Saturday, January 9, 2010

Styling little girls' hair

One of the endless benefits of having a little daughter is that you get to style her hair. This is an area that I have been remiss in with Miriam, and she (like me) prefers to wear her hair down and just brushed, no clips or anything.

Becky, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. She loves shoes, shiny baubles, and any other accessories. After I fixed her hair once, she was hooked. She brings clippies to me if she finds them laying around and demands for me to put them in her hair. This, in turn, has made Miriam have somewhat of an interest in doing more with hers. Whatever their preference, it is fine with me, I am not going to force the issue. I am just glad I get to brush their soft, beautiful hair and smell their sweet baby doll heads.

I just thought I'd share some cute websites I have found that show creative ways to style your little girl's hair.

Adopt a 'Do - Cute Girls Hairstyles - don't miss her links to a sleuth of more great websites in the sidebar on the right!

She does hair - This lady hasn't posted in a while, but there are tons of great ideas in her old posts to keep you going. I especially love all her ideas for Valentine's Day.

Hairstyles for Girls-The Story Of A Princess And Her Hair - all I can say is WOW! How does this little girl sit so still while getting her hair fixed, and smile for the camera?

Enough, I feel overwhelmed already. Is it too late to tag "Fix the girls' hair every day" onto my new year's resolutions? Does running a brush through count as "fixing hair"?

Last but not least, I have found a couple of books from Klutz publishers on this subject.

Braids and Bows: A Book of Instruction - This book is more geared at younger girls and teenagers fixing their own hair or that of their friend. It also has instructions on how to make their own barrettes and bows.

Hair: A Book of Braiding and Styles
- Has easy as well as complex styles that are more appropriate for grown ladies and formal occasions. If you like the classic Victorian look, this book is for you. I have tried several of their ideas, and always get rave reviews from my very biased male jury.

(August 2008)
Miriam goes for her first haircut. She picked out two new purses the second she walked in the door.

She is starting to stew and wonder if this was such a great idea after all.

Full-fledged breakdown. Bad combination of no nap and just having had her hair trimmed in the cutest kid salon in town. Just so you know, I don't allow temper tantrums, and our kids never have one, public or private. But this time, I just shrugged and took pictures to embarrass her with later. Her and I laugh about it now.

See, it's not so bad. At the end, you get a lolly and get to ride in their toy cars. Notice how this whole time, she has not let go of the purses.

(August 2008)
Maybe this is more the look she was going for?

Have fun with your princess! She will grow up much too fast!


  1. I want a little girl SO bad! But will probably end up with seven boys lol. We are hoping to adopt a little girl.

  2. I have two boys (no hairstyling at my house). But both of them hate to have their hair cut, by anyone else. If I personally cut my older son's hair, he's 100% on board. He enjoys it. Then, because my younger son want's to be JUST like older brother, he is 100% willing to sit down and let me do his hair.

    Sigh, I wish I could say we have never had public meltdowns. But, they come with the territory of the special needs my two kiddos have. However, we don't allow run of the mill "I am 2 years old/4 years old and don't want to do this" tantrums. I remember when my older son tried it around 2. He would toss himself in the floor and start the whole show. I would walk out of the room and told him, "you let me know when you're done. I don't talk to people who are screaming." He would stop, look around, realize no one was paying attention, and get up and walk off. That lasted about a week and he got sick of being ignored during a fit. He never threw another one. Who knew it would work so well.

  3. I already have two little girls, maybe soon to be three, (in 17 weeks) and I am very, vey picky about always having their hair done. Maybe it's because of all the blackmail pictures of me from when I was growing up??? I still groan and say, "Mom, why didn't you ever do *something* with my hair?" And she just shrugs and says, "The Lord decided to give me four girls, and I knew nothing about doing your hair! Sorry!" So I swore it would not be the same way if I had daughters. And it hasn't. I love some of the websites that you listed. Once you get on one, they usually have whole blog rolls of other hair sites. That has helped alot. So far, so good- not many blackmail pics, and people comment on how cute the girls look when we are out! I think it is also a good testimony to have nicely dressed little girls that look like ladies, with their hair nicely fixed. It shows they are worth the time and effort! Cute pics. And where I don't allow temper tantrums, either, my kiddos are still sinners and slip up sometimes. You don't have to explain it, I am sure all of us mothers understand! = )

  4. On one hand you say that your child doesn't throw tantrums, then you post a picture and a story about her doing just that.

    Care to explain your logic?


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