Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There's nothing like public education


Recently, I drove by a public elementary school in another part of town, and saw this:

You may think that the "s" missing from "classes" just fell off the board, but if you look closely, you can see that there is only one space between "classe" and "resume", proving that there never was an "s".

What's more, when I saw this sign, school had just started up again several days earlier, which means that for at least three weeks nobody noticed the misspelling.

Then I drove on, and saw the back of the sign:

My guess is that whoever put the letters on the board has a Hispanic background, and therefore thought that the Spanish word "clase" translates as "classe" in English. Esperanto might just finally be catching on!

I only have one question. Where can I sign my poor, disadvantaged, homeschooled kids up for such stellar education?



My, my, it is unbelievable how much stir I caused by posting these pictures and pointing out that an elementary school should have noticed such a blatant misspelling sometime within the 3+ weeks they had this up for.

I'd love to respond to some of the comments, but time would fail me. Besides, since those leaving comments have largely been too cowardly to even leave a first name or their initials, it would be very convoluted to respond to "anonymous # x". Maybe my response will turn into a post of its own sometime.

As far as the argument that they ran out of "s" tiles - please, come on. Are you suggesting that they intentionally misspelled a word when hundreds of kids would be looking at it like that every day for weeks? Maybe we should start some new tax for making sure all of our precious schools have all the letter tiles they need. After all, schools in Maricopa county only get over $8000 per year to educate ONE student. Let's see, that's about 2000% of my very generous per capita spending on education, which includes outside science, P.E., music, and language classes.

When I was little, beginning in first grade, the teacher would write announcements to parents on the chalkboard, and we were to painstakingly copy them letter by letter into a little announcement book which was to be given to our parents at home, and they in turn would sign it to show they had read the announcement. There was no such thing as a handout EVER. It helped our penmanship, it kept us busily working, and we saved millions of trees (haha). Liberals should love this approach.

Alternatively, they could have skipped the Spanish announcement on the back of the board and freed up some extra letter tiles. Or they could have written "school resumes" with the available three "s" tiles. Or they could have cut out cardboard tiles in the same size and used a Sharpie to write a big black "S" on it. I think anything would have been better than what they did.

Just to keep all my faithful haters busily stewing until I have time to post more, please enjoy the following picture of a sign posted by a staff member in the shoe department of an undisclosed store somewhere in the Southern United States (my husband took it during a trip this week). I always marvel how many people freely mix upper- and lowercase letters within the same word. I am just making a wild guess, but something tells me this person was NOT homeschooled.

The person who wrote this is most likely a very nice person, and he/she obviously is trying to do a good job and keep things neat. Unfortunately for him/her, whoever was entrusted with educating them (that's teachers AND parents) failed their job. Consequently, it is very hard to understand what they are trying to communicate, and nobody will take them seriously or entrust them with a job that comes with any serious responsibility attached.

Everyone in favor of socialized education can cry about how loving and helpful they are, but wisdom is justified of her children. They failed this person by wasting his/her potential, as they have no doubt failed millions more. Who cares if the teachers were fuzzy and warm and loving, at the end of the day, they consigned this person to a minimum-wage job and a life of poor education, a product ready to be indoctrinated through mass media.

There, go cry about it, and type up more whining comments.


  1. It's not because a Spanish speaker did the sign because the Spanish is wrong too. It should be "clases resumen" not "clase resumen". They may have run out of S's.

  2. I would laugh, but there are a whole group of kid supposedly being educated at this school. How sad.

    I went to a public school, but the size of my entire high school was 280 students, so we got a lot more personal attention.

  3. It's either classes resume or class resumes.

    I'd say that the "s" fell off or they ran out of "s's".

    I'm a product of the public schools and I can speak and write English very well. I got a great education in public school.

  4. Perhaps this was a simple mistake - have you ever made an error when writing?? So homeschooling works for you, give other schools a break would you?

  5. Yes, because you never make a mistake, I suppose? You are perfect because of your everyone-hating preaching husband. What a hypocrite!

