Thursday, July 29, 2010

The monsoon is here - finally!

Arizona has strange and wonderful weather. Where we live, we have desert climate, which means that it is very hot and dry during the summer. In the winter, we usually get rain once a month or so, and the temperatures are always mild. There are only two times a year we get a lot of rain - in the spring, and when the monsoon season starts.

It had not rained in Tempe since I think March, except for a couple of quick showers in the last week as the humidity kept building up. Today, just as we were getting home from the library, we had the most wonderful thunderstorm right over our subdivision. At the library, it had been sunny and 105 degrees. At home, just a few miles away, it was dark, storming, and 76 degrees.

The kids were so excited they could hardly wait to get home. They LOVE playing in the rain, because it is such a rare treat. I had fun watching them from the (dry) front porch.

The "before" picture

At this point, Isaac had the brilliant idea to add an empty bucket to the fun...

To make for a fairer water fight, they also got a plastic pitcher, and then proceeded to dump load after load over each other.

The "after" picture

"Wait a minute", you may be thinking, "doesn't she have five kids?" I do, but the other two are not water rats like these three are.

Becky gave the rain a quick try, but that was all she wanted.


Watching the other kids, deep in thought.

She was not about to close her eyes when I snapped the picture. This is simply the look she gave me every time she looked my way. I think it says "Why would anyone think that this is fun?"

John did not even so much as get one drop of water on him. He HATES water that is coming at him, be it a shower, sprinklers, squirt guns, rain, or whatever else. Instead, he decided to play in the flooded planter that separates our front porch from the front lawn (using that term very loosely...).

To celebrate such wintry, cold, dark weather, we made the most delicious cinnamon rolls for a special treat. I didn't break out the hot chocolate only because the kitchen was already a disaster zone after making the cinnamon rolls, but the kids sure asked for some.


  1. My kids love to play in the rain as well. They actually wait for the rain to arrive and of course they make a huge muddy mess!!

  2. Looks like they had a lot of fun!!! I would have loved that as a kid. Wow, Becky is getting so big!

  3. Love all the pictures. They made me smile.

    I bet if it hasn't rained since March the kids were thrilled to see that much rain! I can't even fathom that little rain. Our climate in northwest Florida is subtropical. Our relative humidity runs between 50 and 85% depending on time of day and year. It makes the air outside feel like a soupy sauna, but it does make for frequent rain showers!

    I adore the "Why would anyone think that this is fun?" look on Becky's face. Toooooo cute!!

  4. Lol... You have such beautiful children.
    My kids also love playing outside in the rain / puddles. We are Never short of rain here. Can't remember when the last day of sun was!



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