Thursday, June 10, 2010

And this made the national news why??!?

The headline:

Plumber helps deliver baby on bathroom floor

What are you picturing? I immediately thought of a plumber who was on a service call at a lady's house, when said lady went into labor and the plumber ended up the only one there to help her.

Well, not quite:

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A Michigan plumber, who makes his living working in bathrooms, has brought a life into the world in one.

Thirty-eight-year-old Brian Hines helped his wife, Andrea, deliver their son, the 7 pound, 13½ ounce Daniel Michael Lee Hines, on the bathroom floor of their Oakland County home on Tuesday.

The dad told the Oakland Press of Pontiac they did not rush to a hospital when the contractions began because their first child, Alexander, had taken hours to arrive. Daniel took just seven minutes.

Brian Hines told the Detroit Free Press he recognizes the irony of the story, and says he and his wife will have "fun with that one for a long time."

Waterford Township emergency dispatcher Joy Nick, who talked him through the birth, told The Oakland Press it was her first over the phone in 22 years.

Um, this sounds pretty normal to me. A husband supporting his own wife, who is giving birth at home. Hasn't that been going on for thousands of years? It happens all the time, especially in the home birth community. I have known many moms who went into labor so quickly the midwife never made it there until right after the birth. I realize this one wasn't planned as a home birth, but I would never have guessed that something that 100% of families did a century ago now makes national news.

Plus, what did the fact that the husband was a plumber have anything to do with the story, other than to sensationalize the headline? And in what way did he assist the delivery - I'm pretty sure mom and baby did all the work. Unless maybe he used his plunger as a makeshift vacuum extractor (let's hope not).

I can see it now, a headline coming to national news sometime in early December when our latest baby is expected to make his/her debut:

Pastor helps deliver baby on the bathroom floor!

Also, I think it is rather strange that the emergency dispatcher has not had a call like that in 22 years. To me, that just seems so unreal. Unbelievable as it may sound, babies do not have to be inside the four walls of a hospital room to enter the world.

Anyway, this story made me laugh out loud and shake my head in wonderment.


  1. Speaking of news, I don't know why this hasn't made it onto the news yet:

    From Twitter (

    Sooooo nasty! I'm never buying CapriSun again. (Not that I ever actually buy it anyway, but still!)

    Thought it might interest you since you're no fan of processed foods...

  2. I'm with you on this one. I thought a plumber happened to be on a call at this women's house. I don't see what the big deal is either. Back when I worked as a medic before having my family, my supervisor was know for delivering lots of babies at home or in an ambulance. Well over fifty I think.

  3. LOL.. That IS so funny! I guess maybe for my third baby, my second homebirth, it would've read:

    Landscaper helps wife deliver baby on the toilet!


    this world is so crazy!

  4. I home birth. I wish we had more headlines like this. Hopefully this family and more who read this news story will see how normal and "no big deal" giving birth at home is. And the fact that the dad's a plumber is actually funny and made the story that much more fun to read. Maybe start looking at the positive in things a bit more and not the negative.
    Homebirth Mom of 2

  5. My sister in law had her baby at home and didn't make the news. It was planned to be at home though. My cousin had her baby at home and her husband delivered him, still no news. Kinda silly.

    Did you hear about the lady who gave birth while she was driving to the hospital? Her husband was in the passenger seat and she was driving, and the baby was born. Kinda crazy. Now that is news worthy.

  6. why do you care so much. Why is every time you blog about knocking down somebody else, or a way in which somebody has chosen to live. Why not try to spend more time helping and uplifting others. I am a Christian and I am sure we would share many theologies on many issues. There are many lifestyles in this world that are wrong. I do not agree that it is MY job to judge or condem. It is my job to follow the great commandments and the great commission.
    Having a baby in your home IS a big deal to some, not everyone has chosen YOUR lifestyle. Let them have their moment and praise God that the baby is healthy!
    PS I think it would make headlines that your husband helped homebirth, given his recent press!

