Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Skiing Again?! part two

The chairlift for the green circle could only carry two people per car. So I had to go with a stranger who was nice. I told him all my adventures on the blue square and my first time skiing(Dad told me not to tell anyone that it was my second time skiing,[he said that when we were about to{the chairlift to the blue square said that it was not for beginners}go on the blue square]but I thought this was an exception). When we got off, we went on one called Bambi. It was easy, but I CAN NOT turn while skiing. So when a sharp corner came, an instant natural crash. Dad flew past me,but he had to stop quite soon. When we got to the end of Bambi, Dad wanted to go on one called Log Run, but he missed the turn. So we got on Hart Prairie(I didn't miss-spell that hart), a gnarly green circle (the blue square I skied was the easiest blue square, and hart prairie was the hardest green circle,so they were the same)that was very steep. Then I was supposed to turn toward where the lodge and stuff was, but I thought it was farther on. I notice that the chairlift was where I thought I needed to stop,but I thought that that was where the gear returns were.After traveling on the snowfield I was on I here a call...

I had blown past the returns at 50m.p.h., and finally stopped a quarter mile away from Dad and Isaac! I had to walk in ski boots (thats hard,believe me,especially when I'm this young),carrying my heavy skis. When I finally got to the returns, I plopped on the bench. On the way home, we got soda at Bun Huggers. We also got two foot long hot dogs and and a burger a half foot in diameter. It was overal a fun trip.


  1. this is a book that made skiing much more fun for me: Breakthrough on skis by Leto Tejada-Flores (you can get an older copy it doesn't matter about the newer way skis are made it is still works). DC

  2. I hope Solomon shares more posts, they are very enjoyable!


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