Thursday, April 29, 2010

Typical German

I hate to be stereotyping, but sadly, many Germans today are no different from those seventy years ago. I guess that's one reason why homeschooling has been illegal ever since Hitler decreed it to be so, worried that it might create "parallel societies". Germans, unlike any other people I have met, have a sheep-like mentality of mass uniformity. To be sure, there are many wonderful exceptions to this rule, I am simply saying there are more sheeple in Germany than any place I have ever seen. Anything out of the ordinary or going against main-stream dogma is inherently viewed as wrong and dangerous, while those same people will tout the need for all-encompassing tolerance.

Tolerance, I have learned, only moves to the left. By that, I mean that those screaming the loudest for tolerance are the most intolerant of anything that is perceived as more conservative. Their tolerance only moves left, towards more liberal morals.

Take Exhibit A, "Frankfurt", a German reader who has commented on my blog three times in the last couple of weeks. Read his/her words of love:

Frankfurt has left a new comment on your post "Exciting (but not very surprising) news":

I hope you lose it! [referring to the baby we are expecting] It is bad enough that your other kids are sick, twisted little monsters. I don't pray but I will be on my knees every night praying for a miscarriage!


Frankfurt has left a new comment on your post "Exciting (but not very surprising) news":

Still praying!

Here is hoping you lose it!

Tschuss! [bye]


Frankfurt has left a new comment on your post "Some interesting vaccine links":

Still praying for that miscarriage! COME ON JESUS! We don't need any more homophobic, hate spewing, kool aid drinking monsters in the world.

Zsuzsanna- You are a disgrace. I am glad that you are no longer living in my country.

Sie und Ihre Familie sind ├╝bel!!!!! [You and your family are sick/bad!!!!!]

Well, Frankfurt, I guess at least you feel driven to God by all my hate and homophobia. Seems to me, though, you may be suffering from a case of heterophobia, based on your rabid comments. You also seem to be guilty of the thing you are accusing me of: hate spewing. I think any normal person would classify telling a pregnant woman that they hope her baby dies as a sick, twisted monster, another thing you are accusing me and even my children of. That's a strong statement to make of someone you have never met.

Where is all that tolerance you are trying to preach to me about? You know, if your "tolerance" only extends to those who hold your beliefs, it is really not tolerance at all. Especially not when you wish all others to be dead - but then, we know Germany's history in this regard, I guess you are simply a product of your environment.

See, I don't believe in tolerance. I believe in absolutes, in right and wrong. And, like just about everyone else since the creation of this world, I consider homosexuality sick and perverted, whether or not it is between "consenting" adults. There is also a lot of incest taking place between consenting adults, would you consider that normal, too? If not, what are you basing that conviction on? Because it is unnatural? Well, so is homosexuality. You see, when you are your own moral compass, rather than an absolute such as the Bible, you are really lost at sea.

Still, you will not find me writing comments such as yours to any homo. I just say that they are all sick and perverted on my own blog, but I don't feel a need to personally go after each and every one of them. I leave that up to God.

I, too, am glad that I no longer live in the hell hole you live in. Thankfully, I am only half German, so when people ask me where I am from I can tell them I am from Hungary, lest I would have to embarrass myself by being associated with people such as yourself.

In case you were wondering, I got to see our precious baby on an ultrasound yesterday, and it looked very sweet and healthy. It measured 1.6 cm at 8 weeks, and I was watching him/her move his arms and legs and saw his/her tiny heart beat. The baby has developed all of its organs, the heart is pumping blood through this tiny body, and the stomach is producing bile.

You may think this is all a result of a giant explosion way back when, but that is so incredibly foolish that I have no time to even argue such idiocy. You believe "In the beginning, dirt...". I believe "In the beginning, God..." You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine.

You will face that same God one day, and I hope you will have changed your belief in Him by then. But I know you won't, because you are the one drinking the kool-aid, not me.


  1. Hi there,
    Don't pay attention to people with such hatred in their hearts. I think it is disgusting that this person can wish death upon your unborn child. We have some people such as this person here in South Africa, unfortunately the joke is on them.
    I am so happy to hear little one is developing well.
    Love to you and your family.

  2. How horrible. I disagree with many of your posts, many. But to pray for the death of an innocent baby because you disagree with his/her parents is sick and hate-filled. Ironic from a person talking about you spewing hate. Maybe the whole sty and beam scenario ought to be playing out in this situation, Frankfurt.

    Of course, we know God doesn't work like Frankfurt is trying to play Him. He loves your new child and would not kill that child for the pleasure and delight of a stranger.

    As I said, we disagree on so many things but I wish nothing but health for your new little one. God bless.

  3. Thank you Zsusanna for letting us know the kind of comments you get. It makes me pray all the more for you and your family. You and I know that even the prayers of this person are a SIN in the eyes of God.
    Also, the Bible warns us to be careful what we speak against a man of God and speaking such things against your unborn child is speaking it against your husband, the father of this child. God doesn't take this lightly. If this person continues down this path they will be reminded of their evil thoughts as they receive their punishment hell. GOD will NOT be MOCKED. Falsely calling on the name of Jesus Christ for such evil? This person should be on their face begging for mercy from Jesus Christ, the Holy One!