  7. Anonymous homebirth mom of 2,

    I fail to see how stories like this make home birth seem more normal. If anything, it makes it seem like more of an absurdity. I didn't find the story or the birth negative, I said it was funny and had me shake my head in wonderment at what is considered "news" these days. It was a neutral statement.


    why is it that you read my blog if every time I am "knocking down somebody else, or a way in which somebody has chosen to live" - sounds like if you feel that way, you would do well to find more wholesome reading material. Why don't you "try to spend more time helping and uplifting others", something that your comment clearly did not do? I thought you said it was not your "job to judge or condem [sic]"?

    My post on this story was in no way negative. I'm glad the baby was born at home, and born healthy. I thought it was funny that it was in the news, and I thought the headline was misleading. Your comment, however, was a personal attack on me, which I thought you think so lowly of.

    The truth of the matter is, we all DO judge and have opinions, and the Bible NEVER says not to judge. It says to judge righteously, and not to judge someone if we are guilty of the same thing. You had an opinion about my blog post, and you wrote a judgmental comment. Both of which you are entitled to do, but I think it's funny that you criticize me for being negative and judgmental when you yourself are just that.

    Just some food for thought.

  8. I just pray that your Joy in Christ would start shining more in your blog. You put down others so often and it's sad. The perception that you put off is hopefully not how you really are in person. Even if your comments were netural they sure came across more negative towards the family and the newspaper for usuing a creative headline to get people to read the story. This could show how birthing at home could be normal by the fact that even a plumber/husband can be there for a birth.
    Homebirth Mom of 2

  9. I didn't find Zsuzsanna's post judgemental at all. It is funny that it made news. It does make it sound like homebirth is not a choice someone would make on purpose but only something they would do on accident.

    As a homebirther myself it does bother me that the media so often portrays homebirth as odd or foolish.

  10. fair enough, good point I was doing the same thing. I was judging you, you are right. I apologize. I could have worded it differently. I actually found your blog while watching a video on youtube and noticed your husbands message on Billy Graham is going to Hell. It made me furious, so I googled him and found this. I suppose my frustration should really be directed towards him, and not towards you. I have been reading up on your husband and have passed on my opinion of him onto you. I do generally disagree with most of your blogs but you are entitled to your opinion. I think in many cases it is your delivery of the posts that irks me. I am not convinced you totally understand the context of many of the passages you quote, but we are all learning and maturing as christians.
    You do have beautiful children, and I apologize for my accusations of you being judgemental.

  11. actually I change my mind. I have been reading through many of your posts, many of them about raising children and I believe you are narrowminded and condensending. Jesus was neither. So yes I guess I am judging you. Many women who feed babies formula, or have c-sections, let kids watch tv, eat processed food, put kids in daycare, use the hospital to birth.....the list could go on and on. The issue I have is not that you have firm opinions on these issues, but that you call yourself a christian and yet criticize these women and knock down anyone who would choose to parent different then you. If you were not a christian these posts would be annoying but would not bother me. I dont believe God is judging these women for those choices why should you? You want to have a blog to voice your opinion, go to it. Perhaps remember that behind every mother that parents in a way you disagree with is a women who was planned by God, and is loved by him. Try to see these women through the eyes of God, and you may start to change your approach.

  12. I think they wanted to sensationalize the story. If they just said "husband helps deliver baby on bathroom floor" then big deal, put it in the "births and deaths" section of your newspaper or something.

    I want to have the headline of "Engineer helps deliver baby on bathroom floor."

    By the way what do you think of water birthing? (i.e. in a bathtub of water?) Have you experienced it?

  13. Oh, that was classic.

    My mom birthed my sister in the car on the way to her midwife's home. I laugh when I see national news stories about women doing that and think to myself "where were these news companies when MY mom did this?"

    Anyway, that was almost 20 years ago. I liked how you said you wondered if he used a plunger to extract the baby. Ha!

  14. In case you're wondering why it seems like most of the people who read your blog hate it, they probably don't. But for some odd reason it's always the liberals who post the most comments to try to make you think they're the majority. These lilliputions are like the wizard in oz: a short, fat, pot belly little man hiding behind a curtain trying to make you think he's big and bad. I wouldn't even allow these people to post comments. They're either control freaks who are angry at the fact that they can't control what you say or they're guilt ridden because they know deep down inside you're saying the right thing so they respond by attacking you out of pride.

  15. Meh, it was probably a slow news day and Reuters just wanted something to give people a giggle on the front page. You have to admit the headline is eye catching


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