Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Portraits

I'm unloading more of the photo truck on you today. Just this morning, I took the kids in for their birthday portraits, and I thought I'd share them with everyone here.

John had turned 5 in December, but I never took him for his pictures because it was such a busy time already. I figured it wouldn't matter if I combined him with the other two kids whose birthdays are this month.

Miriam will be 3 this Sunday - my sweet little Valentine's Day baby. Isaac's birthday is next week, he is turning 7. Wow, I cannot believe how fast they are growing up!

Isaac and Miriam are having a joint "Knights and Princesses" birthday party next weekend, and I have been very busy planning it all. I sewed Miriam a princess dress just for the occasion, so naturally, she wanted to wear it in her portraits. That, and her "high heels" she found at the Dollar Tree earlier this week, and has been obsessed with ever since.

When Isaac and John found out that Miriam was dressing as a princess, they wanted to dress up in their knight outfits that they got for Christmas. When Solomon heard that, he decided he wanted to be in the pictures as well, dressed in the dragon outfit that he likewise just got for Christmas. Not wanting to make Becky feel left out, I dressed her in a pretty princess-like dress as well, and we did a shot of all five kids in addition to the birthday portraits I had originally planned for.

Isaac's portraits

He brought two different knight outfits to wear. The one in this photo was bought ready, we gave it to him for his last birthday.

John's portraits

He is trying hard to look fierce in this one. The mismatched, white-and-red socks don't help with that. :)

Miriam's portraits

If you like their outfits, these are the patterns I used: knight tunics and princess dress, dragon costume. I don't know if other kids like to dress up as much as ours, but for now, I just cherish the fact that they are so playful and imaginative.


  1. That is an amazing princess costume you made for Miriam. I'm WAY impressed!

    Very cute pictures. I love that your kids like to dress up and you let them - including out and about.


  2. WOW! What amazing kids you have. These pictures are incredible and the costumes are fabulous.


  3. Wonderful pictures!!!
    My Dd will be 18 next month and she still wears costumes. When she was little she had cat ears and a tail - she insisted on wearing them every where. Now she has some fancy cat ears (no tail though) that look absolutely real - and she still wears them often. I think I have some FB pictures where she has them on.

    She has her own style of dress and current trends do not dictate what she likes. She has a lot of costume type outfits. A black blouse (found at a thrift store) is lacy and poofy. She calls it her pirate blouse - it is part of her formal concert outfit for band, when not worn with the rest of the pirate gear.

    She is entering the JoAnn's prom dress competition and her pattern choice has a Medieval flair to it. (No real prom to go to - wouldn't allow it if she did - but we will have a formal graduation party so she can wear it there.)


  4. What great photos! You're a gifted seamstress--those costumes are intricate!

  5. And people say home schooled children are deprived. BAH!

    - Andrea from WA State


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