Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You have got to be kidding me

Or: What will they think of next?

The First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana has been in a tailspin ever since Dr. Jack Schaap became the Pastor there after Dr. Jack Hyles passed away. I never cease to be amazed with the new things they come up with. I find many things objectionable and perverted about Dr. Schaap, such as this and this. Other things, such as today's exhibit, while still wrong, is just ridiculous to the point where I can't help but laugh, scratch my head, and wonder why nobody in that church is saying "Enough!".

So, what am I talking about? Well, First Baptist Church just started their "First Baptist Bible Institute", an online learning system that promises to

enable you to become grounded in core Christian concepts and doctrines. It is our desire to give every believer a foundation that will equip them for the service of God. We believe that it is our responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission. "Go, Win, Baptize, and Teach" is our motto and our creed. The purpose of this system is to accomplish the fourth part of the commission!

Okay, doesn't sound wrong, does it? I mean, maybe redundant, since such teaching should occur on a weekly basis from the pulpit, but maybe they are thinking it will get people to learn who do not or cannot attend the services.

But remember the above phrases, "it is our responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission. "Go, Win, Baptize, and Teach" is our motto and our creed. The purpose of this system is to accomplish the fourth part of the commission!"

The Great Commission does, in fact, command churches to teach all nations, which this program aims to do, and FBC makes no secret out of the fact that this is not optional, but rather a "responsibility".

Matthew 28:19 says: Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:"

So this teaching is not optional. It is, according to the Bible and FBC itself, a command of God.

But why, if teaching new converts is a command of God, are they charging $99.95 to fulfill this obligation? That's the reduced price; after May 31st, the regular price is $149.95. What's next? Admission prices to church? Or do they now ask people if they would like to know how they can go to Heaven, and then charge a fee for telling them how to? I mean, they ARE saying it is part of the Great Commission.

When we were going to church there, we had to BUY the invitations that we used for soulwinning from their bookstore. Not just the nice glossy ones (they were more expensive), but even the cheap tri-fold copied ones on colored paper. We also had to pay a weekly fee to work in their chapel ministry (an outreach ministry in South Chicago). I should add that all students of the college were required to participate in one of the ministries, and that all of these charged a weekly fee of about $10 of every one of their workers to cover their operating expenses. At our church, the tithes and offerings cover these costs, as they should.

And why is this material not covered in their regular services? I mean, a lady I know from when we lived there was saying online that her husband and whole family are taking the Bible Foundation course, in spite of the fact that they have been Christians for many years. They both attended this church's Bible college. Maybe they are on staff and are required to take it? Who knows.

Wow! I guess First Baptist Church has to pay for that new big empty palace of a church building somehow.


  1. The words that came to my mind as I read Schaap's garbage (other than blasphemous) were awkward and inappropriate. I would never want my mother to have to listen to that! It's just insulting, really!

  2. This almost makes me laugh... the lessons they are going to teach in their "Bible Institute" sound similar to the lessons our church teaches in "Discipleship class" for new believers. Our "Discipleship Class" is free and includes having one of the more faithful members of our church come to your home and teach you these basic truths, to get you more grounded in the truth.

    It's so silly for a church to charge any kind of fee for this. We're commanded to teach people these things... not make a profit from it!

    I think Schaap missed the part of the Bible where Jesus cast out the people that were making a market out of the temple. :)

  3. I also have issues with what Schaap had to say about the KJV being preserved, but not inspired. Hyles would roll over in his grave. The independent fundamentalists that we associate with have been all fired up about that for a couple of years now. Oh, and what a cute new pic of your kids! I like the look on your littlest ones' face. Cute!

  4. Seems like more and more of these fundamental mega-churches are so money hungry. I live near Pensacola Christian and you can tell they are chomping at the bit for money, money money!

    I also did not know that Schaap was such a nutbag. I've listened to preaching from a variety of Baptists, but not from him. I nearly passed out after I read that garbage that you shared in the above links.

    You had to buy your literature to go soulwinning?! How many people have said, "I'd love to go out on soulwinning, but I just can't afford it." What a shame.

  5. I'm a new blog reader, but just thought I would say hi your posts are inspiring and I continue looking forward to reading more of your posts =)

  6. "I should add that all students of the college were required to participate in one of the ministries, and that all of these charged a weekly fee of about $10 of every one of their workers to cover their operating expenses."

    When did you attend college there? I was there from '89-'95. During that time, witnessing on a weekly basis was required, but ministry participation--though promoted--was not mandatory. I was in the same ministry for all 6 years...they did not charge any fees whatsoever. I'm just wondering if the rules have changed since I attended.

  7. Re: Anonymous...I've never been to Hyles-Anderson, but I do know that a certain big name independent baptist college in Arkansas does the same thing (requires students to purchase their own witnessing materials), and also preprints all their tithing envelopes for them - complete with the student's name and the date that the tithe is due. They're all money-rackets.

  8. Wowsers...well, I had a whole lot typed out and decided to delete it because I'm sure you would disagree with me anyway. Suffice it to say that I'll be praying for you and your family...God has strong words to say about people criticizing His men. I'm curious - have you actually BEEN to FBC Hammond lately? Not sure why you think their new auditorium is empty - I was just there a few weeks ago and it was full - as usual! (Oh, and it wasn't during a conference or "special" program - it was just a regularly scheduled service.)

    I'm assuming you remember me (I was your area leader in Hylander-Wives when your family lived in Hammond and attended FBC and Hyles-Anderson College), but I'm not going to make my comment anonymous - I think if you're not going to put your name to something, you shouldn't post it to begin with.

    Seriously though - I completely disagree with a lot of things your husband says/does, but I would never EVER criticize him. I know this comment won't be popular - feel free to delete it if you wish. Just couldn't sit here and not say anything.

    Prayers for you and your family. I hope your morning sickness gets better soon!

  9. @Mrs. Mike

    God has stronger words for people who blaspheme our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It's funny how people jump to the defense of their pastor when someone blasphemes him, but they have no problem at all with Jesus Christ being blasphemed.

    Why don't you get upset about the fact that your pastor uses sexually perverted language to describe his "relationship" with Jesus? Why don't you get upset when your pastor blatantly twists and changes what the Bible says?

    Maybe you should be a little more defensive of your saviour and less defensive of a so-called "man of God" who teaches that the King James Bible is "filled with mistakes." Is that what Brother Hyles believed? Did he call the pope a godly man? Did he praise preachers like Rick Warren and politicians like Barack Obama, or did he rebuke them?

    All of this is documented in the links that my wife provided.

    I'm sure the auditorium is full and bursting at the seams, but so is Rick Warren's church. Does that change the fact that Jack Schaap is a reprobate false teacher?

  10. Our former pastor had to cease the trips up to pastor's school (and I have to say I was kinda glad...I can't stand crowds among other things.) But, anyway, the prices got too much. They even made fun of people who couldn't afford their literature, etc, calling us "On the welfare" and "welfare cases". Some of us might have been. Not everyone is rich and desires to be rich.

    I kind of always got the feeling that that particular church had too many rich-wanna-be's and rich snoots in it. I was really amazed at how alot seemed aimed at that, and I went several times many years apart.

    Once I coughed on accident behind a lady wearing a fox around her shoulders and her husband turned around and told my husband to keep his wife under control.

  11. while I agree Dr. Schaap is not the greatest man, the ministry he is continuing is amazing. The church cost thousands of dollars to run each day. That is one reason cost have risen. while it may seem ridiculous look at how many souls they save each sunday. Look at how much they care for the inner city homeless, children, and people of the Chicago area. That's what it's all about... souls being saved.


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