Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today's to-do list


This is going to be a very busy day. Thankfully, I have 3 full-time helpers that will be working alongside with me all day long, their names being Solomon, Isaac, and John.

My hope is that by writing this all down, I will be more motivated to do it all and not throw in the towel before everything is done.

- Weekly house-cleaning. That means the whole house clean from end to end. Because of our current financial situation, I canceled the weekly cleaning service I had. My husband said it was okay to continue it, since he does not help with the housework at all (he's busy enough with his job) and sees it as him cleaning the house when he pays for it. I really appreciated while we had it, but I thought the kids might as well do it and help us all save money. I pay their allowances on Saturday when the work is all done to motivate them.

- Major car servicing: I need to get the oil changed, a tire replaced, and the whole van washed and vacuumed. And I need to gas up since I am driving on fumes. I try to clean the van every Saturday as part of the regular chores, but this week I also have to do the tire and oil change. Don't like running errands during the week when we have school work to do.

- Yard work: Thanks to the kids, the yard gets trashed with toys, bikes, and everything else imaginable on a weekly basis. We need to tidy it all up, mow the lawns, replace a broken sprinkler head, and service the pool. This time, I am mowing the lawns, because my husband broke two sprinkler heads last time he did it. It's more trouble buying and replacing them than it is to mow, so I am really just saving myself some work.

- Go to the library: Last night, we didn't go to the library and get next week's books because we went to a bat release that was put on by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. So we will have to do that today, too.

One thing I won't have to do today is cooking, because I made enough yesterday to last all day today, and lunch for tomorrow is also waiting in the fridge.

Oh, and I am trying to get all of this done before picking my husband up at the airport at 7 tonight. Something tells me that when he comes home after being gone for 3 days, he does not want me to clean when he gets back. Please pray for lots of energy and happy work attitudes!


I was able to clean the whole house, but only mopped one half of it and finished the rest during naptime today.

The car maintenance all got done, and Sam's even gave me $25 off on the tire.

The yard work is almost done, but I didn't have time to stop at Home Depot and buy a sprinkler head. Once I replace it, the front yard still needs to be mowed, but my husband wants do to that tomorrow. I did finish the whole backyard and pool yesterday, which took me almost 2 hours, but now it looks great.

We didn't make it to the library until this afternoon, and found 36 books that relate to our study of China this week. We have already read several of them since then.

In my list of chores above, I forgot to list that there were about 15 loads of clean laundry waiting to be ironed/folded/hung and put away, thanks to being gone on vacation. We got about 1/3 of it done yesterday. I was going to do more of it today, but there was no time in the afternoon and now I am too tired to do it. There is always tomorrow.

Yesterday, I also baked a loaf of bread from a new bread book I found at the library, and washed the seat covers on the double stroller and the baby's carseat. The boys hosed down the stroller frame and soaped up all the parts of fabric that couldn't be removed. We left it out to dry, and now it looks very nice again.

In all, a very productive weekend.


  1. That is one long list! I needed a lie down after reading that ;) I hope that you managed to get everything done and that your boys were helpful

  2. Wow.... I hope you got things done.

    Last time my husband went for training he called and said he's coming home a day early. I was so unprepared, had several projects in progress. Sigh, he came home to a mess.

  3. Busy weekend! Being productive is so tiring, but very rewarding too. :)

    I have an unrelated question for you - as a new mom and baby-wearer I have been very thankful for your post on different slings/wraps/etc. I remember you saying that you were in the process of making a mei-tai though. Did you make one? How do you like it? I am getting one soon so I'm curious what you think of yours. :)

  4. What a long list! It is amazing how many books the library has about China! There isn't much on South Korea (at least at my library), but there is a ton of stuff about Japan. Are your little ones having a blast galloping around the globe? Blessings!

  5. Does Joann still have a blog? If so, can you either add it to the blog roll or send me the link?


  6. Wow! That is a loooong list! Well done for getting so much of it done. I love it when a weekend goes to plan. Kelsey

  7. Oh, and another great resource for getting information about other countries are travel agents. You could even set the kids a budget and get them to work out how much it would cost to fly there, eat, get accommodation etc etc. A good way of assessing what they have understood is to get them to create a fictional country at the end of the topic. I love some of the things the kids come up with when they make their own country
    Ah, I've just typed all that and realised that I was thinking about the post that you made on your other blog. That's what happens when you jump from blog to blog LOL

  8. It's great that the boys are able to make a useful contribution to things.


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