Friday, February 19, 2010

In case you were wondering

In case you have ever been to our house and found yourself wondering where all those stains on the sofa come from, wonder no more.

This is the reason. A very cute reason, if I may add.

What, me?

Technically, the older boys each get handed a wet rag on Saturdays as part of our weekly housecleaning, their job being getting rid of those stains the best they can. Solomon or Isaac even vacuum the whole sofa every week. Still, they are no match for the messes that this little girl cooks up all the other days.

But she sure is irresistibly cute about it.

Step 1: Rub sticky, sweet, and/or greasy food all over sofa evenly

Step 2: Assess and take aim

Step 3: Move in for the kill!

Step 4: Don't let minor distractions get to you.

Step 5: When you are full, sit pretty and pretend that nothing ever happened. Keep your eyes open for the next opportunity to make a sticky mess.

Sure, I could have a battle of the wills and enforce a strict "eat at the table only" policy. But I would have missed these sweet shots. So instead, please consider yourself advised not to wear an Armani suit when you come to my house and plan to sit on the sofa. Not that I have any friends in Armani suits, or that people who do wear them would ever want to come by my house. And if they did, the stains on the sofa would likely not be the only or first thing they would object to.

Not that I have anything against people in Armani suits. I don't, because I have never met one as far as I know. Just theorizing.

In the spirit of all things grubby, here is Becky after she insisted on spooning her oatmeal into her mouth all by herself.

Can you please stop taking unflattering pictures of me?

How can I get out of this high chair and back onto the sofa?


  1. My mum used to despair when we were little kids because she felt her home was always messy. This was especially true for some reason when one particular aunt of my dad's would pop round for a visit. Mum dreaded Aunt Jessie's visits, as Aunt Jessie was so prim and proper (and had grown up children), until one day Aunt Jessie realised how my mum felt. Her words of comfort to my mum have always stayed with me.

    She told my mum that a home where the children feel comfortable enough to express themselves and make a mess is a home that is full to overflowing with love and acceptance.

    The season of young children in a home is not the season for perfection. Stains on the sofa, marks on the wall, toys instead of designer clothes, these are the medals of good parents. I take comfort in all of this as we prepare for the arrival of our first blessing in May. I also love that you can wear these medals with pride too.

  2. Wow she looks so big! She is SO adorable!

  3. She sure has grown Zsuzsa!!!! She looks like Miriam. She is precious and so adorable. Happy belated bday to little Miriam. Hope you are all doing well. Think of you often and still thourouly enjoy Pastor A's sermons. Blessings......


  4. What an adorable child you have! They're all adorable, though :)

    Hey I definitely understand the messiness! I was one of five children, so my house was always messy lol.

    God bless,

  5. She is so's refreshing to see a mommy who cares more about her babies than she does about how clean a sofa is!

  6. The first picture is priceless, just love the look on her adorable face.


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