Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homosexuals brainwashing our children in elementary schools

Go here and throw up in disgust. God have pity on these poor children in public school.

Really take the time to watch these two short clips. To me, they were shocking and eye-opening. Kids are taught this kind of garbage in schools around the country, even though most parents would not teach their children these same values at home.

It doesn't take eight hours a day to teach an elementary student to read, write, do math, and cover basic subjects like science and history. The vast majority of homeschooled kids spend much less time studying than that, and yet score far above their peers in public school. Kids are at public school all day because it is a vehicle to bring about social change, not to impart actual knowledge.

EVERY public school, no matter how "conservative", is part of this indoctrination machine. The more subtle the message, the more dangerous it is, because young children may not pick up on the underhanded contradiction of the values they learned at home.

It is sickening to think that these children will all grow into voting adults, and be the ones to make up the society that my children will have to live in. They are not the product of their parents, or of previous generations, but of a small percentage of sick perverts who exercise control over the minds of the vast majority of the next generation.


  1. Just a curious question, what on earth if, god forbid, one of your children grows up to be gay?
    And don't give me that 'they won't because I've raised them properly and they love god' rubbish, because you have no idea what they will be like as adults.

    I have a friend who is gay and comes from a large, strictly religious family who live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, they assume he moved to persue work, but in reality he moved to our town so he can live the life he wants too, when he visits home, he acts like the 'good god-fearing boy' they raised him to be.

    I am not trying to offend you, but it is entirely possible that one of your kids will wake up one day and realise, the are not leading the life they want to lead. What then? Do they llive quietly in fear that you disown them? Do you send them to one of those 'reform' clinics?

    Or are you so set in your ways that you honestly believe that something like this won't happen to your family?

  2. all I can say is disgusting! I'm so thankful that for now, i'm still free to homeschool my kids.

  3. Wow that makes my angry. My two oldest children went to public school for 6 years. We pulled them out to homeschool. It was the best decision we ever made. We will be homeschooling all of our children from now on.

    My niece is 6 and has recently came to her mom and told her that boys should be able to kiss boys and girls should be able to kiss girls and get married. Her mother (my sister) was so proud of her for not being "hateful" to gays. It's horrible to think that children as young as she is are learning about anything sexual.

    My children can't understand why two people of the same sex would want to do something they call "disgusting". It's natural for a child to think it's wrong.

    Today I was driving and saw a Jesus fish that had been colored in with rainbow colors. I wanted to cry. How sad and disgusting.

  4. We watched these videos and oh my. How sad these innocent children are talking about sex with teachers who have an obvious agenda to push their perverted minds on them. I am blown away. So thankful to the Lord for home education. My third graders will be reading a book on some American hero or Bible hero and making homemade science rockets and baking in my kitchen while giggling by my side, they will certainly not be talking about sexual behavior!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!! And whoever reads my comments dont come barking at me because I believe the Bible! I just love when I write a comment and get hate comments!! :)


  5. I could not even finish watching the first video it was so DISGUSTING!

  6. "The vast majority of homeschooled kids spend much less time studying than that, and yet score far above their peers in public school"

    What proof do you have of this? SAT or ACT scores? Homeschooled kids are usually exempt from statewide k-12 testing

  7. I knew I would get someone barking at me. Just to make it straight "DAVE", I wrote "I just love when I get hate comments" was sarcastic. Apparently he took that serious. I do not enjoy hate comments, I get sick of getting them just because I comment on someone's blog. So Dave, calm down. Also Yes the whole post was about being brainwashed......... so I do not know what your point was bothering me!!!!!!!!!

  8. I'm kind of wondering this- hopefully this isn't too obnoxious of a question.

    What are your kids going to do when they join the workforce and come into contact with people who were raised different from them/have different beliefs? On any given day I interact with people with widely diverse belief systems. And a boss isn't going to care if your child won't work with the gay guy in the office. If your child refuses, they're out of a job.

  9. The kids in the first video are at a Friends school, which is private.

  10. R,

    This film is not a documentary showing what is or isn't discussed/taught in schools, public or private. It is a pro-homo educational film shown in schools across the country. What matters is not where it was filmed, but who is subjected to the perverse teachings in it.

    To those who asked what happened if one of our children "turned out" gay, I will respond another time in a separate post.

  11. Sorry to Zsuzsa for using your comment section to deal with this strange "man" okay..............Dave, leave me alone. I now know you are the one who watches my every move for some weird and freaky reason. You are still fixated on my comment from forever ago on a totally different topic which I still hold to. I am not a cold person and I am done with your pathetic comments on my blog whenever I comment on this blog. You have a real problem and just for your info I will not give you the satisfaction of publishing your foolish comments and lies you put on there about me. So back to comment moderation AGAIN

    Boy, Zsuzsa, you really get some interesting people on this blog. I can only imagine the comments you dont publish!!!


