Monday, May 10, 2010

No News

Not much of anything worth reporting has been going on around here. I am currently in my ninth week of pregnancy and still getting sicker every single day. Imagine getting food poisoning from a bad burger. That is what I feel like 24 hours a day, every day for weeks now. Only, I have to keep eating, which makes me throw up. If I don't eat, I get even sicker. So now imagine having to go back to that junky burger joint every day, for every meal, and it keeps making you sicker, and you'll get an idea of what I feel like.

My laptop was my lifeline to sanity for a while, but last week, out of nowhere, it decided to not turn on any more. Never mind the fact that it is less than two months old (it was a birthday present). Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Fry's Electronics? I have literally NEVER bought anything there that I have not had to return. My husband likes the store, and he was the one buying the present, but I would not even buy a candy bar in that store. I mean, how can an "electronics" store take themselves serious when they also sell pedicure kits for dogs and all kinds of other crazy junk?

In these almost two weeks, I have not managed to take my laptop back for a repair/replacement (it's under warranty). I have just been too sick, and my husband too busy. The weather outside is heating up, every day has been close to 100 degrees, and I am already sick and dehydrated even without stepping outside. I only go to the store if I absolutely must, and usually throw up at some point while shopping, which is anything but easy with five kids in tow. Given that the return lines at Fry's take FOREVER, I just have not been able to go in. So my blogging is going to continue to be sporadic until I get the issue with my laptop resolved. I am just too sick to sit up at the home computer most days.

I cannot wait for this phase to be over, but I know it is going to be several more weeks. :(


  1. Prayers for your strength. At what time does your sickness usually subside? I've only had mild sickness with my 4th and 6th pregnancies, but nothing like you are describing. I'm surprised you can make it to the computer at all. Take Care.


  2. I remember this. I never got morning sickness, it was always 'all day' sickness with me :( Try to keep hydrated and try to keep something in your tummy; it does make the sickness a little less severe
    It won't last forever and it means your hormones are going crazy which means that your baby is doing well

  3. Awww! That is especially hard when you have little ones to care for. I know how you feel. Hope you feel better by the 3 month mark and not through your whole pregnancy!

  4. I'll be praying for you to feel better. Hope you get the laptop fixed so you can try to "escape" a little!

  5. So, do you get more sick with boys or girls? You sound pretty miserable to me. Pray is passes quickly. I'm sure you've tried ginger.

  6. Awww, so sorry to hear that you are not feeling good right now. I a currently about 34 weeks and have thrown up the past two days (lunch only...go figure) so I can totally relate. I just never had much sickness at all in the beginning of this or my prior pregnancy.

    I cannot imagine 100 degree has barely hit 50 here in NY this past week. I do not envy you at all!!

    Anyway, I hope you are feeling better really soon! God bless!

  7. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes - I really appreciate that.

    On a happier note, I did drag myself down to Fry's this afternoon when I felt a little better, and I even managed to get out of there in about an hour and without throwing up. The bad news is that their service department will not be fixing whatever is bust on my laptop - they are sending it back in to the manufacturer, which will take SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS to come back. That's longer than I have even had the laptop for!

    Whatever files I had on the computer will be wiped off, and while the repair is covered under warranty, they wanted $70 to backup and transfer my files. Forget it!

    In the meantime, they gave me a loaner computer, which I have to return in like new condition to be able for them to put back on the shelf (it's brand new). Oh joy! That's really easy to do after six to eight weeks of use.

    Anyway, at least now I can do something while lying on the sofa all day. I am really hoping to be over this morning sickness by the end of the month, or maybe early June.

    Becky, the sweet little muffin, has been such a cute little cuddle bug. All day long she hugs my neck with her pudgy little arms and gives me kisses all over my face. It really helps remind me why I am so sick, and why it is worth it, even on days that I think I can't live like this for another minute. Thank you for your prayers, I really need it!

  8. Why is it whenever I check out your blog you're bashing my employer? hehe jk =] I can help you take your laptop in for a checkup if you're too busy. I can just drop by and pick it up on the way to work. I'm interested to see what would make it suddenly not work too =\. Let me know if you need the help.

  9. Thanks for the insight on Fry's. I didn;t know they loaned out electronics and restocked them! No wonder you've had so many returns.
    I hope YOU feel better soon.

  10. > they wanted $70 to backup and transfer my files. Forget it!

    For that price, you can get an USB external hard drive and back up all your computers. Back up once a month and then if your hard drive ever crashes, you won't lose too much.

    Hope you feel better! My last pregnancy a midwife told me about Meclizine for motion sickness. It didn't take away all the nausea and vomiting but got me over the edge so I could function.

  11. So sorry you feel so ill!!! Yuck. It will pass again and you will soon have another little blessing in your arms. Praise God. That is funny about the guy at the store!!! I dont think 5 is a lot either. I always think we are just breaking ice-hehehhe. Well anyhow, take care and hope you feel better soon.


  12. I know it's hard to come by in the US, but Vegemite (an Australian yeast-based spread) spread thinly on toast was a lifesaver during my early weeks with my son. Something about the saltiness and vitamin B helps.

    Another US mommy friend of mine said her DH could get it online, it might be worth a look for you. (Although I'm not sure how processed yeast etc and the rest of the ingredients falls into your organic diet, it's made by Kraft.)

    It's also sold in plastic tubes over here, so if you have an Australian friend (rather than just a random commenter) perhaps they can send you some? I have posted it before without issue.

    MS is the worst, I hope it passes sooner than you expect!

  13. Praying you feel better very soon!


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