Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another worthless cop

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I know - what a shock!

Last week, I had several people comment on a Forbes article I published on this blog entitled "The Millionaire Cop Next Door". The article was mainly talking about how the salaries, benefits, and pensions of cops would translate into staggering salaries for us common mortals who are still employed by private businesses rather than the federal government. The article also made this connection about all government workers, although the main emphasis was police.

Of course, there were comments telling me that such is not the case everywhere, and not for other government workers such as fire fighters, military, and teachers. True, these branches do not have to offer the same benefits as police departments, because there is always an abundance of people wanting to get into those jobs, while the police is always growing, and always on the prowl to hire more little robots. They'll take every Tom, Dick and Harry and give them insane benefits to boot.

You can dispute that, but I won't publish your comment, because you are wrong. Case in point the local news tonight (emphasis mine):

Assistant Chandler Police Chief Dave Lind would tell Chief Sherry Kiyler he had "things to do" or "errands to run." Then for months he would leave his office in the middle of work days to meet the wife of a motorcycle buddy at nearby hotels for [---], according to an internal investigation.

A 13-page internal investigation report obtained through a public records request details how the assistant chief socialized with the woman and her husband at motorcycle events and how their affair began last year after she confided in Lind that she thought her spouse was cheating.

The names of the couple were redacted from the report.

On April 22 the husband called Kiyler [police chief] to complain about Lind's conduct and a subsequent investigation led to Lind's two-week suspension without pay for "unbecoming conduct." He returned to work this week. Police spokesman Sgt. Joe Favazzo said the husband is not a Chandler police officer but he declined to identify the man or say whether he is an officer for another department. Records show the woman refused to be interviewed, hinting Lind may have used his high-ranking position to pursue the affair. "I'll use abuse of power as my general blanket statement," she told investigators.

A former Tempe police officer who retired from that department two years ago, Lind was hired as an assistant Chandler chief in December 2008; his annual salary is $146,071. He also is collecting a public safety retirement pension for his work in Tempe. [So he is probably getting paid a total of at least $200,000 per year to commit adultery on the clock, being paid for by hard-working citizens!!!]


"Lind believed that his meetings with (name redacted) were never at the expense of the department nor affected the ability for him to complete his duties," the report said. "However, the issue of unbecoming conduct relates to the issue of employees conducting themselves in a manner that will reflect favorably upon the police department."

Lind is the second Chandler police officer this year to come under fire for [---] conduct during work hours. In February Lt. Shawn Hawkins resigned in the middle of the investigation after a fellow employee accused him of "terrorizing" her and threatening to expose the salacious details of their relationship that included having [---] while at the police station.


Shawn Hancock, president of the Chandler Law Enforcement Association, said the police union is in contract negotiations and does not intend to make an issue of Lind's discipline. "He took his punishment, he's dealt with this, and as far as we're concerned it's over."


He took his punishment? Two weeks unpaid leave from his Chandler salary, while still receiving upward of 80% of whatever he was making when he left the Tempe Police Department? I thought the adequate punishment for adultery in the Bible was the death penalty, and I am sure that anyone who has ever had their spouse betray them like that would more than agree with God on this. It sure would cut down on people getting married haphazardly, then divorcing/committing adultery (the same thing), and in the process destroying children's lives and our society as a whole.

No, this guy gets a paid two-week vacation - he's just making a little less money during that time. My husband is self-employed, and any time he takes time off he makes no money. But no, not if you work for the great whore, our out-of-control government.

This assistant chief didn't even get demoted! How can any Chandler cop have respect for a superior like that and work for him? I guess with a woman as the police chief, these things ought not to surprise us. She is no more qualified to fill such a position of authority and leadership than my dishwasher is qualified to do laundry. It's not that she is worthless as a person - but she has completely missed her God-given calling and is meddling in an area that she is failing miserably in.

Tempe, the city in which I live, just raised the sales tax this month by about 1%, as did the state of Arizona, bringing our total sales tax to nearly 10% on goods and close to 2% on foods. They (Tempe as well as the state) said this was necessary to pay for two things: more police, and more money for schools.

And then some dirtbag cop like this wants to pull people over for rolling through a stop sign, while he is committing adultery with another man's wife. Disgusting! Their own life is totally wicked and messed up, and they want to make themselves feel good and righteous by imposing every little law and ordinance on others while themselves committing one of the few sins that the Bible punishes with capital punishment.

And then they wonder why nobody likes them, except for liberal Baptist and other pastors who want to kiss up to the government by "honoring local heroes" such as the police department during special Sundays at their churches.

