Thursday, February 25, 2010

Skiing Again?! part one

On Feb. 23, I went skiing with Isaac (John was to little) (I was lucky that I even came, because it was up to Isaac (it was his birthday trip) if I would come). I'll tell you, but first you need some facts and definitions. Here:

Fact#1: There IS NOT ANY flat when you are on the slopes.

Fact#2: At first, I couldn't put my skis on very well.
Definition#1: accidental turn----------------------when you turn by accident, possibly when your skis shift.

Definition#2: natural crash:-----------------------------------------------the opposite of falling from throwing yourself down

Note:*means I might have got helped by a stranger

Now here is the story itself:

We finally get to the the ski place after a looooong drive (it was not the one I went to for my first time). Dad needed to be in the middle of us the three of us, (I was on his left,Isaac on his right) because then he could give us a push to help us get out. Now I had been scared that on the chairlift, even with Dad boosting me, I WOULDN'T BE PUSHED OUT COMPLETELY!!!!! However, as soon as we started to ski toward the line, Dad and Isaac switched around by accident. (comment me and I will explain to you how that could work) This meant that Dad could boost Isaac, BUT NOT ME!!!!! How I was scared! I had never done that before. But, I got off better than I skied. I was not used to slopes with no flat parts.

I started to ski, but then I ran into a layer of snow that was lower then the one I was on. It was a natural fall, but a remarkable one. Those layers of snow actually, by accident, turned into a 1"-6"jump! Dad was way behind (I was going way faster than him) as I flew into the air and landed in the snow*. (remember fact#2) When Dad finally got there, it took a long to get those skis on, but I got 'em on. Again too fast. Again a crash, but it was because I threw myself over*. Again Dad far behind me. And again a hard time putting on my skis. Now ahead of me was a steep slope, and I had to ski down it. Usually, when I get too fast I have a natural crash, so I didn't want to go down that slope.Dad told me you have to ski in a zig-zag pattern. However,I can't and couldn't curve skiing. Dad claimed that you had to be skiing to curve. I couldn't swallow
that that was true, but Dad forced me to ski down the slope. I gathered all the nerve I had and got ready to go. I sat down to do something with my skis when.....

I was skiing on my back at about 40 m.p.h., my pants, jacket, sweater, long-sleeved shirt,and undershirt in tact...except for on my back! My pants, jacket, sweater, long-sleeved shirt,and undershirt,around my back, WERE PULLED UP 2-3 INCHES!!!(nobody saw it, because I was skiing on my back.)Just when I started to slow down, I tried to stop, but I couldn't!(remember fact#1)All of the sudden I make an accidental turn. I plopped into a pile of snow. At least, I was only about thirty feet from the end of the slope. Then I had to dodge signs that say slow. But it was easier than I thought. I get to the end of the slope and ski to Dad. But I got a little too fast and almost hit a gate. Even worse, I almost hit a snowboarder that was by the gate! I shouted "EXCUSE ME!"and told him that story from my first time skiing where I almost hit the crowd of people waiting to ride the chairlift. If you haven't read the blog post "My Skiing Experience" the story of me almost hitting the crowd of people waiting to ride the chairlift, here is only the part about that story:

Pretty soon, I was in the place where all the buildings are.All of the sudden, I had a crowd of over 100 people!I had to throw myself down.

Please read the post below "Skiing Again?! part two" and read about when I skied a green circle.


  1. Pants???
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  2. Anon, you're an idiot. Of course my SON (who authored this post) wears pants. And why would a father of 6 underage children be a patriarch? Are you suggesting he shouldn't tell his minor children what to do? Obviously, you are not only stupid, but have also managed to bring forth unruly children if that is your attitude.

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