Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sad but true


The efficiency of the Postal Service,
the sustainability of Social Security,
and all the compassion of the IRS.


  1. Is this a joke or a person really meaning this? I am not too sharp huh???? :) Interesting!!!!


  2. Jessica showed me this before but i just noticed the screw on the x-ray. now I know why it is titled "Sad But True"

  3. I'd say "congress care" is a more accurate term, seeing as how they have more power.

    Bleh :(

    God bless,

  4. Do you think this is a real x-ray?

  5. can't say that he isn't trying...just sayin..

  6. im confused. are they promoting or protesting health care? the postal service seems pretty efficient to me. but i feel like most people wouldn't find the IRS compassionate.

    then there is the poster which is someone getting screwed which makes it look like a protest again. but then they are wearing white coats like medical professionals (well the dude in the back is, the girl looks like a makeup person from sears) and seems really happy, which a medical professional would be about health care.

    its very confusing...

  7. Instead we have the compassion of Phillip Morris,
    the sustainability of General Motors,
    and the efficiency of the Walmart checkout counter, all with the accessibility of Mercedes-Benz.

    I guess it works out well for some people.

    Some people will win and others will loose regardless of what decision is made. What is most frustrating are those who stand against their own self interest because they've been told that they have to if they want to retain their political identity.

  8. Actually, the US Postal Service is one of the most efficient businesses in the world. Can you mail a letter from Maine to Hawaii for $.44 using UPS or FEDEX?

    The Social Security System has such a huge surplus that it has been keeping the Federal deficit artificially low for decades.

    I've had several dealings with the IRS. They aren't fawning, but have always been courteous and helpful.

  9. Anonymous, I am shocked that you actually think you only pay $.44 to mail a letter. The USPS can offer that price because we heavily subsidize them through our taxes, something FedEx and UPS don't get. I wonder how those businesses can even manage to stay in business.

  10. According to this CNN article: "The USPS is a self-supporting government agency that receives no tax dollars. It relies solely on the sale of postage and products and services to generate sales."

  11. For those families raising special needs kids, who are denied insurance payments for treatments, services, procedures, and equipment that would prolong or save their child's life, ANY healthcare program is better than watching their child sicken, die, or lose skills, muscle tone, or abilities.

    Here are some of the things insurance doesn't regularly cover:
    - cochlear implants (used to help deaf kids hear)
    - Synagis shots (used to keep kids with weak respiratory systems fight off RSV, a very serious respiratory illness)
    - lifts, positioning chairs, adapted toilet chairs, braces, wheelchairs
    - machines like ventilators, bipaps, CPAPs, Cough Assists, suction machines
    - special treatments, like bone marrow or organ transplants
    - home care (nurses to take care of kids with medical needs at home)

    So we might be getting screwed, but if you ask me, we're getting even more screwed by private insurance.


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