  6. That pales in comparison with many of the outrageous misspellings I have seen on church sign boards.

  7. You think you're quite clever picking on public schools. I find your remark ignorant on some levels and highly racist. I sure hope you don't teach ignorance or racism in your home school classes.

    1. Maybe they ran out of letters
    2. I doubt the person who put up the sign went to that specific public school
    3. There are many well spoken people who are able to read and write who have graduated from public schools.

    I suppose you need to validate your reasons for keeping your children cloistered away from the world but do you have to belittle half the world to do it?

  8. These types of jobs more often than not are given to geriatric Janitorial staff.

  9. I've seen numerous spelling mistakes in your posts. From now on I'll point them out to you, since you think you're so perfect.

  10. I hardly think a teacher climbed the pole.

  11. I am tired of reading your nastiness. I am a public school teacher who works my ass off every single day to make sure the kids I teach get a good education. I also care about each and every single one of them. I have bought them clothes if they need them, taken food to families, and on and on... and so does the rest of our staff. You could not meet a more caring group of teachers anywhere. And I know there are MANY other schools who care just as much about the kids. News flash... most teachers are teachers because they CARE about kids. Yes, there are some bad public school teachers. But there are also bad parents... for example, those that teach their children to call others "faggots" and other derogatory terms. I'm sure you don't know anyone like that, right?

    I graduated from public school and attended a very prestigious university... which I was able to do after my 11th grade year because my public school had taught me so well that I was able to graduate a year early. Both of my children attend public school and they are not only well-educated, but also well-rounded and not judgemental. They would NEVER be ignorant enough to call someone a faggot or anything else derogatory. The play sports, beling to a volunteer group, have loads of good friends, and are just very good kids.

    As a teacher, I see day after the day... the kids who are failing in public education are the ones whose PARENTS don't care enough to support them.

    Stop trying to make yourself feel better by putting down others. It is sickening. Just because you are an angry, judgemental woman who has nothing to do but put down others, you don't need to assume that everyone else in the world is stupid.

  12. Looks like you got a lot of hatemail on that one. But your children seem to be far advanced over their peer group in Pub SChool. The big problem is they are not "Politically Correct." Keep up the good work.

  13. In the school at which I teach, many members of our wonderful staff are people with cognitive disabilities of varying degrees. Many are graduates from our high school and we are proud to offer them employment opportunities within our district. If it means an incorrectly spelled sign, so be it--the lesson that is taught to the children without disabilities is much more important--that we must do the best we can with what God gave us. We are all special children of God, whether we can spell correctly or not. The Lord be with you!

  14. Props to you, Anonymous. I, too, am a public school teacher. I know that I work my butt off for my kids. I do my best to give my kids the tools they need to succeed in the future.

    To all the teachers out there. Congrats on the job that you do. You make the world a better place.

  15. Well, Look at this one then:

  16. Your spitefullness is very disturbing, especially as you claim to be a Christian woman.

    You do think your ideals and ideas are just it and absolutely perfect, you have no room for love in your heart.

    Your children are going to grow up racist and looking down their noses at anyone who isn't home birthed, home schooled etc etc.

    Love, be more tolerant, be more accepting, be more forgiving.....

  17. I understand how the spelling error on the sign can make an apprehensive parent question the quality of education imparted to the children.

    Sometimes, even teachers get tired make grammatical errors. Perhaps it was a volunteer or child who did the lettering.

    Did you, Zuzu, advise the school of their error? That would be the polite thing to do. Many "pagans" and "heathens" I know try not to let people unwittingly make jackasses of themselves.

    Not to do so is similar to letting a person walk around with spinach in his teeth or toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

    -Rickki Tan

  18. I don't think anyone on here is whining. Just because you are ignorant and half illiterate yourself, anyone who disagrees with you is "whining."

    That is comical.

