (especially cups full of sticky beverages) exploding and sending shrapnel everywhere
  • toddlers who empty the contents of their dirty diapers in the worst conceivable spots, at the worst conceivable times
  • kids throwing up in bed (and possibly on each other if they are sharing beds that night) in the middle of the night
  • loud, sudden noises such as shrieking and yelling
  • clothes that I just washed, hung, and put into a closet that day ending up in the dirty hamper because someone changed their mind about wanting to wear that particular outfit, and was too lazy to hang it back up
  • and a whole bunch of other things that I could easily think of.
Push the kids' bedtime back past 8:30, and I feel like an indentured worker on unpaid overtime. Oh wait, that's the definition of motherhood! My attitude and sanity go rapidly downhill at that point. Lots of room left to grow! :)

(That is NOT an actual picture of me)

The wonderful thing about allowing God to chose our family size, homeschooling, and other unpopular lifestyle choices is that it forces us as parents to constantly grow and stretch beyond what we are comfortable with. So while I am certainly not a patient person by nature, I do think I have improved in this area simply out of necessity. The only other alternative would have been to be admitted into an insane asylum, although at this time I cannot entirely rule out that I will eventually end up there. I certainly feel like I work in one on most days.

Whereas I used to count down to bedtime starting in the early afternoon back when we only had one child, I can now make it to 8 pm (the kids' regular bedtime) with five kids fairly comfortably. Often I think that it must just be that having five kids is easier than having one. Then my husband takes one or two of them to work with him for a couple of hours, and suddenly I realize how much easier life gets the less people there are in the house, even if it's the older ones that are gone and not one of the littles. So I know that at least I have grown somewhat in this area, but I am far, far from where I would like to (or should) be.


  1. Everytime, I complain about a little one who kept me up or a pile of laundry etc... My father reminds me, "Honey" he will say, "These years fly by s quickl and you will miss this one day."

  2. I had to laugh at your list...not much of that has happened to me YET! Ha day's coming! I just try to take it one day at a time.

    Thanks for keeping your blog worth reading. :)

  3. I totally hear you on the patient issue!!!! :) I have so much more growing to do. I also feel like I work in a mental house!!! Ha!!! You are a good mother.


  4. Some days when I got dinner pretty well finishing up and the dishes I just dirtied clean, the kids are busy playing a game and it's rather peaceful. Then I think, "hey, this is good, I can do this, maybe I can have a cup of tea while I wait for the roast to finish..." and then I remember that there are 2 more kids! They are napping but will be up any minute, needing diaper changes and oh, there's a load of laundry still to fold (and 2 more to go in) and I never did get to opening the mail and oh, I better make those phone calls on my list and... :)

  5. You will find that when you have teenagers, you'll still want to send them to their room by 8:30 every night. :)


  6. R.S. - I believe it!! Was already wondering about how I can pull that off, though.

  7. This is great! Scrolling back to your old posts and reading this, makes me feel more hopeful. I'm expecting my fifth next year, and will have 5 under 6 years...
    I always wonder how you manage to do things, and seeing you in your earlier years makes me realize that you actually are human. Yes I'd say between then and now you have definitely grown. Your patience now with 9 children is amazing.
    There's hope for me yet!


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