Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My baby is growing up

Not talking about Becky here. Solomon is turning 9 today - unbelievable!!! I am sure I am echoing every mother's feelings throughout history when I say that it seems he was just born yesterday. I so clearly remember him being placed in my arms for the first time, and all the love for him that I just felt flooding over me instantly. So cliche, and so true. Now he is half-way to being 18! My only consolation today is that at least, he is still in the single digits.

As I am typing this just shortly after midnight (leave it to me to finish the last of his gifts just in time, then having to wrap everything, plus decorating the front room with streamers), he has not yet opened any of his gifts. I'll post pictures of the birthday boy later, and of what I made for him. 

To celebrate the last day of Solomon being 8, we had a homemade version of Chick-Fil-A for dinner tonight (technically, last night). The kids have been asking me to make them something like that since I stopped taking them to CFA after looking at their ingredient list online. Our version was complete with chicken fingers and chicken sandwiches, homemade fries, fresh lemonade, and chocolate milkshakes. I even made honey mustard sauce for those kids who love it, and it tasted so good! For a little more than half of what it would have cost to take the family out to eat there, we had a much healthier, tastier, and 100% organic version. I just could not live with the thought of accidentally feeding the kids one of DeCoster's chickens - yuck!!! Of course, the meal took me over an hour to prepare, and about as long to clean up afterward, which explains why the restaurant approach is so tempting. :)

These buns are the best. I can never go back to store-bought again! I'll be sharing a bunch of bread recipes later this week, including the one for these hamburger buns. 

Traditionally, the birthday child gets to pick the meals on his birthday. Solomon chose a breakfast of bacon, eggs, biscuits, and buttermilk pancakes. Hm, maybe I should not even go to bed at all tonight and just get started on all that now, so it will be ready for breakfast in time?!? Thankfully, that should keep the kids happily filled up until the early afternoon, at which point we will have a late lunch that will keep them stuffed until dinner, so I can get by with only cooking two big meals. The requested lunch/dinner was barbecued pork ribs, oven-fried potato wedges, and corn. Ugh, I feel stuffed just thinking about all of this! I am to a point in my pregnancy where the baby is seriously crowding my stomach, so I never feel hungry and can only stand tiny portions.
We are not doing a big party this year. Instead, the kids get the day off from their school work, and we are taking all five of them to BounceU this evening as a special birthday outing. Groupon recently had a great offer for 5 admissions for $19, less than half the regular rate. On Saturday, my husband and another man in our church are taking Solomon kayaking on the Salt River. He is VERY excited about that, as he will be in his own kayak. I am understandably nervous about the whole thing, but I don't want to dampen his excitement.

I'll post more pictures of the birthday boy later.


  1. thats not fair! out of curiosity i looked at CFA ingredient list....ugh!! i love CFA! but not anymore!! good thing we have to travel at least an hour to go to one! i don't want to be tempted with that chemical cocktail!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Solomon! I bet your day was great!
    The Skaggs family

  3. Is there a reason you don't make waffle fries with the chicken? Its not really chick-fil-a if it doesn't come with waffle shaped fries!


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