  12. I never asked what would happen if your kids turned out gay. I never insinuated that. I just wondered what you think that they should do if they get into a situation in their job where they have to interact with someone who is gay.

    Sorry if my question came across that way- it wasn't my intention.

  13. Like Natalie, I have the same curiousity to what your reaction will be.. Truly, I hope it's not your family. I don't think anyone truly wishes their child to turn out gay. Okay, maybe I should rephrase...most heterosexual couple never hope for that. I know my husband and I would never want that...but what if Zsuzsa?

    I know we can what if to death, right? I can't wait for that post. I don't think sex education should be part of any public education ...homosexual or otherwise. That information should come from parents and parents alone. I also don't believe that ALL public school is as "evil" as you seem to want to label it... Is there bad in it? Sure is! Is there good in it? I think so!! It's no different than medicine. People are quick to insult doctors, but without people wanting to learn more about the profession and science....we might still have life expectancies of our 40s and not our 70s.

    None of the above is meant to be hateful...but like I said before, I'm really interested in your future post about "what if my child..."

  14. At Zetsubou...Natalie is the one who asked "What if your child turned out gay?".

    At MsJess...Homeschooled children are NOT exempt from testing. In fact, in most states, they have to be tested every year using a standardized test such as the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT), California Achievement Test (CAT) or the Iowa Achievement Test (IAT).

    Also, it is common sense that homeschoolers spend less time in their studies than children in public or private school. In the 8 hours a child is in elementary public school, he will have Music, Computer, Art, Social Development/Character Qualities, PE, Recess x2, Lunch, Library, Foreign Language on top of Math, Language, Reading, Spelling, Science & History. Granted, some of those classes are spread throughout the week, but no elementary student NEEDS all of that. He needs the main academic subjects. My son had all of the above while in 3rd grade in a public school and was doing poorly in Math and Reading, even though he is very smart (the principal told me that she had his IQ tested and that he tested as exceptional). I knew he was smart but is the type that can't focus on a lot at one time. All the fluff classes he had to go to every day took away from solid academic instruction. BTW, he was and is an excellent reader; he got a low grade in that school because he is shy and didn't want to "share" in group time. RUBBISH!

    I have homeschooled him since 4th grade. In two years, he went from testing 1 year behind in Math to testing at his grade level in Math and well above his grade level in all Language Arts. My daughter, who has only been homeschooled, tested (using a CAT) as an almost 3rd grader after finishing 1st grade. I have no idea if that is the norm or not, but my kids' days are not cluttered with a bunch of unnecessary classes.

  15. WOW. What an eye opener. I have to share this trash with my readers.

  16. I went to two different elementary schools and never experienced anything like this. I also work in the public schools and we don't have anything even remotely close to this.

  17. This whole blog makes me want to barf. It blows my mind that there are so many hateful people out there hiding behind God and Christianity. Seriously. I think God would be absolutely ashamed to be around with many of you so-called "Christians". This blog is proof positive that man can take something good that God wanted for us and transform it into something ugly and hateful. It saddens me that all God wants us to do is to love Him and love one another as He loves us and yet so many of you look down on your fellow brothers and sisters because they are not like you. You are NO different from any other person on this earth.

    Go ahead and roll your eyes. Throw out some excuses, but judgment day will come. For ALL of us. I seriously doubt God will give you a high five for treating those unlike you like trash. Jesus wouldn't talk to someone how some of you talk about others. It's disgusting and it infuriates me how you think MY God wants you to act. Gross.

  18. I hope commenting here doesn't bother you. I was really bummed that the comments are closed on the April 15th post. I'm only hoping to give some encouragement to you. You don't need to publish this, if you don't want to. It's mostly for you.

    I am a born again IFB Christian mother. My husband and I were not married when we had any of our children. In fact, I had twins with a sperm donor father who left and isn't interested in his children, which now is probably a blessing. My husband had one child, with his previous girl friend who died of cancer 6 years ago. We then, had a second set of twins together. We married after the babies were born. We have a mine, yours and ours family. He has a huge fathers heart and has "adopted" all the children as his own. We came from a pentacostal speaking in tongues background and were totally burned by them and totally turned off to God. And, probably not really saved to boot.

    Being a single 19 year old mother (11.5 years ago), I had to work to pay for the result of my sin. I NEVER accepted ANY help from the government. My family helped me when they could, but I never asked. I could have been a statistic. Of course my sin hurt most of those around me and my children becuase I was unable to care for them because I had to work. I was a feminist to the core. Loud, man hating, career loving.

    Today, God has been so good to me. After I was finally turely saved (not the lose your salvation garbage I was tormented with), God began to work and change my life. My husband used to stay home while I worked. He now has taken his role as the man of the home and has two jobs and I stay home, WHERE I BELONG, and homeschool my children. We found a fabulous IFB church last year, and have never been happier. Being in Gods will is the best place to be.

