Monday, September 20, 2010

Almost 29 weeks pregnant

Yep, that's a picture of me, taken this morning. I feel as pregnant as I look, especially because after a week of cooler weather, we are now back to temperatures in the 100-115 degree range every day.

Other than feeling huge and hot, the pregnancy is going very well. No concerns or complaints whatsoever. The baby is very active, but in a mellow and gentle sort of way. Earlier in this pregnancy, I was pretty sure this felt more like a boy, but now I'm not so convinced any more, and started leaning more toward girl. It will just have to be a surprise. The other kids all want another girl to make the score 3 - 3.

Not much longer!


  1. How exciting!! I can't wait to feel the little one kicking inside. My kids all want a boy baby. Robert started asking and asking for a boy baby shortly after Beth was born. Abby had a baby sister, so he wanted a baby brother (Josiah wasn't a baby so he didn't count). It is hard to explain to them that these things take time.

  2. You should make a poll for people to guess

  3. you look gorgeous! I never find out either it makes it so much more exciting.

  4. Oh! I have just now seen your blog through your husband's.

    What a beautiful family you have! Praise God!! I have chills running up and down my spine just looking in awe at the beautiful group!

    I very much enjoy hearing your husband preach. I have an YouTube channel on which I had commented on a video of his when he was 17 years old! He was a marvelous defender of the truth even then!

    May God bless you all, profusely and always, and may your husband continue to deliver the word of God, unabashed as always!

    Your sister in Christ,


  5. The law of averages would certainly say it'll be a girl. But then again, if God wants you to have a boy then He'll give you a boy. And if God wants you to have a girl He'll give you a girl. Either way it's a blessing.

  6. You look great!!! I can't wait to see your new baby and find out if it'a a boy or girl!

  7. Pfürti Zsuzsanna,
    greetings from Germany.

    I found your blog by surfing on the faithfulwordbaptist site. By the way, I wanted to send an email to and it bounced back. There seems to be a problem with the email server or the email account.

    Anyway, congratulations to the nice family. The kids all look really nice.

    I'd be really interested in your testimony if you don't mind. Have you shared it before? Have you already had a christian background or how was it possible that your husband led you to God and then you even married him short time after that? This sounds like straight out of a movie.


  8. Well ... it's a 50/50 chance each time, poll or no poll! It is fun to guess, though.

    I, too, would love to hear your testimony, if you're OK with sharing it. Not that I'm nosy; I just love hearing all the different ways people come to Christ! It really is true that Jesus mets us where we most need him.


  9. You look fantastic! I know you don't feel all that fantastic, but you look it.

    11 weeks to go, eh? Doesn't it seem that the "home stretch" is twice as long as the 29 weeks that you already have behind you? LOL

  10. Zsuzsanna, you are beautiful! Thanks for sharing a picture of yourself. Praying for you and that new baby!


  11. FINALLY!!!! A pregnant shot of you. You look beautiful and are glowing!!! I always think pregnant women are so pretty(except myself) :) Cant wait to "meet" this neww little life.



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