Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quick Update

Seems I never have enough time these days. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am always tired, and even when I am not sleeping/napping, I am going slower than usual. I look forward to having this baby, because it always makes me get my energy back overnight!

I had another prenatal checkup earlier this week. Everything was well and uneventful. A friend of mine who is about 9 weeks pregnant came along to the appointment because she is considering a home birth. She immediately became my best friend when while the midwife was listening to the baby's heartbeat she remarked, in surprised admiration, that I had no stretchmarks at all! Just kidding, I am not that vain. I told her that I did, in fact, have a few on the side of my pregnant belly, but being fair-skinned, they usually fade away pretty nicely. Then my midwife took my weight and I had only gained one pound in four weeks, and only three in the month before that. Maybe I am that vain after all. I do not try to limit my weight gain in pregnancy, and follow a healthy diet, but I'm glad to hear about every pound I won't be having to lose in a few months from now. My midwife also showed me how to feel where the placenta was at in my uterus. This little person inside me is very active, but in a mellow sort of way. I am getting excited about meeting him/her, although the prospect of labor is never an appealing thought. Recently, someone asked me if after having given birth 5 times, labor was even still painful/exerting/unpleasant, and I had to laugh. Um, yes, it is.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day decluttering and organizing the girls' and my closets, as well as the kitchen cabinets. It was a productive, but tiring (and frustrating!) job. By the end, I think I had packed up 5 or 6 bags and boxes of clothes and kitchen stuff to freecycle. The boys' rooms have been spotless every day since I went through them 2 weeks ago and took out all their toys, and strangely, they have never once complained about being bored. It gives me hope that all my work is not entirely in vain.

Church today was good, as usual. We had a new record attendance on Sunday morning - 60 people, one more than our previous record. Plus, four of the ladies who were there were pregnant. I am excited that there are so many other ladies having babies, and so many young children for our kids to play and be friends with. Seems like we have so many little kids at church these days! Tonight, my husband was going to preach a whole sermon on "Satan's Attack on the Family", but he instead preached the whole sermon on the first point only, which was "birth control". It was great, but I sure would like to hear the rest. He was going to go in chronological order from birth/birth control, daycare, public school, college, etc. all the way up to people putting their parents in old folks' homes and euthanasia. I really hope he finishes the sermon next week.

This Friday, my husband and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. He will most likely be spending the day in court in Yuma as his jury trial is scheduled for Thursday and Friday. He was cleared of all charges back in December, but the prosecutor filed an appeal, which was just recently granted. So now he has to go back to court. The prosecutor has already made it clear that he will appeal any and all rulings in my husband's favor. I told my husband to be summoned to court in Hawaii next time, rather than in Yuma. I will try to post a more detailed update early this week.

That is all I can remember for now. Plus, I really have to go to bed now.


  1. Glad to hear everything with the pregnancy is going well. I wish I could say I had little to no stretch marks- and I've only had ONE child!

    Happy 10 year anniversary!!! Too bad it's going to be spent in court :( I thought they couldn't do that because it was thrown out with prejudice? Hope everything goes well. I'll be praying for you.

  2. Congratulations on celebrating 10 years!!! My husband and I were married 10 years on Aug 5th.

    You had suspected low iron causing your fatigue. Do you think that could still be a cause, even though your hemoglobin was good? I just remember with my 4th child how badly and run down I felt. My iron was borderline, so I started on an iron supplement and it helped. Just wondering. :-)

  3. Yeah, I thought the case had been thrown out. Sounds like the Prosecutor is a real *ss. Pardon the language.

  4. Congrats on 10 years! Many blessings to you!


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