Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Veteran's Day

I woke up on Monday morning thinking it was Veteran's Day, and planned a hiking trip up north with the kids. At some point I started doubting if it really was a holiday that day, and after looking it up online, realized Veteran's Day wasn't until Wednesday. Still, I thought it was observed on Monday, as is often the case with holidays that don't directly fall on either side of a weekend. I successfully convinced my husband, who had a lot of business errands to do that day, of the same. I really wanted him to come along, and I "knew" he wouldn't be able to get his errands done on a holiday anyway.

We headed up to Payson, and went hiking in the woods along the Mogollon Rim. It was so fun. The weather was perfect, the air was so fresh, and everything so lovely. I carried Becky in a carrier on my back, something she loves, and the whole time she kept leaning her head forward, nuzzling up to me and hugging my neck, saying "Hi! Hi!" She is such a little sweetie.

The photos are a little fuzzy because I forgot my camera and took them with my phone instead.

Notice the dirt on Miriam's face

Becky got just as grubby and dirty

My husband goofing around with the boys

These two are so funny. Miriam is such a Daddy's girl. Not sure who came up with the idea to walk like this so they could look at each other.

Yesterday, when it was really Veteran's Day, the kids didn't have to do any school work and almost no chores. While they were playing, I sewed a nightgown for Miriam. Then the girls took their nap in the afternoon while the boys and I built a cardboard castle to go with this week's theme for school, Great Britain. We are covering everything about medieval times, monarchy, Shakespeare, etc. There is so much to read that I think we might stay on this part of our unit study for another week or two.

After the evening service at church last night, we went to see a special preview of ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo, the annual Christmas lights display. Best of all, the carousel was free! We didn't get back home until shortly after 10 pm, but it was so much fun and so worth it.


  1. I might not agree with all of your views, but you really seem to be a phenomenal parent who truly loves her children, and seeing your husband playing with the children gives me a similar impression of him.
    I hope you continue to walk in Christ's love and raise the children the Lord has blessed you with.

  2. You seam to have a great time with your kids and family. I enjoy reading your blogs.

  3. I wish I could be there for your Unit Study, it sounds great!

  4. I love the pics of your family hike in Payson, Precious moments,
    The Ortiz Family,
    QC Arizona

  5. Is Steve growing a beard?



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