Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lake Pleasant

Thursday of last week, we went to Lake Pleasant for the morning. We left the house before 8 am, at which time the temperature at home was already about 105 degrees.

Thankfully, at the lake it was only 93 when we arrived there shortly after 9 am. I had given my husband a jet ski rental as a combined gift for Father's Day and his birthday (and paid about 60% less than the price on the website thanks to Groupon).

Neither me nor the kids had ever been on a jet ski before, unlike my husband, who grew up with sailboats, seadoos, water skis, dirt bikes, quads, and ever other imaginable outdoor fun toy. But he had also never been on a seadoo again since we got married almost ten years ago. Something about getting married young and having lots of kids just made that impossible... :) I knew he would enjoy this gift.

My husband had lots of fun taking two kids at a time with him (it was a three-seater). He even let Solomon and Isaac drive the thing, and of course they both brought it up to maximum speed (about 60 mph). John was a bit more reserved and nervous, but still had fun. Miriam hated going at any speed above 12 mph, which suited me well as I didn't mind taking her on slower excursions with me. Becky loved riding the jet ski, and even though my husband was just going to idle around right by the shore with her, she liked it so much that he let her stay on for a few minutes. Of course, she screamed when I took her off and carried her back to shore. She was wearing an infant life jacket that she is used to from swimming in the pool, and my husband was right with her the whole time, so I knew she was safe.

We took turns going on it, but I honestly did not care for the thing at all. I didn't even dare get close to the maximum speed, and only hit 30 mph once for a split second. Other than that, I mostly puttered around in the high teens and low 20s. That was enough excitement for me. Life jacket or not, there is something I really don't like about being out in the middle of a big lake. Honestly, I think driving my car is more fun than the jet ski was.

Instead, I spread a blanket by the shore and sat there with the kids who were not out riding with my husband. We brought some snacks, so they were busily munching. Once the cloud cover left, though, we sat in the air-conditioned van because the temperature quickly rose to 107 degrees, and no shade. We were parked just a few feet farther from the shore from where we had been sitting, so it was still fun to watch the others out on the lake.

This pregnancy more than any before, the heat is making me really sick. So much so, that other than to run errands, I do not go outside all day long. Even just going from an air-conditioned house, to an air-conditioned car, to an air-conditioned store (and back) makes me feel nauseated and tired. I spent the rest of Thursday sitting in our nice cool house and taking it easy. I am starting to get serious cabin fever from having been "stuck" indoors for almost five months now - first, I was too sick to go anywhere, now it's too hot. It may be a bad time to be pregnant in Phoenix this time of year, but it will be nice to have a new baby just in time for Christmas! :)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun and a wonderful family time!!! I love the clarity of the pictures, and the color, they are all great!

    I bought a new computer, so I am thrilled to be able to check out everyones blogs again, leave comments, and update my own blog!
    Well, things are going GREAT here, praying for your pregnancy and the family :)


  2. That looks like so much fun! My hubby got to ride on one once, I tried to get on it with him, but it just wasn't happening!

  3. Looks like you all had fun...
    I love reading about your family and what you've all been upto..

    It's just constantly raining where i live so we could do with a bit of heat (just a bit..!) but I feel for you. It's hard especially while being pregnant.

    Diana x

  4. What an awesome birthday present.

  5. Looks so nice for everyone and I am sure you are BEAT!!!! I too dont really enjoy camping with all the work it brings but love my family to. Food sounds delicous and I am certain the preaching was hearty and awesome. Miss you guys and praying for the church to grow while Pastor A goes full time there.


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