Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The good and the bad

Our first day of full homeschooling was characterized by the typical back-and-forth between the good moments and the not-so-good ones.

got to bed on time last night to give me 7.25 hours sleep - good

was woken up by Becky, who was thirsty and bothered by ant bites all over her little feet, several times (once she couldn't go back to sleep for over an hour) - bad

still managed to get up by 6 am and read my Bible, get dressed, and get breakfast in the oven before waking the kids at 7 - good

burned the vanilla sauce to go with our bread pudding for breakfast - bad

my husband took the boys to P.E. for an hour as promised, giving me a chance to clear the breakfast dishes and work with Miriam - good

the girls made a game out of pushing a full glass cup of milk back and forth across the counter at each other while I had my back to them doing the dishes, until the cup went over the edge and exploded into a billion pieces, spraying milk and broken glass in all directions - bad

all kids were done with all their subjects except reading by lunch time and had a great attitude - good

got woken up during my nap several times (door bell, phone, Becky) - bad

decided to go for a walk to the park because it was cloudy - good

realized that just because it was cloudy, it was still about 110 degrees, and Isaac's bike had a mechanical problem that I could not fix on the spot shortly after leaving the house, forcing us to turn around - bad (not for me, but the kids were disappointed)

made caramel apples with the kids to have as dessert after dinner to celebrate a good first day of school - good

found out while in the middle of working on the sticky mess that Becky had not only removed her wet diaper, but then also left a little "pile" in the middle of Miriam's room - VERY bad

did baths/showers, story time, and got all the kids to bed on time - good

have to get up an hour earlier tomorrow and be out the door by 7 am with the three boys to take them for dental checkups - bad

there's more caramel apples left in the fridge to really get my teeth messed up on tonight before tomorrow's cleaning - good

Overall, I would definitely call this a good day. Lots of nice moments to make up for the inevitable messes and "catastrophes".


  1. finding mushy cereal all over Priscilla and the floor...BAD


  2. When I carry girls I am much more sick than with boys. One time my Ethan left a nice "pile" when I was pregnant with Lydia. Normally I don't bat an eye when dealing with nasties, but since you're pregnant you have my sympathies.

    Maybe the leftover candy apples could be listed as "very good" instead of just "good." They definitely look very good.

  3. You mentioned that the baby got bit by ants, just concerned, but please be careful especially since you purchase second hand items, there is an epidemic of bed bugs going around.

  4. Anonymous @ 1:37 pm,

    thanks for the heads-up. I would have been concerned about her little foot because the morning after the rough night, she woke up with little sores all over her foot that looked like chickenpox or something.

    But I had seen when it happened the day before - we were all in the front yard hosing down and soaping/scrubbing the double stroller. She stood in the lawn watching us, barefoot, and one of her feet was right on an anthill. Ants around here are really bad this time of year, as they are looking for water anywhere they can find it (like our irrigated yard).

    She started screaming and when I looked over, there were several ants all over one of her feet. Just tiny little ones, not fire ants or anything. I immediately hosed them off, and then took her inside to put some arnica gel on it, which helped a lot, but the foot still got lots of red welts and swelled up. She didn't seem too bothered by it other than that one night.

  5. Ha ha...LOVE the last picture! What a face! :)


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