Saturday, April 24, 2010


Becky turned a year and a half this month. I cannot believe how quickly my little girl has grown! She is such a funny little creature to be around. Life is good with a little toddler in the house, you just never know what they are up to next.

My nickname for Becky is "silly chicken", and that's just what she is. She has a very silly sense of humor. For example, she loves to break into her big brother's room, take a marble out of his marble run box, and them come to me with the marble in her mouth, grinning. Just look at the mischievous look on her face.

She looks grubby like that most all of the time right now, because she is forever munching on something, and usually likes to make a point of smearing it all over her hands, face, and hair. For lunch, I got her these big bibs with full sleeves, which helps. Her favorite food bar none is strawberries. I have to hide them from her if any of the rest of the family is going to get any.

Grape juice mustache

Becky is a real ham when she sees that my camera is out, and she loves posing for pictures. Of course, she is again munching on something. The hat she is wearing is one of the boys' pirate hats.

Her little feet look good enough to eat. That is, until she shows the bottom of them...

Becky also loves to help with the housework. Given her age, there is not much she can do yet. I gave her a spray bottle with some very diluted all-natural cleaner the other day, and since then, she loves "cleaning" the mirrors with it.

Because I am pregnant, I only nurse her at night any more, which has been an easy transition. She goes to sleep for her nap and nighttime by herself, and loves being tucked in on all sides and kissed good-night. When she wakes up, she sits in bed and calls me until I get her.

Funny thing is, she does not call me "mama", she calls me "anya", which is the Hungarian equivalent. It's all she's ever called me, and I don't know how she came up with it since I never taught it to her. My guess is that she learned it from my Dad, who was visiting us from Hungary when she was just a few months old and not yet talking. Apparently, it stuck with her.

She is just starting to chatter a lot more, and her little voice is very funny, it sounds like the voice of an extraterrestrial in a cartoon would sound. She calls all of her brothers "Isaac", and generally likes to boss them around. When they tell her "no" about anything, she does not like it one little bit. Most of the time, her and Miriam get along absolutely wonderfully. The only exception to that is if both girls want to play with the same doll or stroller, and start fighting and shrieking over it. But that is very rare, as Miriam almost always lets Becky have whatever she wants.

Becky is a real cuddle bug. Anytime she sees me sitting on the sofa, she climbs up beside me and plops into my lap. She loves hugging and kissing all of us. She is very fond of her Daddy, and is always super excited to see him or listen to him talk to her on the phone.

I think her hair is starting to curl in the back, which would be a nice change from all the straight hair that is so dominant in my family. I LOVE curls! Maybe it's just wishful thinking, we'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, that's my little doll in a nutshell. I can't wait to see if we are having a little girl or boy next - we won't find out until the birth. Children are such a wonderful blessing!


  1. She is beautiful. I feel like it was yesterday we came to visit and she was a baby!!!! She looks like a little Miriam. Chad said he got confused looking at these on who it was :) You are so great to wait to find out what you are having. My midwife gets annoyed because she has an old ultrasound machine and only wants to use it for necessary reasons and I get a lecture every time I want to find out on radiation and such!!! :) I just am SO impatient it is ridiculous. Sorry you are still feeling ick!!!! Soon enough it will be gone. Take care.

  2. Aww... she's such a sweet little girl. I've been saying for a while that I hope I have all boys, but I think a girl might not be so bad. I got my little boy first (which is what I was hoping for!)... so we'll see what happens later. :D

  3. She is adorable! My husbands cousin had an eating jacket complete with hood for her daughter lol. My mom was telling me she had a "drop" cloth under my high chair till she realized there was no point because then she'd just have to clean that too. But, hey, they look so cute making that mess!

  4. She is just to cute for words!

  5. I hope you're teaching her not to put marbles in her mouth.

  6. i agree, the marbles need to be out of her reach. all it takes is one marble, and a couple of minutes in a different room..and no one wants that to happen to that sweet little girl :/


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