Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Life of Moses

My husband made another movie with the kids:

If you missed them, they also filmed "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and "Lego Fire Fighters" in the past.


  1. I watched all 3 movies this morning, they are sooooo CUTE!! You and Steve did a Wonderful job with the kids and the movies.

    Do have a question though, where did you get footage of the wildfires, and were they from Arizona?

  2. How fun for them!! Good little actors for the Lord!!


  3. Great job! My 9 yr. old son and I watched it together and thought it was "really, really good"! (His words):o)
    Kerri and Kole

  4. Those chariots had wide wheels in Moses' day! : - )

    Miriam would have been cute in the bullrushes at the beginning.

    It was a great activity with the kids....

  5. We watched the movies several times. The boys love the lego firefighters! Thanks for sharing.

    Abby said "Thank you for the movies. I love them. Can you make more movies?"

    Robert said, "I like Solomon in the movie about Moses."

  6. it says it's private... can't view it??


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