Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet girls

Having daughters is certainly one of the greatest blessings in life.

Miriam is getting more beautiful and sweet by the day. Her hair is long enough now to do all kinds of neat things with it, but like me, her hair is very fine which makes it hard to keep it from slipping.

Becky is almost 2 now. I can't believe how quickly she has grown up. She is such a cute little muffin, and makes the funniest expressions.

I thought this was so precious. Solomon is such a wonderful big brother. He will never turn the girls down if they ask him to read to them.

Becky is such a mischievous little ham. I think she looks more like my side of the family, and the way I did when I was young.

(Please ignore my dirty kitchen floor. We had baked several loaves of bread that day. I will never understand why the previous owners of our house, who owned a tiling business, had five children, and homeschooled their kids, put in white tile when they must have had every color of tile to chose from.)

Miriam takes a lot more after my husband's side of the family, so she looks a lot like his Mom and his younger sister.

(See the bread on the counter behind Miriam's head? I wasn't just making that up to excuse my dirty floors! That's 10-grain bread, I'll have to share the recipe on here soon.)


  1. awww, your girls are just beautiful! We also have 2 girls. My oldest takes after daddy, and his side of the family, and my younger daughter looks a lot more like me (ok, so our baby pics are identical). They are so much fun, and after having 4 boys in a row before having a girl, it has sure been an eye opening experience to see the difference of boys vs. girls. We are just loving them, and to see those protective brothers watching over their sisters...or reading to them or playing with them... ah, it melts my heart!


  2. Those are real-life blessings. I admire how you stand up for your family and for your biblical principles even in public. I've also heard that you went soulwinning many times even though it's becoming quite dangerous nowadays.
    Anyway, it's really encouraging to notice that you're not shy or intimitated by other people when they strongly criticise you. It makes me want to become less of a scaredy cat.

  3. I have those same tiles in my kitchen. They always look filthy, even after being steam-mopped. We're intending to build a house in the next year or two and the kitchen is going to be laminate.

  4. Hi Zsuzsanna,
    I understand if you don't publish this comment, but perhaps you can talk about it in a blog post?

    I have often wondered about dedicated Christians like yourself. You make a big effort to ensure you shield you children from corrupting influences and I think that is admirable.

    But what I don't understand is why live in such a large metropolitan area when your values are so different than most people around you? The Quaker, Amish, Mennonites and others have successfully withdrawn from the influences of the present world and live protected in their own communities. Why don't present day Christians do the same?

  5. Your girls are lovely! They're so beautiful!

  6. I've always thought Miriam looked particularly like you, Zsuzsanna. I have that same fine hair--oh my kingdom for a curl that would last for more than a half hour!

    God Bless,

  7. Laura,
    I can't speak for Zsuzsa, but I share most (if not all) of her beliefs where my family is concerned. My husband is even also a pastor and we have 6 children!

    I've never heard that question before, and I think it's a great one! The answers are many, but let me bring it down to 2 basic simplified answers.

    First, we allow the Lord to direct us. In our case, He called us to Tucson to minister to and do our best to reach souls here. If He called us to a tiny town, we would go. If He called us to Mexico City, we would go. If He us to the most dangerous and foul city in the world, we would go. And we trust the Lord to take care of us.

    Secondly, God commands us to "Go." He never said to retreat or withdraw ourselves from society (even for the sake of our children). If (a big if) the Amish and Mennonite and Quakers are truly saved, then they are largely in disobedience in this area. We are called to tell people about Christ's sacrifice and offer of eternal salvation. We are compelled to go to the "highways and hedges" (Luke 14), and we cannot do that if we seclude ourselves.

    We raise our children in the Lord's way, pray for them, and we trust God for care and protection where it's needed.

    Hope that helps.
    (Zsuzsa, if you were planning on answering this question, then please don't publish this. I don't want to push where I shouldn't!)

  8. Heather,
    Thank you for explanation. It had been a question on my mind for quite a while - thanks for the insight!

  9. What sweethearts you have. Little girls melt my heart. Of course, I only have girls so I don't have anything to comare it to. I just cant imagine a sweeter being than a little girl.


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