    And spelling errors have nothing to do with public school versus private school. I have seen many, many homeschooling blogs where the parents cannot spell, let alone write a complete sentence. When those children are confined to a life of minimum wage jobs, who is to blame then?

    And aren't you doing exactly that to your girls? Teaching them them can never do anything but sit at home and listen to their husband? What if their husband has a minimum wage job and your girls don't have any education or experience to get a job and help out? Are you not completely limiting them to a life of poverty? I would think possibly depending on who they marry... although I am sure you will control that also.

    You are a joke. There are sites ALL over the Internet making fun of how ridiculous you and your husband are and how ignorant and stupid you both act and teach your children to act. The things you write are posted all over the place for people to laugh at. I just feel bad for your children growing up in such a negative, nasty and narrow-minded home.

  19. Well, as native Spanish speaker, I can add that the back of the sign makes no sense.

    The Spanish noun "resumen" means something else entirely (it means "summary"). The phrase in the sign, "Clase resumen," means nothing.

    The phrase "Feliz Fiesta", while not grammatically incorrect, is very awkward (it should say "Felices Fiestas").

    So, no, the culprit isn't necessarily a Hispanic person struggling to spell in English; this is just ignorance in more than one language.

  20. I'm the same Spanish-speaking-anon that just posted above. I hadn't read the comments in detail before posting. Wow. I'm surprised that people find *any* excuse acceptable for wrong spelling on a school sign. How can schools not fail when parents themselves don't expect the best for their own children?

  21. you are unbelievable.




    enough said.

  22. I personally think that if you send your child to school, private or public, it's a team effort between parents and teaching staff.

    If my child can not read, I should not blame the teacher I should be working with my child at home to consolidate and support what is being taught at school.

    My son attends our local public school and we have had no problems. He is 8 and reading and spelling at a 10yr old level, his maths is also very sound. His reports have always been great :)

    We have used private education too but actually prefer the public system. I also have friends who home school but to me they don't put much effort into teaching and I wonder if the child would be better off in mainstream education?

    I find your statements here and previously about public education a little judgemental. I live in Australia - perhaps your standards for education are different?

    Again I think it depends on how much you invest in your child in the home and taking responsibility for your child's learning - wherever they learn.

  23. Wow this is so stupid are you really going to nit pick and make a huge deal over this sign. Yes public schools are bad that's why our kids don't go there, is it really worth posting a whole page on a missing S? Don't you have better things to do . Your family just comes off as jerks and people who think they are better then everybody eles. I'm so sorry your so much smarter than all of us and have to put up with misspelled words, life must just be horrible for you. The Bible says everything we do should glorify the Lord how does this stupid post or a post on hating people do that. Please take the word Baptist off your church sign and stop calling yourselfs Christians so people dont ever think that's who they are. Please get a life other then stocking school signs. I don't see how this is going to make people want to be saved and go to church. And dont hate me for posting this.

  24. Our oldest child, at least, will be going to public schools. I do however think that everyone has the right to their own opinion, and so I don't take every post against public schools as a personal attack against me. :) And, I put my name on my comments.

    Public school was not my first choice, but it wasn't my last choice either. My last choice was home schooling. We are blessed that my husband works in the specific school district our son will go to school in, and he knows the schools in that district, and the teachers, well. A lot of them are Christians, it's about 50% Christian. But of course we are in the Bible belt.

    I just don't see the point in getting upset at everyone who is against public schooling, even when there have been many home schooling parents who are extremely rude to me when they find out I am not going to do what they do.

    My son is seeing a neurologist for autism and some learning disabilities, and the public school system has the best programs for that. That is what swayed our decision as we were looking into private schooling options before this.

    It appears that my second son, although probably not autistic, also has some developmental delays and disabilities also. So he will probably end up in public school also. My third son will probably go there by default, unless we can get him into a private school that starts a half hour later than public or vice versa.

    Growing up, I liked my time in public school much better than my time home schooling, for many reasons. At any rate, my husband wants our kids to go to school.

