Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cutie Pie

Having had two kids' birthdays in the last couple of weeks, please bear with me as I post too many of the 250+ pictures I took (seriously) on my blog here.

Part One today is Miriam opening a gift from her Grandma in California, something I captured at a rate close to 24 frames/second; with the sweetest of them uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I am not ashamed to say that I am extremely biased and think my kids are the cutest ones around.

I love the combination of pinks, stripes, and a tutu.

She patiently fiddled with the ribbon.

Reading the card before opening the gift. How very well mannered.

Love the look of concentration on her face, and the clenched little fists.

A book!

She immediately started "reading" it.

Love her smile. Wish I could kiss her right now.

The very pleased birthday girl.

Countless time since then, Solomon, Isaac, and I have been sweet-talked, guilted, cajoled, begged, and convinced into reading the book just one more time. It's been a couple of days since I last read it, so I'm guessing it must have accidentally slipped under the sofa or be in some other hidden place. That would be something to investigate tomorrow.

Thank you, Grandma!


  1. You're kids are the cutest! ...Well besides mine anyway :)
    I thought I was bad with the pictures- you have me beat with 24 frames a second!!!

  2. She is truly a cutie. Can't wait to see you all this weekend.

  3. So cute! She is a doll. Oh, loved your other post. Still waiting to hear you are pregnant soon!! ;) Maybe we will get pregnant together!!!



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