Monday, October 12, 2009

When "raw" is not really "raw"

There is not enough time in my life to write about all the things that are wrong with the FDA, USDA, CDC, and on down the list of government agencies who think their job is to parent grown citizens and line the pocketbooks of large corporations under the guise of "safety." I'll have to be content to just occasionally expose one of their deceptive lies.

Probably everyone has heard about the health benefits of eating raw nuts, particularly almonds. But did you know that when you buy a package at the store that says "raw", these are really pasteurized by steam pasteurization or fumigation with propylene oxide? You can read about it here, as well as lots of other online sources. How this can be called "raw" is beyond me. If I gave you a baked potato and told you it was raw you'd know the difference. And if you planted the baked potato, it would not sprout. The Bible talks a lot about the health benefits of fruits and their seeds, but the FDA apparently does not concur.

I honestly believe that they want all people to die slow, painful cancer deaths just before they are old enough to retire. That way, we pay into the social security scam, but don't "withdraw". We will also be more than happy to pay astronomical insurance premiums to cover ourselves in case we get seriously ill.

And while we are it, most cheeses labeled as "raw" (meaning they were made from unpasteurized milk) are not really raw, it means that they were pasteurized for shorter or at a lower temperature.

Thankfully, I found a great source for raw, organic almonds that in bulk are actually much cheaper than conventionally grown "raw" almonds at the store are.


  1. raw cheese can be found, you just have to look. I literally stumbled across a farm who makes there own cheese... so thats where we get it when we can.

    Unfortunately, its all too easy to stop by the local market and pickup a block of cheese. We try to get ours at small health food stores when we cant get it direct from the farmer, but like you mentioned, we really knows what you're getting with store bought.

    The bigger the city we live in, the harder it seems to find anything natural.

    I believe you are right about the cancer... My mom passed away last year from cancer... just a couple years into her social security checks (which she didnt need, but thats besides the point).

    Theres got to be other ways to go about it all. My wife and are are thinking about moving out of the country. It sounds radical, but I dont see any other way to eat healthier. Plus they wont track your every move in other countries like they are doing here with EVERYTHING. From credit card purchases to online purchases, etc. We are not free in America.

    Do you listen to Katherine Albrecht on her daily radio show? She is on after Alex Jones on GCN. She had some guest recently saying that new machines are going to be rolled out, first at Walmart to scan in your money that read the dollar serial numbers. When all stores eventually have these machines, you can easily be followed based upon your purchases. You take out money from AZ bank... it knows the serial numbers of the bills it issued you... then you purchase food with bills in Palm Springs, Hollywood, Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Portland, OR. The government can now track you.

    We truly are not free anymore. Im getting tired of this country. I dont want to fight becuase countries come and go.

    Only God remains constant.

  2. Hi.

    Would you care to share your source for buying raw almonds? How about the Costco ones? Or do you have a tree? : )

  3. Hey Zsuzsanna
    I remember reading somewhere on your blog that your kids rarely get sick or have to visit the doctor. Recently i've been catching colds left and right, and I was wondering how to you keep your family so healthy? My mom usually buys organic/"healthy" foods at the grocery store and I stay pretty active so what's your secret? I really hope you respond because I can't take another runny nose!
    Thanks and God Bless


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