    Doesn't mean I don't have some concerns, but everyone has to seek the Lord and do what they feel is best for their child. Our childrens delays and disabilities will be better served in the public school system. And God is giving me peace about that, for which I'm thankful.

    Zsuszanna, I'm so glad you home school your kids, and that you enjoy it. That's great. I just wanted to leave a comment FOR public schools using my name and blogger login. :) Since we are doing what we believe is right, I am not ashamed to put my name to it.

  25. Yikes! You're right, everyone left their name anonymous. But my favorite is the one who is soooo tired of reading your "nastiness" because she is FORCED to read a personal blog!! Anyway...we all make typos, but this sign was intentional... People now are actually trying to say that we don't really need to teach our children to spell correctly because letters dont actually have to be in the right order to understand what is really being said. This is horrible!

    Of course there are thousands of teachers that LOVE their students, and that may be excellent educators, but it is the public school system as a whole that is corrupt and wicked! Period!

  26. I agree that an elementary school should have been more alert to the spelling on their marquee. However, you do not know anything about who wrote the sign in the shoe store so you can't know that the poor sentence construction is a product of public schools. Based on the syntax and spelling errors, it seems more likely that it was written by a person for whom English is not their native language. (though you'd be correct in pointing out that I don't know that for a fact, either)

    I'm not too cowardly to put my name. I am a product of public schools for 10 years, private school for 2 years (and it's a good thing I was not home schooled, but that's another story altogether).

    I actually like your blog and the way you write. However, this (the sign in the shoe store) is a straw man argument.

    - Sally

  27. I just think it is scary that you and your husband are in charge of a church!

    I have a feeling that if it were up to the two of you, we would be having the next Holocaust and getting rid of everyone you don't see fit to live... which would be anyone who doesn't hold the exact same beliefs as you.

    You are really evil people, totally opposite of what God would want in people supposedly preaching his word.

    I know you think you are cute and funny, but you just sound like an uneducated moron!


  28. And ps... how in the WORLD do you know where the shoe store person was educated?

    That is such a ridiculous argument!

    If I am guessing, and I am an English teacher, that person is not native to the English language. I seriuosly doubt it has anything to do with where he learned to spell. Even you have to realize what a lame argument it is to use some random sign that you have no idea about who wrote it! Come on! That is really funny that you think that argument makes ANY sense at all!

  29. I graduated valedictorian of my public high school class and magna cum laude from a public honors college and currently am pursuing a graduate medical degree.

    But NO WAY will I ever send my child to public school (or private, or Christian for that matter).

    Academics aside, I will not have heathens teaching my children. Hooray for the poster that stated that 50% of her child's teachers are "Christian". That means that 50% are heathen fools (Ps. 14:1).

    I can't shelter them from everything that's evil in this world, but I certainly can avoid purposefully signing them up to be influenced by ungodly people for 8 hours a day.

  30. Zetsubou the Despairing Tech Support WorkerJanuary 22, 2010 at 1:20 PM

    You can whine all you want about public schools, but at least most public school children aren't going to to grow up to be hateful, misguided people with a bee up their butts like you and your husband. :P

    The Despairing Tech Support Worker, Zetsubou.

  31. Yikes - you stirred up a hornet's nest with that one! Ha!

  32. Oy vey! I could cut the tension here with a knife. Well basically, all I wanted to say was that home school is great, and public school can be great also, depending on the district/teacher. Also, public school is the only choice for many kids. A friend of mine was raised by a single father (her mother passed away when she was quite young) and he of course had to work all the time and couldn't home school her and her siblings. So instead, she went to public school and now she is very successful! She is only 18 and is an LVN and is training to become a midwife.

    Also, look at countries without public schooling and notice how impoverished they are. Take Mexico for example. I think they only offer it until 9th grade. Much of the people there are so uneducated it's sad... many can't read or write.

    So though public schools may not be your first choice, they really do a lot for society.

    God Bless,

    To the person accusing her of being racist, WHERE has she had any hint of racism throughout that whole post?!

