Monday, June 14, 2010

Still looking for that perfect Father's Day gift?

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For Father's Day this year, why not consider a Pillow Tie?

STEP 1: Access the Inconspicuous Valve

STEP 2: Inflate in less than a breath

STEP 3: Zzz...Zzz...Zzz

Have you ever wondered if people really do sleep in church, or if it is just a cliche? Well, they really do. Including pregnant women who suffer from first trimester-induced narcolepsy. Not that I am speaking from personal experience or anything. But then, a tie would not really help those ladies. Maybe an inflatable purse?

Honestly, I like this tie idea. My husband has to travel in a suit and tie a lot, and He has slept on an airplane more times that he would probably care to remember. I would seriously consider getting this if I knew the pillow actually worked, as in being large enough to support his head. But alas, I think it's more of a gag. Nice idea though.

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  1. It does sound very interesting, but unfortunately, the children already picked out a croquet set for Father's day. :-)


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