Monday, March 8, 2010

Our weird and wonderful children

A couple of weeks ago, I took the kids to story time at the library. When I looked over at Miriam, I noticed her sitting in her chair, listening intently to the story, while pretending to nurse the baby she had brought along. She was just completely in a world of her own. Very discreet, too.

When the baby was done, she burped it, like any good mommy would.

Solomon, at age 8, is still a total sweetheart. Maybe it's because nobody has ever taught him, in school or otherwise, that loving your mom is not cool. Not to say that he is a mommy's boy, because he really isn't.

The other day, he really wanted me to try out the way he had made his bed, but I wasn't about to climb up into the top of his loft bed. So instead, he moved it all onto the floor of his room, and came and told me: "My goal is to cuddle you". Very goal oriented. It cracked me up. He had even laid an extra blanket down because he figured I wouldn't want to lie on a hard floor. Of course, it was still hard, but I didn't let that on. He tucked me in and then wanted me to nap on his floor while he offered to hold down the fort in the meantime.

This is John. John is very weird in a funny sort of way. He's just always been a ham . I wish I could write down all the strange and wonderful things he says every day. Today, he asked me if it was "detrimental to his health to drink pickle juice". He was wondering because, after having polished off a whole jar of pickles, he then had also started spooning the pickle juice into his mouth.

Part of his gig is to never not be wearing a costume. He literally never goes one day without dressing up in some form. In his world, every reasonable person wears goggles for breakfast.

I think one of the most wonderful things about kids is the unexpected little funny things they do that brighten every single day. I would love to be able to bottle up and save all that joy and laughter for a rainy day.


  1. These pictures are too sweet!! About a month ago I had an appointment and I brought Bailey along, she too brought her doll and nursed her while we waiting for our appointment! It was so cute! I LOVE their innocence!
    And you are right, it is the little things that reallly brighten our day! :)

    (And the pictures look great, are they with the new cam.?)


  2. Such a little bunch of blessings you have! It is so great that your children get to grow up in an enviroment that lets them be themselves. It is so rare to have a son really love his mother at that age (Solomon) and not be embarresed. My cousins son (9) asks for cuddle time with his mom and I think it's just the sweetest thing. In Johns defense I also used to drink pickle juice...

  3. Your kids are such a ray of sunshine in this dismal society. Thank you for sharing your sweet stories with us! I love to hear it. :)


  4. They are so sweet. I love the funny things children do!!!! They are adorable and that would be great if one of yours ends up with one of ours ;) My kiddos love to see the pics of them on your blog!!!


  5. My younger daughter used to nurse her babies, too. My older girl didn't, but then she wasn't very interested in dolls.

    I've known a lot who drink pickle juice, actually. I can't imagine it! But John's word, "detrimental," is pretty impressive.

    I love how you let your kids be kids and be themselves without getting uptight over non-essentials. Sometimes we take a bit too seriously "training up a child" and don't give them enough breathing room and freedom to be their own ages and to explore the world in their own way.

    Before anyone jumps on me - I'm not saying NOT to train them up, just that in our earnestness to raise children, we are sometimes tempted to be more vigilant than necessary. I know a mom who corrects *everyghing* with her kids - including trying to teach her 4 year old to say "spaghetti" instead of "basghetti." Every kid I know just grows out of it with no correction necessary.

    - Sally

  6. That is the cutest picture of Miriam. Nursing is so normal to her, she didn't even think twice about it. Pretty good mommy-training.

  7. Just today my 20 yo son came and sat in my lap. He has always been homeschooled. He isn't odd and definitely not a mama's boy (he is an auto mechanic), but sometimes he just likes to have a mommy moment. My 18 yo daughter always gives me hugs and kisses - there has never been a time we weren't close and best of friends. I never had that with my mom.

  8. I found this news article and thought of your blog

    Do you have any thoughts on specific varieties of baby slings and their safety?

  9. They are so sweet, I love the nursing pic!

  10. How wonderful! My girls also like to nurse their babies. My nephew likes to nurse his cars. It's way too funny.

  11. I loved the nursing picture! LOL. So funny! How incredibly cute. We always go to a library also because it's big and they have a huge kids area.


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