Monday, December 14, 2009

Tamiflu a complete scientific fraud

Read the article here.

If you took Tamiflu and started acting weird, this may be why.


  1. I had the flu about 10 years ago and got a prescription for Tamiflu, a 10-day course of pills or tablets. Maybe it was a different formula or quality back then. It seemed to help alleviate the disease, but I didn't taste the "Tutti Frutti" flavor. That ingredient is funny. I usually get flu once or twice a year, but haven't been prescribed or taken Tamiflu since then. It's kinda expensive at over $100.

  2. I contracted H1N1 in October and took Tamiflu. I was better by the 3rd day and didn't experience any side effects at all. I'm thankful I had it because of how sick I was.

  3. My dd was in the hospital for 15 days b/c of the flu and asthma last year.

    This year, she had H1N1. She got Tamiflu at 1st onset. With in 4 days she was 100% and we avoided another hospital stay - or even worse.

    We'll take the Tamiflu over any hospital stay!

  4. For many children with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) or muscular dystrophy, Tamiflu keeps them alive. These diseases cause their respiratory muscles to be weak. They cannot cough or deal with secretions that you or I deal with by swallowing or blowing our nose. Because of this these kids are more susceptible to respiratory illnesses, and for them, Tamiflu keeps them healthy. It saves lives, it keeps kids out of the hospital, it keeps kids with their parents. Families with children with special needs don't have time to chase down every last natural remedy - they need things to keep their kids alive while a cure is found. To claim that Tamiflu is a fraud is just unconscionable and heartbreaking.


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