  33. I agree with this post, as I do almost all of your blog, and I like the announcements copying by students. What about all the disintegrated and divided families/homes, broken-hearted/deprived/violated parents and their railroaded rights due to their children kidnapped by juvenile judges, state CPS/DCFS/DHS caseworkers/ego- and power-hungry maniacs/homewreckers/investigators after public schools/teachers/counselors report every little concern and suspicion of abuse, neglect, inappropriate or poor parental decisions, or just disagreements or second-guesses of appropriate/good/legitimate/reasonable/sound/valid parental decisions?! Public schools, like the rest of government, believe in/choose/honor "loco parentis" and "parents patriae" legal doctrines over good, old fashioned and time-honored family and parent autonomy, liberty and rights (to decide, etc.)!!

  34. Homeschooling is great, but you are way off base with this post. Yes, with any school there is negative peer pressure and a few things being taught that we do not agree with.

    That said, anywhere where there are books and academics being taught, smart kids learn. My sister and my daughter both qualified for the GIFT program which is one of many opportunities in public schools for exceptional students. I agree with many who have commented that parental support is one of the main determining factors in a child's success. It is impossible for any school to overcome poor parenting and teach students who do not want to learn.

    Are you trying to alienate 99 percent of your friends, family, and followers who went to public school by calling them stupid? You do not have enough personal experience to say that your socialist school in Europe was better than every public school in America.

    The sign your husband photographed was funny but was most likely written by a foreign immigrant. There is no way of knowing whether or not that person was homeschooled.


  35. Wow, you sound so bitter. Are you stressed or something? Need a long break or just a nap, perhaps?!

  36. As to the ethnicity of the "shoe person", my husband confirmed to me that this was way down South, and there were no immigrants of any sort working in any area of the store that he observed. Remember, he works throughout the whole store, including in the "behind the scenes" staff areas.

    My main problem with public school is not the education they do or do not fail to deliver. This post highlighted that aspect because I thought it was funny to post such a sign for all to see and not notice the mistake in several weeks' time. I have no doubt that most teachers work hard, but you can work hard at the wrong thing, or at something that by design is doomed to fail.

    Even if public schools had a 100% success rate at turning out well-educated children, I would think they were wrong. Even if they taught children in the most conservative Christian values, including creation, and turned out zealous Christians, I would think they were wrong.

    I think it is wrong to extort money from citizens to the tune of $8000 per student per year in the name of education. The public school system is a major arm of our over-bloated government, and I don't think it is right to steal in the name of education. Anyone who has ever homeschooled KNOWS that it takes a tiny fraction of that money to give kids a superior education.

    I think people who put their kids in public school are putting their stamp of approval onto our abusive government by helping them continue and advance the strangle hold they have on all of us through tax oppression. There is a public homeschooling option available in our city. Each child can have their own computer, internet access, and books for free. They do not have to report for outside testing but once every few years. There is no intrusion in our home life whatsoever. Yet, I would NEVER sign my kids up for that. If I did, they would extort $24,000 more out of the population at large to pay for my kids. This is no different than the socialist schools I attended in Europe, except for the fact that their operating budgets were much smaller and the academics stricter.

    Of course, we all know that public school teachers are at best liberal Christians, which I think is more dangerous than confessing atheists. I don't need such influences in my kids' lives.

    I also do know that it is possible to gain a good public education. I myself went to public schools. It is entirely up to the parents to ensure their children's education. I am not so much faulting the school for not delivering education to every child (rather than just the easy-to-teach majority of kids), but the parents for pushing their God-given obligation off to an inferior substitute so they can go to work, save themselves the trouble, or have more free time for themselves.

    Besides, education is not my main goal in homeschooling, it is to protect my kids' hearts. If they all grow up to go to Ivy league schools, but live an ungodly life, I would have failed my job. For girls (as the example given in the previous comment), that would be to marry, bear children, and guide the house. Most girls in public school will make friends with unbelievers, and instead of getting married young, will follow the world's example of living. I'd rather my kids were illiterate but happily following God's design that to do that. Obviously, I don't believe they should be illiterate either, which is why my 2-year old is learning to read.

