Friday, November 6, 2009

Praying for the Chicken

Miriam was watching me today as I was using a whole chicken to make chicken soup. She looked fascinated, so I showed her where the neck and feet had been, what the heart, liver, and other organs looked like, and then explained to her that the chicken was dead and we were going to eat it. She looked a little alarmed and proclaimed: "I don't want to eat that!"

Then, to her horror and amazement, I started cutting up the chicken with my big butcher knife, and she yelled: "Don't do that! You are killing the chicken!" I again explained to her that the chicken was already dead, that God made animals for us to eat, and that she had eaten chicken many times and that she loved it. She was satisfied with that, but added: "I am going to pray for the chicken."

With that, she walked off to her big brother's bed, and sure enough, spent several minutes in prayer for the chicken, in spite of the fact that her brother kept telling her the chicken won't be coming back to life.

Little girls are so precious! I am certain that I am the most blessed mama that has ever lived.


  1. Laughing out loud. That is so cute and you will look back and laugh at that so many times and someday Miriam will laugh too.


  2. That is so cute. Thank you for sharing. I thought my children were strange for praying for their imaginary grandparents. Abby's imaginary grandma lives in Phoenix. LOL My kids are praying that we can come visit you all again.

  3. That was too funny!! Thanks for sharing :)



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