Saturday, August 21, 2010

Watermelon race car

This was pretty easy and quick, and the kids loved it. You can find the directions here.

I am terrible at balling melons, so my race car was not very full because I had a lot of "waste" (which the kids ate while watching me work). On second thought, I should have added some more fruit, such as grapes or pineapple chunks.

One tip if you are going to make this: wait until your kitchen floors already need mopping, as they will definitely need cleaning when you get done with this messy, sticky project (and all the melon that will inevitably get dropped everywhere if you have kids eating).


  1. what a fun idea!!!! So yummy too! I bet the kids loved this:)

  2. My boy is obsessed with cars and loves watermelon! I might have to do this for him when it's summer here. We celebrate Christmas in summer so I might just do this for Christmas
    As for balling melons, you really need to get a watermelon baller. Tupperware used to sell them. I have one and Iove it because the balls are always a uniform size and it has a hole in it so that the juice comes out easily. Here is a link

  3. I love, love, LOVE fresh watermelon. My husband fairs from MS and all along the state highways people sell them out of their trucks. Definitely my fav fruit! Very cute race car!

  4. Awesome! I know what I'm going to try to do for Sophia's birthday!!!

  5. What a sweet mom you are to do things like this for your children.

    Enjoy your little one's, they grow up SO fast. Our youngest is 18 and the years pass so quickly.

  6. Oh what fun. And how creative! The babies look so excited!


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