Even Chandler PD's own website says:

"A police officer is a citizen who knowingly chooses to accept the responsibility of enforcing the laws of society with the purpose of ensuring the rights and safety of every citizen within the community
[except the right of a married man to safely have his wife to himself]. This purpose requires officers to hold themselves steadfast to the great morals of mankind – honesty, integrity, justness, selflessness, and compassion are but a few. [Someone explain to me, which of these 'great morals' did the assistant chief exhibit?] Officers willingly subject themselves to the watchful eye and scrutiny of the community in order to maintain public trust and confidence. [And if they are a dishonest, shameful excuse of a cop, they still have a job, a fat paycheck, and a huge pension.]"

Did you know that most towns in America did not even have police departments one hundred years ago? And guess what - the crime rates were almost non-existent compared to today. And no town was spending in excess of $9000 per student per year to turn out illiterate, violent morons. Juvenile violence and delinquency was UNHEARD OF. But let's all keep feeding The Beast and turning our children over into the care of people with no conscience and no morals. Then when they grow up and become criminals, somebody worse than themselves will take them off to jail. And the rest of us who are not stupid, lazy, and immoral will have to keep working more and longer and harder to keep providing the tax money to feed this machinery of self-destruction.

Shame on you, City of Chandler, and Chandler Police Department!

Edited to add: I realize that all human beings are sinners, and that adulterers and other perverts can be found in any profession, including pastors, teachers, and whatever else you want to think of. But there is one big difference to the police: None of these people have any authority over your physical body. You do not have to obey them. You do not have to go to church, put your kids in school, or otherwise expose yourself to such scumbags.

Such is not the case with police. You MUST obey them, and they are lurking up and down every street, lying in wait to harass citizens for petty offenses to bolster city coffers. When you really need help, you are not allowed to defend yourself, you have to call them and then wait 20 minutes for one to show up SCARED after you called 911 to report someone breaking into your back yard and trying to get in the back door (personal experience).

Police departments put too much power in the hands of a few sinful humans. Because of this, the profession as a whole attracts an unusually high percentage of people who are crazy and perverted and thriving on this kind of undeserved authority and power. The same is true for teachers and pastors, both of which have high numbers of perverts in positions of authority. But thankfully, you get to chose where to go to church, and have the freedom to leave at any time.

I don't get to pick if and when I get pulled over because some pervert thinks he saw me change lanes without signaling long enough first. That reminds me of a story that a lady, who was married to a Highway Patrolman, told me about how she met her husband. I have been meaning to tell the story on here because it is so bizarre and perverted, but for now I'll just tell you it started with him pulling her over for absolutely nothing (and not even claiming that she had done anything wrong). Story to be continued...


  1. I agree with your general sentiment, but I am somewhat astonished that you consider stoning appropriate punishment for adultery. We both know what Jesus said on the subject, and also that harsh punishment is not a cure for sin.


  2. Gasp, cops are humans and sinners just like you and me. Who knew. Wow, cops mess up, there are bad people that hold that job, just like every job in the world, including pastors, alarm salesmen, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, accountants, teachers, and the list goes on. Where are your posts of outrage over pastors viewing porn to the point of destroying their lives? Teachers sleeping with children? Accountants stealing everything a person has and putting them into bankruptcy and homelessness? You have a personal vendetta and it's very clear in your posts.

    Signed - Conservative Christian, Conservative citizen, not a liberal bone in my entire body.

  3. A few years ago our town had a huge celebration for 100 years of statehood. As part of the of the celebration, they reprinted newpapers from the last 100 hundred years. One of my favorite articles was about a man that had been threatened and harassed and gone to the sheriff to file a report. The sheriff GAVE him a gun for protection in case the perp came to his house to make good on the threats. Now a days the police wont do anything for threats unless the perp actually does something to you which of course, then it is to late for protection. Man how times have changed!

  4. I agree, I know that for a fact that most police officers do commit adultery,I work at Macys and there are a group of Mesa cops that come in to flirt with the girls in cosmetics. They are all married and some of the girls are too, one in particular would meet up with one of the cops all the time. I cannot stand the sight of these guys, because I have also seen them at Dillards flirting with the girls there too. I really feel sorry for the wives sitting at home.

