Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something old, something blue

Today, digging through a box of old memorabilia, I stumbled across the positive pregnancy test from when I found out I was pregnant with Solomon. Excited, I held it up to him and said: "Oh, look!".

I immediately knew by the excitement in his eyes that he thought I was pregnant right now, so I quickly turned over the stick where I had written his name, "Solomon". Still, he didn't get it and asked excitedly: "Are you pregnant?". He was quite disappointed when I told him I wasn't.

Then he wanted me to go buy a test stick just to make sure I wasn't. I told him I knew I wasn't pregnant a few weeks ago, and that it would take a couple more weeks before I would need to consider taking a test. He was skeptical about how I could be so confident, but I left it at that.

Poor baby. I also found the tiny white-and-blue hat that my midwife knitted for Isaac while I was in labor with him seven years ago.

Did I already mention how they grow too fast?


  1. A child growing up is the perfect example of how fast time goes! Hopefully you'll have another little one soon! :)

  2. That's so cute that you still have the test from Solomon. Poor little guy, hopefully he will get a new baby brother or sister soon :)

  3. love the pics! Found your blog from another blog....

    very nice....

    looking around :)



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