  4. I am so happy your baby is healthy! God is indeed good. And if you're like me, you only have 5 more weeks of yuckiness. At around 13 weeks I always start to feel wonderful and it lasts up to about week 40.

    In His peace,
    Marie (mom of 6 so far!)

  5. While I do not share most of your more extreme views issues such as being gay or the border patrol, I am very sorry that someone could/would send you such a hateful message. And while I do see your views on gays and single unwed mothers as hateful, I can also see how much you love and adore your children. And I pray you have a happy healthy pregnancy.

  6. I find it interesting the fear of the Germans and many other countries in that area of having homeschoolers forming a separate society. In business my husband spent a few days with a man from Holland who was shocked about our lifestyle with many children and homeschooling, etc. He said you would not be accepted in my country. Well, last night we visited a church where the pastor said some people had visited his church and we're interested in joining but they informed him they would not segregate their children for children's programs i.e. Sunday School. He said, "Well, then this isn't the place for you. That's what we do here." I never cease to be amazed. Even in this country there are men of God being afraid of homeschoolers and people who want to raise their own children forming a separate society. Someone's drinking the Kool Aid but it won't be my children and myself- not on my watch.

  7. Frankly, I don't know in what place in Germany you grew up, but what you write is very different from my own experience. Most of the young people here don't blindly follow authorities, indeed it is hard to make them obey any rules at all. (One example: Our armed forces as well as the police have a hard time to find recruits since no one wants to follow orders all the time...) The "always follow the mass" - thing applies probably, if at all, to the older generation.

    As for Frankfurt's comments: That guy is a sick wacko after all he writes in his comments. I know it may be hard to do so, but I recommend to ignore him. But let's face it: There a people like that in every country - that doesn't seem to be a typical german thing.
    I as a christian in Germany just find it unfair getting thrown into the same pot as people like that. Being a sickhead surely doesn't apply to 82 Million people who come under the Attribute "German". I'm not trying to defend secularism and liberalism, but since I'm German myself I feel that this post was directed to me as well.

    I disagree with quite a lot of what you write, but I sincerely hope that you will have a safe pregnancy and that the birth will go well. Blessings!

  8. That is so mean and awful. I can not believe someone would even think of that. I can only imagine what kind of life he has. I hope someone that useless doesnt get to you. I am SOOOOOOOOO happy you saw the baby. God is so good. Isnt it just amazing? I am getting teary just thinking of it. You take care and I am so excited to be pregnant with you but only wish we were closer!!!! Blessings and Love.


  9. Anyone who prays for a child to die is just plain sick.
    As a foreigner living in Germany, there are certainly times when the German ways drive me up the wall, but I would hardly call living in Germany a hell hole.

  10. The comment is hurtful to you, but once again you are stereotyping!

  11. Your most extreme critics routinely make your main blog post, but alas I have only ever gotten one reply.

    Congrats on the great news, by the way, I don't believe I said that yet. Glad to hear its going well. Personally, I could never have more than one or two kids, but, glad to see it works for you.


  12. Sometimes you write things that come across as downright reprehensible- such as your views on single mothers and gay people. Other times you come across as a very devoted, loving mother with a lot of knowledge regarding natural health. I enjoy those posts of yours, since I can learn a lot from them. We might disagree on some issues, but I can respect your opinion.

    I'm very glad to hear that your baby is developing well, and I wish both you and him or her the best of health.

  13. I am glad to hear that your baby is healthy and thriving! May God bless your pregnancy and delivery. :)

  14. Obviously, this guy wishing for you to miscarry is a nutcase.

    That set aside, I can understand strong sentiments to sending your kids to public school.

    Public schools are crummy for reasons of the old "tragedy of the commons." As a society, we Americans just suck at taking care of public amenities. Liberal or conservative, we like to take from the gov't (which is a democratic institution of the people ) and not give anything back because we're short sighted jerks.

    Regardless of all that,
    Whether or not our kids are publicy, privately, or homeschooled, it seems as if we Americans can't get our kids to be academically vigorous or competitive on the global scale of things. I think about it all the time. I can't figure it out, but for some reason, America is just not going to lead the world for well educated children-ever.

  15. Ew what a CREEP!! Don't worry, he'll get what's coming to him! Being nasty and negative like him never pays off and does not say much for his cause. I hope you have a fantastic pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby :)

  16. Pretty disgusting comments. Living in Germany now for 2 years I've seen exactly what you are talking about.

  17. I also disagree with you on many issues, but it is quite obvious that you are a devoted and loving mother and you have a happy family. Anyone wishing death on a baby is just a sick person. :(

  18. Wow, I don't think I've read anything as twisted as that, so sorry you had to put up with even reading it! God bless~

  19. It is so sad that a person could be so hateful as to pray for the death of a child. You have definitely been blessed, glad to hear all looks well on the ultra sound. I will pray for the continued heath of your unborn child, and for the softening of the heart and opening of the eyes to Christ of that hateful man.

  20. What a sick twisted world we live in where haters wish death on innocent children, As a Catholic who went to public school (It was strict and we wore uniforms in elementary) The cowards who said that should be on their hands asking God himself for forgiveness!

    Cute children and my heart goes out to your children, Good luck with your teenager!


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