Monday, December 21, 2009

Just a bunch of pictures

Between tending to various chores, I wanted to upload miscellaneous pictures from the last few months that I thought were too cute not to blog.

Miriam enjoying a messy snack...

(she needs the cell phone to call her Daddy all day long)

... with Becky

the culprit:

Solomon's favorite hobby: reading

Some wonderful friends sent the kids a box full of really cool science kits. Thank you again!!

Miriam pushing Becky around in her toy stroller

Every mom's favorite place to find the baby...

(And just in case you were wondering, my boys almost never remember to flush. Please forget that I ever told you that.)

In fact, there's a video about it. The mess was already there, I figured I might as well make the best of it and get some funny footage.

Miriam came out of her bed at night and decided to sleep in the dirty laundry pile in the hall instead, where she could see and hear us

Pushing Becky around again. They both enjoy it tremendously.

Not sure what she got on her mouth, I think it was diaper ointment.

John dressed up as a revolutionary American soldier. There is literally NEVER a day he does not dress up as something. On Sundays, he sometimes tries to sneak a costume under his church outfit, just so he knows it's "there".

I thought it was funny that our family alone took up the whole pony ride

Isaac, dressed up as a fireman. There was a fire truck in the parking lot for fire prevention month, which is why both Isaac and John wore their costumes.

We made pretzels the week that we learned about Russia in school.

Isaac made this Viking shield himself with some help from me. (Sorry, the camera messed up on this one.)

Maple syrup makes for great hair gel. Smells nice, too.

The kids enjoying some German stollen and hot chocolate with whipped cream and peppermint sticks. Isaac and Solomon are both such sweethearts, just like their Dad.

Becky is addicted to these candy canes. They ARE very good. I found them at Whole Foods, they are 100% natural and organic, and contain no artificial colors or flavors. They are made from brown rice syrup, and taste wonderful.

Did you know that if you stick a candy cane into a lemon and start sucking, the lemon juice will eventually come up through the candy cane straw? - Instant lemonade!


  1. Nice photos. My little one likes the restroom, too. My boys don't flush either!

  2. Love seeing all the photos! Very sweet kiddos you have! And the video is great, why are they sooooo into toilets at that age? I am battling that myself right now :)

  3. Such cute photos - I especially like the one of Miriam puching Becky in the toy pushchair.

  4. Love the pictures and video! You have the cutest bunch of kids. Glad everyone liked the science kit. You're welcome.
    I totally have to try that candy cane- lemon thing one day lol.

  5. Thanks, all! Paper Baby Campaign, I like your website and your idea, although it is really such a sad and disgraceful issue to even have to deal with. Our countries are polluted with innocent blood.


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