Sunday, July 11, 2010

Still around

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I last blogged. Especially since there are so many ideas for posts I have, just never enough time to put them all in writing!

It's been busy around here. One nice change is that my husband has been home most nights (as opposed to being gone most nights), which is pretty much the only time of day I ever go on the computer, but not when he's around. So that is one reason why I have been such a slacker blogger.

Right this moment (it's just past 9 pm), he is taking all the kids "night swimming" in our backyard pool, and I stayed inside to get the house straightened up a bit. Sundays are always like a whirlwind - I usually do only essential daily chores and otherwise relax, while the kids play by themselves, which usually involves messes wherever they go.

It'll be close to 10 pm by the time we do story time and I get all the littles in bed. Then I promised to make my husband some more chocolate chip cookies. I baked a double batch for him last night, which was pretty much gone by breakfast time today once the kids figured out the cookie jar had been stocked. While I am doing that, he will finish cleaning up one of our bathrooms, which has been out of commission since yesterday when one of the kids flushed an object down the toilet and clogged it royally. It took my husband a good hour today to get it fixed. He ended up having to take the toilet off the ground completely and snake it from the bottom end up, and even then it was near impossible. As it turned out, the offending object was a bottle of hand sanitizer. My main suspect is Becky, to which my husband simply replied that he'd gladly snake the toilet every day of his life to have her. These girls really do have their Daddy wrapped around their little fingers.

Anyway, just wanted to check in. I am hoping to post more often this week.


  1. Oh my, your toilet story reminds me of ours a few weeks ago. My 4 yr old boy flushed an apple down the toilet. But after my hubby did the whole pulling the toilet off thing and then decided to buy a more eco-friendly toilet (the low-flush), we ended up having even more issues. Eventually, over a two-week span of time, he had the toilet pulled off 3 or 4 times, was down in the basement snaking out the line (all kinds of who knows what falling on his face as he stood on a chair to reach the pipe in the basement ceiling!).. It was crazy. I felt so bad for him! Not only that but after that fiasco, our sweet adorable pesky little boy flushed hubby's razor down the toilet... We still have yet to see if that caused any problems, hopefully, by God's grace, the thing made it through the twists and turns of the piping and is now floating in the public sewer system somewhere!
    What is it about kids and throwing things that don't belong in the toilet...yet they still feel the need to pee on the floor?!!

  2. So glad to hear from ya!! That is too funny about the toilet. Sounds just like us!!!! I am so happy Pastor A. has been home more. What a blessing. Enjoy the time. CHad has been gone a lot lately and will be more out of town. :( Have a great week in the Lord.



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