Monday, November 23, 2009

Sewing fun

On Saturday, I bought a new sewing machine, a first in my life. I learned how to sew as a child from my mother, who is a seamstress. My mother-in-law gave me one of her sewing machines shortly after I got married, but it broke on our last move. I then bought a used sewing machine for like $10 at the thrift store. It worked well most of the time, but it was frustrating me in that the bobbin thread and the tension control would have a mind of their own.

So this Saturday, while I was working on the girls' matching Christmas dresses and opening another seam that the machine had messed up on, I was thinking how nice it would be to have a new, reliable machine. My husband, the wonderful guy that he is, said "Sure!" when I called to tell him that I would really like to buy a new machine.

Off I went with five kids in tow. There was a Singer machine at the store that was on sale for $349 instead of the regular $399, but the lady said I should wait until this weekend (the post-Thanksgiving sale), when it would be only $199. There are many things I would rather do than go shopping the day after Thanksgiving with five kids in tow. So she suggested I put it in lay-away, and they would adjust the price. I asked her if I could buy it right now, and just bring in the receipt and have them adjust the price, as some stores do. She told me she would just give it to me for the sale price that day, so I only paid $199 AND I didn't have to go out on THE WORST day to go shopping. Nice!

So yesterday, I finished sewing Miriam's and Becky's matching Christmas dresses. It was so much fun; I can't wait to get started on the next project. Making time to sew with lots of little kids that are with me 24 hours every day can be challenging. I just remind myself that if I can eek out 20 or 30 minutes at a time, it all adds up to get lots of stuff made.

Taking the girls' pictures was the next challenge. Miriam was so eager to pose with Becky that she accidentally knocked Becky over, who started bleeding from a cut she got on her finger. I quieted her screaming by giving her a lollipop, but then Miriam started crying because she was sad about hurting the baby. I promised her a lollipop after we were done with the pictures. They both did great for the photos, but when I downloaded them to the computer I realized the shutter hadn't opened all the way and I had to crop the pictures to try to salvage them. There was no way I was going to redo the whole photo session!

Anyway, here are the pictures of my beautiful daughters. They are such a blessing; I cannot imagine life without them.


  1. Those dresses are so pretty, and your daughters are so beautiful!

    I also like to sew, but I don't have a place to put my machine, so I have to take it out and put it away each time. 30 minutes doesn't quite give me enough time to take it all out and put it all away and accomplish something. Any suggestions, for another busy mom of 5?


  2. Hey, this is awesome!

    I'm learning to sew myself - I mostly make pet related things (beds and whatnots, much cheaper!) using old sheets I buy at Goodwill - but I recently tackled making a new sofa cover! Much cheaper than a new sofa, and I think it turned out great :)

    If you have any tips or websites to suggest for people learning, it would be great if you could post them!

  3. The dresses are adorable. Your children are blessed to have a mother who knows how to sew.

    I don't go out the day after Thanksgiving either. The stores are horrible.

  4. Their dresses are darling. I am still very much a sewing rookie, but I do love it!

  5. Those dresses are so cute!

    Sadly the machine I was given has given up the ghost. Which breaks my heart as I've gotten some great starter patterns for skirts. Meh as I told my Hubby, it's a good way to practice hand stitching and a bit of patience. Feel free to giggle there you all.

    I agree that if you have any recommended sites or patterns for we beginners, that would be awesome!

    Thanks again!

  6. Talk about little angels!!! SO cute. Becky has grown and her hair is longer!!! They are so sweet!!!!! Waiting to hear soon another is on the way ;) Take care


  7. Hi Mrs. Anderson, I have a question for your next question/answer post!

    Okay: What are your views on circumcision? My mom is a Christian midwife, but she is very much so against it and is even active in groups against it, and the reason why she said she's not a big fan of the Duggar's is because they circumcise their boys.

    I'd just like to read your views, because I don't think I've seen you address this topic before.

    God bless you and your family,

  8. Your girls are so goergeous. I wish I could sew but I cannot and it is very difficult to find clothes for my 10 year old child.

    Take care n God Bless,

    Sands in South Africa


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