Monday, January 18, 2010

Brotherly love

All of our kids get along with each other very well. Of course, they try to tattle on each other, and get frustrated with one another from time to time, but by and large they are very kind, loving, and close.

There are countless little loving gestures every day, such as when Solomon made John a countdown calendar for Christmas and stuffed it with his own candy and coins, or when Isaac sits down at the computer with John and prints funny clipart pictures for him to go with that day's pretend game. Solomon is also a wonderful and VERY patient teacher to the younger kids. I marvel, and wonder where he learned it because I am not the most patient of teachers - I really could learn from him. They help each other clean their rooms, and always share their treats fairly. The boys are very courteous with the little girls, and let them have and do pretty much whatever they want, while they smile and say how cute the girls are. Just like their Dad in that respect. :)

I snapped these cute pictures during a craft project last week. Notice how not only is Miriam hugging John, but he also has his arm around her. It is such a blessing to watch our happy, smiling children as they go about their day-to-day lives.


  1. AW! What a sweet post! Those photos are too cute!!!

  2. Hi I had a ? I read before you don't wear make up. Do you think its wrong or do you just not like it? Just wondering.


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