  5. but Zsuzsa, don't you know if it wasn't for the cops al queda would have taken away our rights a long time ago. If we don't give all our rights to the govt to protect them the terrorist will win! every time I'm pulled over by one I make sure to thank him for stopping me. Who know's? I could be with al queda and not even know it. Next time I'm at the airport when I walk through the naked body scanners I'm thinking about tatooing the american flag on me to show my appreciation to the cops for protecting me from the terrorist. Now I gotta go listen to lee greenwood and eat apple pie and listen to sean hannity. By the way I just found out that my ancestors may have fought against the US govt in the war between the states so I'll go ahead and get an abe lincoln tatoo on me back to show how sorry I am for my ancestors. They were probably with al queda also.

  6. I loathe trying to explain to my kids why we have to obey the speed limit, but the squad cars drive 90 mph to get the the local Mexican restaurant. It's so obvious that they believe they're above the law and expect all us "little people" to follow it to the letter.

    I have to say also, thank God for the police officers who try to do right. A man in our church has been an example of godliness and a great officer.

  7. Mesa cops are the worst, they are taser crazy and love to pull over, and harass people for no real reason. It's a shame that because of the bad cops I have to be fearful of all of them. To many jerks and perverts and not enough good men who really care about the safety of the public

  8. SICK. Another reason why this country is a disaster. I bet you got some wonderful comments on this but if people really looked into the goernments agenda they would see the real wicked and corruption. I am so glad this earth is not my home, praise God.


  9. Everyone should go to Pastor Anderson's youtube channel and watch his sermon on why the police should not exist.

  10. You are so right Elizabeth. I get so frustrated every time I see a cop go flying past me at 90mph on the highway, make an illegal U-turn in the middle of the road, park on the sidewalk or in a restricted parking spot. If you or I did any one of those things, we'd be in trouble. But it's alright for the almighty cops to do so. And of course there's all the times they kill innocent people. Happened in my sleepy college town just a couple weeks ago. Someone called the cops because their relative was suicidal. The suicidal man came at him with a BUTTER KNIFE and the cop shot him to death. If there's a time for a tazer wouldn't this have been it? Oh yea and they're doing an "internal investigation". If anyone else murdered an innocent person there wouldn't be an "internal investigation" but if it's a cop pulling the trigger they get plenty of time to circle the wagons first.

  11. I just recently came across your blog and couldn't help but read it. I will not say that I agree with you on most of the things you post but I don't disagree with you enough to say anything. When it comes to cops I agree that many of them have too much power and abuse their postion. When it comes to adultery you hear about it more often with police because of the job they hold. There are probably hundreds of thousands of perverts, adulterists and sinners out there and they are most certainly not all cops. I also see that the person in the article you are referring to was a Chief and their salary is way different from the officer who pulls you over for a stop sign. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with police but that certainly doesn't describe all ppolice everywhere and it's quite sterotypical and judgemental when you rant about police and group them all as one when you have no idea what happens in a cops life or job outside of what you read in the paper.

  12. Reality means covering the entire truth, including ones that the media didn't cover. Officers spend years doingtasks that most people would not want to think about, let alone be part of. The media accommodates viewers by giving a minute overview of a few of the hundreds of critical incidents that occur daily. They can't convey the smells, sounds, sights, of these incidents. I have had 20 years of experience reading reports, and occasionally hearing officers speak about details of critical incidents; ones which I wouldn't describe that would horrify and traumatize both children and adults. These are the ty
    Pets of experience s that are a burden to any person with a functioning memory, which is why I don't share these ugly details with non police persons. Officers don't either, but they are very much alive within the corridors of their memories, and whenever they see anything that reminds them of that incident, for example, a facial expression, or a color, or a scream on tv, or a mother's sob, then those ugly memories present themselves to the officer. But they never return without bringing the emotions with them, so the body reacts like when the incident occurred the first time. Traumatic experiences are relived over and over again, which is probably why the suicide rate for police and military personnel is over 40% higher than those in any other occupation in the U.S. Addiction is not uncommon for these folks. I can't blame them for wanting to forget, although I loath behavior the behavior that accompanies addiction. What makes me lose hope is when good people,like you, who are good citizens and parents, believe that their judgements are fair and sound, and to someone like me who has seen a bit more of the truth, your comments are so far from reality. Every time a hateful, angry, dangerous person is put in jail, they blame the officer instead of being accountable for their wrong-doing. Their relatives also blame that officer instead of feeling remorse. Officers live every moment of their lives knowing they live in a city with hundreds of dangerous people, with weapons, who hate them. In Shawn Hawkins career, he saved many lives, and took hundreds of criminals off of the street. He comforted family members when their mothers, fathers, and children passed away, He helped raise money for charities, and took hundreds of drunk drivers off of the streets. He also has memories that no human should have to bear. He did horrible, vulgar things at work and admitted it. My point is, we don't know what we don't know. I do know that much.


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