Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some long overdue photos

I have been meaning to put these up for a while now. Sorry it's taken me until February to get the Christmas pictures on here. Life has been busy.

Pictures from Christmas

All kids in front of the tree

Opening presents on Christmas Eve

Among many other gifts, our kids got a box of costumes that a friend of mine and I sewed for them. Of all the things they got, some of which were much more expensive than these clothes that were made mostly from scrap fabric, they loved these the best by far. Not one day goes by that they don't dress up as something or other. The sets they got for Christmas included cowboy stuff, cook's outfits, knight costumes, and pirate clothes, all with skirts as well as pants so all kids could use them. I also sewed Solomon a dragon costume that he has been wanting for a while.

Miriam playing with her new toy on Christmas morning, and my husband in the back playing a board game that John got as a present.

Miriam eating her favorite fruit. I order tangerines in 25 lb boxes through a co-op, and they disappear VERY fast.

Miriam is positively obsessed with this nightgown. She will never put it in the wash, I have to just take it from her when she takes her eyes off of it for a second, and then be sure to have it washed and dried in time for that night. She carries it with her everywhere she goes.

Making pizza

John and Solomon


John and Miriam



Below are a bunch of miscellaneous pictures that I took with my phone. My regular camera is broken and does not work reliably, and when it does it is usually out of batteries. These aren't the greatest quality photos, but I thought they were too cute not to put up here.

This was at Wal-Mart, right after Christmas. The kids were still super excited about their costumes, and were begging me to let them all wear them to the store.

Isaac in Solomon's costume. He was my mannequin while I was sewing it.

Isaac and Becky with the storytime tepee that I sewed as a gift for all the kids. I read to them for at least a half hour each night, and they like to cuddle up in there with pillows and blankets while they listen. It's great for winding them down before bed.

My husband and Johnny building a Lego set that John got from Grandma for Christmas.

Solomon embroidering and sewing a pillow for his stuffed animals. He also made a matching "comforter" for them all. After that was all done, he started a really cute pillowcase for Miriam and is going to finish it for her birthday this Sunday.

Miriam after getting her hair trimmed. She asked me to buy her the glasses, knowing I couldn't say "no".

The two girls fell asleep in the car on the way home holding hands. Miriam likes to hold Becky's hand in the car a lot. They are such sweet and loving sisters.

We went on a factory tour of an olive mill for a field trip, and enjoyed some Italian gelato as a special treat afterward.

Becky's face, after Miriam accidentally knocked her out of the swing and onto the grass below. The fat lower lip covers up where Becky's bottom teeth actually cut all the way through the skin right under her lip. Ouch!

The kids and I hiked into a canyon on another one of our field trips. It was just absolutely beautiful.

Our dog's birthday party - it was all the kids' idea.

Got a very sweet gift from my oldest today: a red rose, an "I Love You" balloon, and a note that says: "You are the best Mom in the world. You're very fun, playful, creative, e.t.c." What a sweetheart!


  1. WOW! Lots of pictures!! Y'all have so many adventures~great memories-great kids! BTW do you have a good pizza dough recipe is my 4yr old's birthday and I want to make pizza.

  2. Looks like lots of happy memories and nice that you were able to post them! Lovely family time!


  3. You mean, you celebrate the Christ Mass?

    Ever looked into that?

  4. I love the picture of the girls holding hands in the car. That is so sweet.


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