Friday, April 30, 2010

Update on my husband's case

It's been a while since I updated. If you recall, the case against my husband was dismissed back in December. Below are a few excerpts from the court hearings that day. All the video footage relating to this case is over 13 hours long, and much of it we just received this week, so there is still a lot that has never been published yet.

As you can see, these guys are not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. Lest you feel pity for them for looking like such fools in court, these are the same people who brutally abused my husband the night he was wrongfully arrested.

Agent Gomez can actually be seen in one of the tapes doing stretches and warm-ups right before my husband's windows were bust out in anticipation of the physical abuse he was anticipating engaging my husband in, someone who had not threatened him or been combative at all.

Of course, as we had expected, the prosecutor has since appealed the court's ruling. The court has yet to decide on whether or not they will accept his appeal, so that is the stage we are in right now. To date, this case has been passed to I believe six or seven different judges now, as one after the other recuses himself from the case. One of the judges who has handled the case has even passed away.

The prosecutor has already told my husband's attorney that if this court turns down his appeal, he will appeal to the next highest court. The guy seems to get his personal satisfaction out of harassing us to the full extent he can.

Talk about a speedy trial. It has been over one year since this all happened. This entire time, my husband's two video cameras, each of which are worth about $400, have been held as "evidence", even though the footage of them has been released. Even now that my husband has been exonerated and the charges dropped, they continue to hold his cameras.

My husband's attorney also just filed charges against all officers and agencies involved, so that part of this case is just getting started.


  1. These "men" are pathetic. One would think, why would they hire someone so stupid??! But we all know why. They want a brainless drone who will follow their orders no matter how horrible.
    Is your husband still having any side effects of this? Last I knew he was having a hard time with his hand still.
    Still praying about this case and the files your husband charged against them.

  2. It is so obvious when someone lies!! Justice will still prevail and Lord willing these men will be punished for what they did.


  3. I wonder how the taxpayers (what is the county Yuma?)would feel about this "public servant" if they knew how wasteful he is. He's devoting countless hours and a lot of manpower just to appeal this case where the charges are not even felonious all at taxpayer expense. That prosecutor needs to be out of a job for his wasteful pursuit of what seems like a vendetta. Maybe he should try taking care of the piece of filth woman and her boyfriend in Yuma who let their toddler drown in a homemade cesspool instead.

  4. I write to not only let you know that there are good police officers out there, but also to say that I've been hassled by the worst of them, too! I had my day in court (where both charges were dismissed), but it cost me dearly - I would have pursued civil charges against the police officers involved, but honestly, I let go and let god and just went on my merry way! I wish the best for your husband (and yes, if he's really up to the challenge: go for it!)... but eventually, and sad as it may be: you have first-hand knowledge of how slow this process can be... will it be worth it? Good luck either way, please keep us updated!

  5. As far as the appeal goes , it's not personal . It's about money.
    Always remember the principal is responsible for the acts of their agent. Translation. Whoever these dumb agents work for has a huge civil liability.
    I hope you are suing whatever municipality hired them to abuse your husband.

    You also should know the prosecutor has a personal liability especially considering it was dismissed with prejudice. Are you taking him to court for malicious prosecution?

  6. Thanks for the update, I have been looking forward to it!

  7. I saw a very concerning video made by you today on YouTube. I could not believe what I was seeing. I was disgusted by what was done to you. I'm at a loss for words at this point... To much to take in. I really hope we all wake up and open our eyes to what's going on. I applaud you sir. You have my uncoditional support. I can't put into words my appreciation for bringing this to light. I'm from Miami,Fl and have noticed cameras going up everywhere... I hope you and your exeriences can be the catalyst to an uprising. We cant sit while they stand.

  8. Really excellent. I'm glad you finally posted an update -- I was beginning to think that no news was bad news. Keep up the fight, keep up the victories, but also keep the humility you have brought to this effort so far. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  9. America is Not a free country. Paul Hill was put to death, not the abortionists. Kent Hovind is in jail. We are not free to travel. We have to buy a driver's licence and licence plate. Freedom isn't free, you have to buy the permit!
    Your husband's case is another example of America not being free.
    Thank you for the update.


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