    As far as alienating readers, the goal of my blog is not to acquire readers, it is to push back against the evil influx we face in this world every day. Nothing I ever say on here ever even comes close to my husband's preaching. Something tells me that thousands of people don't listen to his sermons and have their lives changed in spite of what he is saying. If people find this post offensive, maybe it is because it struck a nerve with them.

  37. I went to pubic school for ten years and to parochial school for a few years. I don't take this post as an attack of me at all. My best or most effective comprehension/learning was since then from correspondence courses and on my own. Mrs. Anderson, I agree with your follow up comment too.

  38. Yes, the person who wrote that sign is always at that particular store, for every hour of every day it is open. How would your husband know if any worker was a foreign immigrant? You're blonde haired and most people, just by looking at you, would assume that you were born in America until you opened your hateful mouth and they could hear your accent. Is your husband assuming that since it was the deep south that the person would be of Hispanic heritage?

    I don't have children myself but I would not care if a teacher was or was not a Christian. The teacher is not there to foist their particular religion onto the students. They are there to teach English, math, history, etc. When I went to school in the late 1960's and 1970's, I did not know the religion of any of my teachers and I don't recall any of them talking about religion. If you want your children to be taught religion, teach them at home or at church, not in a public school.

    The reason why tax-payers pay for the general education of all children is that it is in the best interest to educate all children. As I said, I'm single and while I wish I didn't have to pay as much property tax to fund the local school system, I know that it is in my best interest as a citizen to educate the general population. Simple as that.

    Really, you think that a girl has to marry young and that her only job is to bear children and keep a home? Wow. Hopefully your girls will be able to think for themselves and realize that they have a choice. It's a shame that you won't be teaching them that they have a choice but instead teach them that they are limited.

    I am glad that you and others who think like you are a very tiny percentage of the population. Perhaps you should go live in a compound with other like people.

  39. I can't get over how backwards these comments are. In every day life, it's usually the Homeschooling families who are criticized, made fun of, told their kids are getting inferior education, won't know how to be social, can't function once they get into the "real world", etc. However, the very second a minor error is pointed out as coming from the Public school system, it's like the world is going to end. Homeschooling families put up with a lot of flack from friends, relatives, and even Public schools all the time. I don't understand why everyone here has to be so defensive against their schooling choices when it's Public schooling that has the advantage of being "normal". What are these people so afraid of? You have nothing to worry about, because the entire country and its government will always support and back up your decisions to Public school. There are thousands of websites devoted to how horrible Homeschooling is, and one blog entry that pokes a bit of fun at a Public school sign is supposedly this awful? Come on. Pick your battles.


  40. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.
    Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.

    Blessed are the merciful, for they will obtain mercy.

    Oh, what is wrong with me that I can´t seem to let this one go?

    It´s interesting and a little shocking how many comments this entry generated; I think there are others that would generate far more response but I guess people will scratch what itches them.
    I don´t know... I don´t care that much. I´ll be amused by the pettiness of both the entry and the responses without either having any power to change my opinion on homeschooling, public schools and my education; I just like how it perfectly seems to sum up your general attitude and opinions.

    The issue people take with you, Zsuzsanna, by and large isn´t that they are offended by the truth you´re presenting (as I have no doubt you see it); it´s that you´re an offense to their understanding of Jesus and Christianity. Christ´s love isn´t something you can earn, even if your conduct pleases God - you´re just as innately sinful as a woman selling her body, or as a woman murdering her baby: saving grace is a gift you won´t deserve if you go soul winning night and day and preach until you´re blue in the face, but you´ll get it regardless if you truly believe. Isn´t that what bible says? Show me that I´m wrong and I´ll admit it cheerfully, but until then, I think you´re wrong in your haughty pride.
    Until then, I don´t think you condemning -anyone- to hell is a hair less wrong than the actions you´re condemning them for. And finally, you -are- under an obligation to bring people to the Lord, to be different: And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; and to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; and to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.
    Do you think your posts really fulfill this? Can you say the post above does? Would you argue the final line is patient, godly, or kind?