    My opinion on the negative comments:

    You inspire me! You don't ever seem afraid to say thins how they are. I have learned that people get angry when you say something that brings personal conviction to their lives. They need to justify their poor choices or the poor choices of those close to them by calling the "truth teller" hateful, judgemental, mean etc.

    Praise God that you have the gumption to stand for Him. There are way too many wussy people who think that being "Christian" is about being an accepting of everything doormat.

    50 years ago there was a clear moral standard of what is right and wrong. Today anything goes. If you call something wrong, you're hateful and unloving. Somethings are WRONG! Those doing wrong will get angry and berate you for pointing it out. If they can bully you to be quiet they will feel their wrong is justified.

    A lot of expression and voice tone gets lost in typing. It seems as though negative commenters are reading them in a negative nasty voice. Perhaps if they read it in a loving, Christlike, concerned for mankind type of voice it may come across to them, not so hateful.

    I don't see you as hateful, but more concerned for the adult world that your children will grow up to live in.

    God bless you and congratulations on your new little one.

  19. But that's just the thing Hope, plenty of parents won't even give their child a proper sexual education. It's either "sex is bad don't do it." or "shouldn't your health teacher be telling you this?"
    And personally, I don't see having a gay and lesbain day any different than decorating for Black history month. But that's only my opinion.

  20. Anonymous,

    you are wrong. There is the third, correct option: sex is right and good in the right situation, i.e. the way God ordained it - between a married man and woman.

    There is no need for "sex ed". Some parts are entirely self-explanatory and guided by human instinct. Others that may need some guidance (e.g. puberty-related issues) can be explained in increments over time, as children naturally ask about these subjects. If parents are willing to explain these things in an age-appropriate matter little by little, there will be no need for "the talk".

    Finally, I find it very alarming that you equate sexual deviancy with being Black. What if I said "I don't see a difference between decorating for pedophiles and decorating for Black history month"? All homos are also attracted to children, whether or not they act on that.

  21. "This whole blog makes me want to barf. It blows my mind that there are so many hateful people out there hiding behind God and Christianity. Seriously. I think God would be absolutely ashamed to be around with many of you so-called "Christians"."

    I usually dont agree with conservatives on much. To those who talk about the so called Christians, there are non- Christians and democrats who disagree with this lifestyle. It is unfair to lable those who disagree witht it Bible thumpers.I stay away from pro anything because they dont allow conflicting opinions. I remember poor Carrie Prejean Perez Hilton had no business marking her down because she gave a conflicting opinion. Why does their need to be a day of silence for homsexuality? Why not a day of silence for prayer and meditiaon? Or for th esoldiers in Iraq? Now they talk about May 8th as gay prom day Ghees Im for eveyones rights but this is pushing it. I could care less what someone does in their bedroom but please keep it there.Then eveyrone wonders why all the low test scores nationwide. School should be for education. Noone should push agendas on kidswhter conservative or liberal.

  22. I know this is not a current topic, but I hope you will allow me post on it.

    In California (central coast) the high school has devoted a classroom to those who CHOOSE to be gay. The school district claims it is not costing anything because it is staffed by (GAY) volunteers who are there to help kids who think they might be gay.
    This is wrong on so many levels.
    Imagine a socially awkward child who is looking to be accepted. Well, he or she will welcomed with open arms and encouraged to explore their sexuality. So they are basically preying upon kids who either want to rebel or don't fit in.
    My brother is currently fighting with the school over this, but in California they've brainwashed most people into believing that tolerance is a virtue.
    Um, what about values as a virtue? That would be a better lesson.
    Thank you for (maybe) letting me post my thoughts on this issue!

  23. I found your blog through another blog and so on and came across this post as I was reading through your archives and am absolutely astounded and horrified that you would make the following highly libelous comment about homosexuals....

    "All homos are also attracted to children, whether or not they act on that."


    This kind of heinous, ignorant "opinion" (which is exactly what it is!! It's your backwards opinion!), has no business being printed. None.

    Ya know, ever since my oldest son died tragically in a car accident 20 years ago, I've waged a spiritual battle of my own. I go back and forth with God, looking for something to pull me back into a loving relationship and walk with him. And then I come across the words that you use, all in defense of your God and your beliefs and I once more pushed away.

    I really hope you turn to God, truly turn to him in prayer and though before you open your mouth on a subject you truly know so very little about.

  24. Just an incredibly late fyi here-- but I've never been exposed to anything that was pro-homosexual in my school. We're taught to be accepting of others and not harass gays, but I've never seen anything like that.

    So yes, where it was filmed is a good question, because this isn't as 'nationwide' as you think.


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