Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solomon the Dolphin - A book written by my son

The following story was written today by Solomon, who is 8 years old. He told me he wanted to write a book to read to the other kids during story time tonight. Unfortunately, this is only the text, and you are missing a lot by not holding the real thing in your hands. (I'll try to get a picture of it on here tomorrow.) He bound his actual copy like a little booklet and added lots of clipart images to the pages. The summary at the very end appeared on his back cover, with space to write in reviews like books often have. I did not help him with this at all, but I did chalk it up for his English lesson today.

I think the story was inspired by a dolphin-themed lamp he received last Saturday from friends of our family. We were at their house, and Solomon remarked how cool he thought the lamp was. The lady asked him if he wanted to have it, and he thought she was just kidding. But she was serious, and Solomon was thrilled. He has been talking about the lamp ever since. Quote: "I mean, how often does it happen that you go to someone's house and see this cool lamp, and they just give it to you?!?"

Solomon the Dolphin

By Solomon E. Anderson

Chapter 1: The Dolphin Show

Once upon a time, there was a dolphin named Solomon. He was lost at sea. He was looking for dolphin territory-any dolphin territorry-when he was in a net! He called for help, but nobody was there. ...Whoa! He fell into a enormous tank with 4 other dolphins. He was glad that he was with dolphins, but at the same time, these dolphins were strangers. Little did he know that soon they would be best friends. In a while, he was trained to do tricks.

That night, when he was alone, he thought, “Hmm, tricks.”Next day he was doing amazing tricks and earning thousands of dollars. That was good to him, because he could buy candy with all that money. He was at Marineland for a long time, amazing everyone with his tricks and becoming very famous.He could go out of water, retrieve rings, jump amazingly high, and float on water. He also got plenty of money, because people would throw money to him.

Chapter 2: Off-work

It was cool to do tricks because it kept him fit. He was performing at a show, when right after that show he was told that he was off duty. Solomon did not like this; he now could not stay fit unless he found a way to, which he couldn’t do. He also missed is friends, but he was glad because he had chance-a bigger chance-of finding his family. Then he found his family! He was so happy! Solomon had been looking for them for so long! He played board games, held jumping contests, and he was very, very, very wild with Dad. It was good to be with the family again and have sooooo much fun!

Finally, it was bedtime. Solomon DID NOT want to go to sleep. He had plenty to do. He wanted to get presents for his family(Christmas was coming up) and just stay up all night(which he had never done) and more. So Solomon got up, watched Moody video, and got presents for his brothers. By the time he got back, his parents were waking up. He jumped into bed.

Chapter 3: A Merry Christmas

Solomon woke up. He had so many presents, a stocking could not hold them all. But he did have a stocking that had some of the stuff. He reached in his stocking, not knowing what was in it, and pulled out EXTRA BUBBLEGUM(it was from Isaac)!!!!! He hadn’t had that stuff in 3 years! He opened the pack, gave one to each of his siblings, and ate one himself. Ahhhhh! It was so good! Then he opened the one from his uncle. It was a fitness machine shaped like a D for dolphin! How it worked was where you would strap yourself to the machine. Next, you would turn it on. When on sometimes you would be curved, sometimes straight. That was good for fitness, which he needed. The presents from Mom and Dad was fine artwork. It was very beautiful artwork. Solomon’s siblings got balloons, squeaky toy dolphins, a book teaching tricks, and more. It was a nice Christmas.Very fun.

Chapter 4: All Doing Tricks

One day, Marineland told him that winter break was over and that he was to be back. Now Solomon had the best of both worlds! He would be with his old friends AND be with his family. So they got ready. Dad got trained while Mom stayed with the other kids (they were too young). Then...Lights, Camera,...Dolphins! They filmed Dad being introduced and the tricks. Dad did amazing tricks in his lifetime, but I don’t know anything else. He very definetly was a good dolphin. Bye!

Solomon the Dolphin

In Solomon the Dolphin,

Solomon is a

Marineland star.

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  1. This is really good for an eight year old!

  2. What a lovely story. You must be very proud of Solomon.

  3. Two plots that he not only described well, but tied them up at the end. Very bright boy!

    - S

  4. How cute. Tell Solomon that I said it was a great story and to keep up the good hard work. What a sweet sweet boy. Sure wish we could see you guys!


  5. That is so sweet. I'm guessing that some of the stuff is taken from his real life. I love that he shares his bubblegum with his siblings.

  6. Above grade level and funny!

  7. Solomon's a great writer with an equally great imagination. Tell him to keep up the good work!

  8. Love it. Great imagination. I'm going to read it to my kids.


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