    Ultimately, I might be a fool for trying to share my views and persuade you to a change of heart, as I do believe I don´t have a chance to accomplish that. Still, it´s been useful to use you as a crystal to concentrate my own thoughts and express myself; a mental exercise of sorts. But, enough has been enough and I think I´ve gotten enough poison and dirt from this site; so let me bow and leave, and hopefully (if my will is stronger than my idle impulses at the computer), never come back.

  41. Missina,

    It isn't the "poking fun" at public schools. It is the ignorance and lack of common sense. She picked some random sign and assumed that the person who wrote it was taught in a public school, so therefore, they must be stupid. She has NO idea where the person was taught. As for the mistake on the sign, I don't think it should be spelled wrong either, but it means NOTHING about the teachers in that school who are teaching the children. It means someone made a mistake. Oh well. I am a public school teacher, and if I saw an error like that, I would politely point it out, but I wouldn't have the ability to go out and fix the sign. I don't have the ladder, or the tools, etc. I would have to depend on a custodian to fix it. AND since they are very busy, and have very difficult jobs, it may be a while before they could get to it. Hardly the end of the world.

    It has nothing to do with "poking fun" at public schools. It is the tone Mrs. Anderson uses... she makes it clear that no one is as good or smart or educated as her, and anyone who disagrees with anything she says is an idiot.

    It isn't just this case. This is her life... she spends her entire life being negative and nasty and spiteful and racist... it is really a sad environment to raise children. Her kids would have a much better chance of turning into decent human beings if they DID go to public school and saw that all people aren't as ignorant about life as their parents.

  42. Missina, it actually works both ways. I have had plenty of home schoolers be extremely rude to me because of our decision to utilize the public schools. They even tell us we are not saved because we don't make the same decision they do. Home schoolers are certainly not innocent in the "school wars" and are much ruder, in my experience, than anybody else. I respect the right people have to home school, but home schoolers don't want to respect the right I have to send my children to public school.

    Zsuzsanna, out of all the reasons I've heard for home schooling, the one you gave in your comment is the one that actually makes the most sense to me. I can understand that reason. My husband and I feel that if we are going to pay public school taxes whether we use the public schools or not, that we might as well use them, rather than paying for education twice, once by taxes and once by paying for home school curriculum.

    On this post, I agree that they should have done something about the sign and that it is just terrible.

  43. Oh and one more thing, not all Christian public school teachers a liberal Christians. There are two public school teachers that attend our Bible believing church. They are really awesome ladies. The work for the same school board as my husband. Our old pastor's wife substitute teaches at the school our children will go to. There are some really great, committed Christian teachers out there, and there are also some really great unsaved teachers out there. They need the Lord, but they are good people.

    I'm not too worried about the teachers as my husband works in the school district and knows the teachers.

  44. Well, you were just preaching about how we are suppose to hate people. I, as one of your so-called haters, am just trying to fulfill my daily quota of hate. You make it so easy, though, it's not like work at all.


  45. Zsuzsanna- I have a question for you. Do you buy groceries? Go to the library? Use the mail service? Get your hair or nails done? Buy clothes? Buy electronics? Get gas? Or do any number of typical daily things? If you do, then you've come in contact with non-Christians. They're not going to bite you, you know. We just want to do our jobs and live our lives, just like you do, and I can assure you that we don't want to corrupt your children.

    You can't keep your kids isolated from everything different from what you and your husband believe, if you want them to function in society. :)

  46. Well, Public schools have problems that we can all nitpick, but that doesn't rule out the pitfalls of homeschooling. Or that Homeschooling may not prepare kids for college.

  47. All I have to say is Preacher's wife? Christian woman? Following in the footsteps of our loving Heavenly Father or of Jesus Christ?



    Maybe you are teaching reading and writing in your homeschool (I LOVE homeschooling, so don't worry about any hate there), but that's not all you're teaching. Judge much?

  48. Having such obvious spellings mistakes on a school sign does look ridiculous, no question. But you can't tar everyone with the same brush just because one school got it wrong.

    And just an aside, you're denying your kids so much - not with the homeschooling, but the fact you completely cut them off from socializing with others their own age. Don't you think they will grow up more rounded individuals if they are exposed to children with beliefs that differ from theirs? Perhaps gain an understanding that everyones different but that doesn't necessarily make them bad/wrong? They seem to be growing up in such a toxic environment. I always find myself feeing so desperately sorry for them.


  49. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Phil. 4:8

  50. "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in teh day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be comdemned." Matthew 12:36-37

  51. I know a Baptist pastor's family who home schooled five children, including the first year of college for their son. They led a very sheltered life and their only contact with the outside world was church and family. Their son surrended to preach. When he enrolled in a local junior college, he met a Catholic girl and started dating her and they were married in the Catholic church nearly two years ago. One of their daughters has dated Jewish men. One of their daughters married a man who smokes. I'm saying all this to illustrate that you can isolate and shelter your children to the extreme, and it doesn't guarantee that they will not make decisions that line up with their strict upbringing. So, like you say, enjoy these years when you are in control, as these years are fleeting.

  52. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice. And be ye kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you. Eph. 4: 31, 32

  53. I agree with the other commments about the sign regarding the shoes. It seems to have been written by someone whose native language is not English.
    I have seen many words spelled incorrectly. One of the funniest was at KFC where chicken was spelled chickin.

  54. the shoe sign reminded me of a sign we saw last week at fast food place in South Sacramento. It was for a dollar menu and it said "try are .99 menu"

  55. "As to the ethnicity of the "shoe person", my husband confirmed to me that this was way down South, and there were no immigrants of any sort working in any area of the store that he observed."

    I read your blog faithfully and have for quite some time--I'm also a person who lives 'way down South,' and I must take issue with your comment, Zsuzsanna. There are a good deal of people in the area in which we live as well as other areas we've traveled to in the south that are immigrants. I see an immigrant every day when I look into the mirror, as do you. I should add that our family has friends from many different countries--we have Kurdish friends, friends from Bosnia, Russia, China, as we are fortunate to live in a town with a university and thus experience the diversity that comes along with it.
    I can see from your map that you've never been to the southern portion of the United States yourself. I want to tell you about the reality of poverty in many spots, particularly in the rural southern United States. I drive two and half hours roundtrip each day to teach in a school that had issues finding faculty. In this area, many young men leave their schooling behind to help support his family or to carve out a living for his own wife and children--I am not ashamed to admit I have cried to see many a student that was gifted and talented and could have gone on to university chose instead to work at a factory or mine or be married and/or become pregnant at a young age. Also, one must take into consideration that there is still a good deal of racism still imbedded within some southern culture--there are older adults whom were not even given the choice to have a school to attend.
    I'm sure you will consider this whining and skip it, but I stand firmly and absolutely when I tell you that I am not a socialist and the 'reddist' thing about me is my hair. I am just kindly asking you to consider that there are people that are not given a choice to receive proper education--be it homeschooling or public schooling--and THAT is a shame. I support homeschooling 100%, I support good, parent-involved public schooling 100%, because I support *education* 100%. I am the first person to stand up and say there needs to be reform within the US public school system--frustrated doesn't begin to describe how I feel at the end of most days.
    You are doing what you find best for your little students--homeschooling--and you have every right to do so. I pray every child was given the right to an excellent education as I see many homeschooling children receiving. The Lord be with you!
    P.S. All this over a hastily written sign. It is a wonderful debate.

  56. I thought you and your readers might enjoy seeing this sign:

    I'm sure the 'O' just fell off that sign. :)


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